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Four more feet

Meet Scout, the newest addition to our house.


She is a great big ball of tail-chasing, leaf-pouncing, 12 week-old kitten energy.  Super sweet, a bit shy and so cute, she is just what we needed.  She was found in a hotel parking lot, apparently abandonded and has been cared for by a string of volunteers for the past few weeks.  I had mentioned to a few people that we were thinking about getting a kitten.  One thing led to another and now, here she is.  Welcome home, sweet Scout.



Gorgeous - you will have to make her the tuffet out of Amy's book. Any excuse to sew right? I'm so in love with your coffee cuff things - bought some linen to have a go. Thank you for the inspiration.

Sarah Jackson

Oh my! What a cutie pie. Make sure the girls snuggle her a LOT - that's the best way for her to overcome that shyness. Congrats!


congratulations! scout is the perfect name. i have two sweet and constantly entertaining kitties, and i can't imagine life without them. they are so fun. you guys are going to have a blast.


you have found yourself the perfect home.


hello scout, have a great time in your new home!

Teresa Alber

Cute, cute, she looks like Blair's of Wise Craft, Gracie.


Scout sounds like lots of fun. I bet your girls are thrilled to have a kitten in the house. enjoy!


Scout is beautiful! Look at those big, lovely eyes. She looks right at home there! Happy days with your new family member ((HUGS))

chez shoes

Hi Scout! I *heart* black and white kitties - they're the best :)


Hi Scout!

She has such a delicate pink nose, and she looks like she has a big smile on her face. Oh, kittens are such fun!


She is precious!


so cute- boy, I wish I weren't allergic to such sweetness!


Awwwww! She's gorgeous, Erin! Congrats. I think in a house of two girlies, that kitty is going to be so full of lovin'!


Cute! I love kittens and cats.


oh, too cute!
and a little buddy to keep you company in the day!


Awww, sweet little kitty!


Oh, she's beautiful! And isn't she just the trooper. Love the name


How sweet! She looks just like our Oreo. We're contemplating adding 4 more feet to out house - a puppy. Our 13 year old dog (my first baby) recently passed away and now I have a hole in my heart.

Chara Michele

Hi Scout! She is adorable:) And good for you & your family taking her in! So wonderful that she has a home where she can be loved:)
(Sorry to go on... I use to work in an animal shelter, so I have a soft spot in my heart for abandoned animals... and love it when people give them homes!)


Scout looks so at home :)
Congrats on your latest addition to your family. The girls, and you must be thrilled.


Congrats on the new kitty! She's adorable and how wonderful for both of you to have found each other!


Congrats on the new addition to the Hill Road Gang. My monitor must be off-Scout looks black and white, not ginger!

jen b

cute cat, cute name. i'm sure she'll be very happy with your family.

liz elayne

oh goodness she is so cute!!! love her name.

pink ric rac

Very sweet little lady you have there :) Glad you didn't leave her on the streets! You ahve a heart of gold, E. :)


What a beauty :)


She is darling! I have a special place in my heart for black and white cats - in my opinion they have the best personalities (we have one too).


What a lucky kitty you are to have found such a great home! But I am sure you alreaady know that.


love the name and i am sure the girls are thrilled with the newest mamber of the hill road family!


Very sweet. It seems to be the season for bringing kitties home.


ooooooh! We have been talking and talking about getting a kitten. I think it's time for less talking and more doing! :)

Very sweet kitten you've got there.


Yay! Have fun with her (like I have to remind you!)


cute! looks just like our henry. have fun!


She's sooo sweet! if we didn't have such bad allergies here, I know we'd have "two cats in the yard" :0)


Oh...too too sweet. Can't let my girls know! They so want a kitty. They say...maybe after Tango (our 16 year old dog) know....gone!


oh I love her little oreo face!


congrats on the new pet! she looks very happy!


Thank you so much for the zipper in the cushion tutorial! It is exactly what I needed this morning, as I am just about to make a couple of cushions and was debating the best method of zipper insertion. Your instructions are so clear and lead to such a professional finish. Thanks again!

erin s

very sweet Erin.


oh what a sweet face. Congrats on Scout, she is so sweet. I do like hearing about rescuing abandoned animals, they always seem to work out so well for us.

I haven't forgotten our swap, although I have gotten a little sidetracked. We'll get to it soon, is what I'm hoping, at least : )


A cat is such a great addition to a family. Welcome Scout, I'm sure that you'll be well loved.


in my experience, black and white kitties are the most affectionate. and don't change that name for anything (in the future, scout and pickle will make an adorable pair!)


Welcome Scout!
She is so sooooooo pretty.
Her markings are unique!


hello scout!
you look as though you are smirking a little in that picture!


Cute kitty!! I love that energy kittens have, I laugh my head off watching them do their thing!

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona)

So nice to hear lovely rescue stories. We have a show here called RSPCA Animal Rescue and they have such beautiful stories.
Cats that have been lost for months or years and turn up states away.


He looks a lot like our cat Punt. She will give you a lot of friendship in return, I am sure of that!


"He", I mean "she" of course!


Scout is such a cutie! She's so lucky to find a home like yours.

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