I'm such a tease

Dreams do come true

Do you remember Jane's shirt designs?  I shared this version awhile back.  After reading all those encouraging comments, Jane was determined to see one of her designs become reality.  Many more drawings later, she settled on this for herself:

For this artist it is all in the details.  For this mom it is all about practical.  So we compromised and started production.  I channeled my inner Hannah and printed the words straight from my computer on to freezer paper.  I cut out the stencil, leaving the "o" intact.   I found a long-sleeved striped t-shirt from Target in an acceptable color combination and then paired it with a short-sleeved shirt (also from Target) we already had.  Jane did the painting.


Jane chose the fabric for the star and I did the applique on my sewing machine.   I cut the sleeves off of the striped shirt at the shoulder seams and then grappled with how I was going to attach them without some weird visible stitching.  I decided to sew them into the short-sleeved t-shirt at the shoulder seam allowance and it worked perfectly.  The key part:  I don't think that this would have worked if the shirts were different brands.  Both sleeves had the exact same profile.


See that smile?  Jane is one happy girl.  She designed it and we made it.  She wants to wear it.  All the time.  I couldn't be happier, either.  The experience was a good reminder for me that dreams can come true.   You just need to chase them a bit.

Jane also designed a shirt for Kate.  You can see it here.



Jane rocks! Erin rocks! You are one seriously cool mum.


i love the whole process of this!
great job girls!!


Wow! I am sooooo looking forward to do cool projects like that with my kids... Bravo les filles!


What a brilliant thing to do! Happy times :)

Chara Michele

Very cool! I love her new t-shirt & Kate's!


oh this really rocks! way to go!


That is so cool. I want to make one NOW! anychance of a tutorial?


Wow, those are great! I'm sure they'll remember those cool shirts forever.

Sarah Jackson

That is so amazing! Great job by both Jane and you.

Carrie S.

This is so awesome! Go Jane!


Way cool.


So cute! And so great that she is proud of making something for herself.


Jane, You rock! Way to go. Love it. Love sister's shirt as well, different enough to be unique but similar enough so we can tell it was made by the same designer. Keep up the wonderful work.


So fun...nice work. Great way to foster creativity with intent. I am sure that it made a huge impact for her to see her design "come alive". Bet she is a proud girl when she rocks that shirt!


So impressive! I think it the shirt should say, "jane rocks"

I think you have a fashion designer on your hands!


This looks absolutely brillant! Crafting with kids is the best!


those shirts are fab!!! i am going to do that with by kiddos!!!


How cool! I'm sure Jane is just over the moon that she got to do this!


I love both versions of the shirt! So cool that you are "that" mom who actually helps an idea come to fruition.


You guys make a great team. Those shirts look absolutely fabulous!


What a rockin household to live in...great shirts and kudos to you for actually fostering her creativity instead of stifling it and showing her that dreams can and do come true with some work.


That is just fabulous--both your willingness to make the shirt, and how it turned out. My designs for my children rarely include their input--maybe it's time to see if they have any ideas of their own.


Love it! I'm glad that she pursued this and that her momma encouraged her! :0)

jen b

so when is jane going to open an etsy shop so i can buy one of those tees for my daughter? :)


That is so cute! What lucky little girls you have.

Beth H

I love it! and yes...GIRLS DO ROCK!!


fabulous! You may have a talented designer on your hands.


Jane: What a cool shirt! Great job!

Erin: You are a cool mom! =) What a fun project!!!


These are fantastic. Brilliant design, impeccable execution. I'm sure my two would love these also, athough I'd also be hesitant to let them loose with fabric paint(they're 3 & 4) on brand new t shirts! Well done to you for seeing it through!


Jane rocks! I love the shirt!


Oh my gosh, that is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!
She's so clever :) and well done you!




That is just too cool.


That is just too cool.


Those are fabulous shirts! Oh my! They are have such a pro look to them. And what great satisfaction Jane must be feeling! Bravo!


oh, my goodness! Erin, you deserve the mom of the year award. those shirts are awesome. I love how you followed this dream to completion. and I love Jane wants to wear it all the time. I am sure that they will remember this forever. :)


how wonderful! She has a bright future! I can tell


Girls do rock - what an amazing team!

Angela (Robinson County)

You are such a great mom! The encouragement you've given her is not only awesome for her self-esteem, but I'm sure it will also encourage her to pursue more ideas she has in life. Thanks for setting such a great example!


That ROCKS!!! So cute. I am toying with freezer paper ideas for Craft Swap...not sure yet, but this is inspiring!
Had fun with Fatty this AM. He is quite the power rider.

Mama Urchin

So great. I bet she'll be wanting to make more of these soon.


That's great but what is freezer paper & where do you get it?
Tell your girl she was an inspiration to a 10 year old in Pennsylvania!


erin, you and jane completely rock!


Who knew you could send freezer paper through your printer. I'm a chicken, but I think I'll try it! Very cool.


you rock. helping your children make such cool things. and helping them explore their creativity. and helping them gain more self-confidence. you rock.


it is so exciting just reading and seeing how everything came into being! you girls are fantastic!!!


how very inspiring!


What a fabulous idea - and what a clever girl to have come up with the design in the first place!


Fantastic, she's lucky to have you, but it works both ways- how lucky are you to have such an interested daughter?!


How cool is that? I really need to try the freezer paper.

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