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Mama Urchin

Hmmm, I like that cardigan. Another project to add to the queue.


I am always relieved that this addiction is not bad for my health...


Wow! I LOVE that Juliet pattern! Oooh, now I'm thinking I MUST finish this sweater so I can get on to something much more fun... like that! Thanks for inspiring me, and I guess that means the knitting's coming to school again...
If you think you're yarn addicted, you should see my grandma. She has a ROOM full of yarn!
(p.s. I always feel really bad because I never respond to your responses to my comments, but I keep accidentaly deleting them into no-mans-land before I can respond!)


Of course, how could you know that I just told myself that I will not learn to knit, yet, because I have way too many sewing and crochet projects to keep me occupied through next spring. But as soon as I clicked on the link to the juliet pattern I let out an audible "Oh!". It's stunning. My resolve to hold off learning to knit has almost broken...

I'm also insanely jealous of your Anthropologie sweater and your tangled yoke sweater in the making.


That bag of yarn, together with your hands and magic needles.... can't wait to see what happens!

Sarah Jackson

Oh, I totally agree. I have been trying, trying to not buy yarn. But it's so hard. I'm casting on for the Tangled Yoke cardigan too. Can't wait to see yours!

Account Deleted

i loved that sweater in the catalog!


Love what I can see of that Anthropologie sweater. And that Juliet pattern? My oh my. I might just have to knit something for myself this year. But I'm finishing my daughter's cardigan first. Now maybe I have some incentive to get going.


Yes! I just saw Juliet this morning and I love that pattern too! Now if I can just wrap up the numberous projects I have going I can start Juliet too. LOVE that pattern!

Your Anthropology sweater looks super cute!

Lisa R=P

That yarn is beautiful. I love the fabric of the bag that it is in as well. did you make the bag?


that Tangled Yoke is beautiful! Can't wait to see your progress on it. I think I'm going for hats and scarves, no big items this year.

Jennifer at Pink Ric Rac

Oh goodness Erin!! That is the most adorable thing I think I've ever seen! I love it and I can't wait to see it. Seriously, can you move across the street so that we can be besties? ha ha


both sweaters are lovely.
you will do an amazing job ... as always.


Isn't admitting that you have a problem step #1 ? I prefer to remain in denial.


Oh, yes it is.

That Juliet is just exquisite!! I wonder if it would look good on my full figure? Hmmm...


too funny! both are on my list....we should do one is your clementine?? :)


I'm knitting a little cardigan at the moment but I think it may be too small. Sizing has always been a major problem of mine.
That Juliet shouldn't take long to knit at all.


This is a good addiction to have :)


Oh my, I may have to knit something for myself ... of course, after I finish the other projects on my list. :)


I agree. Love the Juliet pattern!


Yep, can't get enough yarn (although can't afford it either)!


A disease it is! I have a trunk full of the stuff. I will try the "disease" excuse next time though.



Both cardigans are beautiful. I had never been to the Zephyr site - thanks so much for the link. And you don't need to tell me about the disease part, I am so stricken.


i'm so making that cardi!!! I love it--the cropped look isn't for me, but I'll do the other one! you're right--yarn (and starting a new knitting project--it's a disease!)


ive been eyeing up juliet,too!


A good disease, though- like if we had to choose between, say, diabetes and allergic rhinitis. I'm always thankful I have allergies instead of diabetes, and fabric-love-disease instead of drug addiction. See how it works? :)


but such a beautiful disease! how long have you been knitting?


That cardi will be wonderful! Is that yarn you've chosen for it pink?? *SIGH* I'm still deciding on a big knit project for fall/winter...I'll have to go back to that site. Thanks for sharing! ((HUGS))


Oh, that cardi will be terriric! Is that pink yarn you've chosen for it? I've yet to decide on a "big" fall/winter knit project...I think I'll head back to that site for some inspiration or a pattern. Thanks for sharing ((HUGS))


Yummy sweater you are adding too and of course the new pattern as well.


Love your new project!


I love the Anthropologie cardigan! I can't wait to see the Interweave knits one finished!!

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