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BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the bias tape too!! :) What a great job!!!


BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the bias tape too!! :) What a great job!!!

Carrie S.

That's crazy cute!


love the bib! and any color gingham on the bias is fantastic.
do you have a bias tape maker?


Just lovely.Where's the bias from?


Yeah, Erin, these are insanely cute. Almost enough to make me want a baby so he or she could wear one. Almost. I love the patchwork and the embroidery.

Heather S

I can see why you can't stop - those are too cute!


Once again, adorable. Makes me want to make one for my soon-to-be! Both the names have been cute, too--your friends have good taste!


OH, that brown and white gingham is the best!


Very sweet.

Homemade bias tape (especially homemade GINGHAM bias tape) is the best.


Oh don't stop! They are way too cute for you to stop! they are just lovely!


So cute! You could sell those for big bucks!


Very cute!


very cool. such a nice mixture of greens.


So adorable!


oh for the love of a handmade bias! beautiful! xo (been meaning to ask - and it is probably somewhere here, but what kind of sewing machine do you use?)


With all of the cute baby things to make I feel the need to have another baby!...hmm not just yet *wink wink*


Uuuuuummm I am having a baby, his name is Jack, you know just in case you want to make me one too......LOL

erin s

Since I'm done having kids....Do you make adult size??? I'd love one for me :o)


oh....too bad my baby years are o.v.e.r........(yes, i am sad about that)
these are too cute!


Too cute! Handmade bias tape (actually cut on the bias even), embroidery, patchwork, all in one bib. Is there nothing you can't do? Not to mention sock knitting and zipper tutorials! Argh, too much talent!


So lovely. I think you did a beautiful job and the idea is so great. I want to try making something similar in pink linen maybe...hmmm...the wheels are churning now. :)

Lisa Clarke

I love the fabric on the back! I just invited that photo to my "Color Challenge" on Flickr, because it's the perfect color for this month.

Anyone else reading this is welcome to join the group, too - the more the merrier! http://www.flickr.com/groups/pdccolorchallenge/


Oh, Erin! This might be one of my favorite bibs I've ever seen. I don't think I could let my little one use it... Hayes is one lucky baby. Did you use that bias tape maker tool by clover? Everybody's always talking about that and I'm trying to figure out the hype. Keep going I say... more, more, more!


Also, do you mind sharing where you get your labels from? thanks...


LOL I get like that too! With a beautiful design like that you can't just make one.


I'd almost wear this one myself! (Judging from my splotchy tshirt collection, I really should.) No, there's not stopping; I'm a bit of a bib-making addict. The only thing that slowed me down was the fact that I ran out of recipients, but I'm starting to get the itch to start up production again.


So pretty that I'd almost wanted to make one for my 8 mth old 'cept that I dont have a sewing machine (I cant sew). Heh.


no need to stop. they are lovely. i hope the mom's you give them to actually use them. instead of trying to preserve the bib's cuteness!

Pink Ric Rac

Seriously?! AMAZING! You go girly!!! Your bibs rock!

Pink Ric Rac

Can you PLEAAASE do a tutorial for this one when you get time??? Please? With sugar on top! :)


too. perfect. to. stop!

Chara Michele

Such a cute bib! Can't wait to see more of them:)


Really sweet, Erin. Love the colors!


oh, i wouldn't bear to use this bib!


Very nice. I love brown at the moment too, just don't have any.
Look out spotlight.


I can see these easily becoming your hallmark - gorgeous!

suzie Sews

I have been away a couple of weeks, what a treat to catch up on your blog, so much lovely stuff going on here.
Suzie Sews


I don't know which I like better--the bias tape or the label. That label just slays me. Oh, and the gingham! There's a lot here to love! --Frances


Cute, cute! There's something about gingham bias tape that is irresistable!!


Very cute! I have one of those bias tape makers...it is a fun little tool. I actually prefer to make my own- there are so many more color choices that way. How do the bibs fasted? Snap? Velcro? Button? Tie?


So cute... I just love the green with the brown too!


Making bias tape is fun -- er, wait, USING homemade bias tape is fun, isn't it! I just finished stitching up a bib in similar fashion. :)

SilverLining Designs

We must be on the same wave-length. I am making the same ...bibs, bibs and more bibs! :)


Love the bias tape, these bibs are gifts any new baby would love!


Love this (such great colors!) and look forward to seeing more!


The bias tape cutter does sound like such a nifty tool - beautiful results!


These are brilliant bibs and it reminds me I'm behind on my bib project! I love the colors you use and yes, I've been wondering where you find your labels. I once sourced for some pretty posh labels when I was doing bags, but I really like the simplicity of label tape. My embroidering on twill just doesn't cut the mustard. Would you mind sharing? Oh, and have a peek here, Erin: http://monkeyporkbun.typepad.com/monkeyporkbun/2007/09/nice-matters.html


Hey, nice bibs you've made. I've been working on some too. They are pictured on my blog.


Erin this is fantastic. You are so so talented. I really want to get more into sewing and crafts, and it's bloggers like yourself that inspire me.

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