All day long



Love your green wall!


I think my kitchen walls are just about the same color.


I love this calendar. Where did you find it?



your radio is so cute and compact. it is so cute (or am i only seeing part of it there). and the MS Foods... my back issues have been seeing some action here lately. a lot of recipes that i have forgotten about. i can relate to your pile of back issues there.


Nothing better than a whole clamshell of fresh raspberries all to yourself...sounds like a wonderful day.


yummy berries! Looking forward to riding with...or at least chasing Fatty on his new bike this weekend!


it took me awhile to see past the raspberries to the calendar. enjoy!


Do you love your Everyday Food magazines? I treated myself to a subscription and love them. Like anything that has been touched by Martha, it is a feast or the eyes. My problem is, the feast never descends to my stomach. I have the best intentions, but not the follow though.


hello, raspberries. stay a while, won't you?

lucky erin.

hello, everyday food mag. thank goodness for you.

whatcha listening to?

pink ric rac

Love this little glimpse into your day! I may do something like this over at my place. Thanks for inspiring me yet again. :) ps- last night I picked up my yarn and needles for the first time in a while. My hubby came home from work and said, "so you're back on that old thing again, huh?" Haha :)


hmmm! how fabulous!


I want to have days like yours! They look so relaxed! I just got in for the day. I've been in the car driving to + from school, to the doctors + running errands. Just looking at your photos relax me :) thanks!


poking in to say hello. loving your photos of routine + tranquility today.


Lovely and peaceful. And look at all your Everyday Foods! I'm anxiously waiting for my next installment.

Alicia A.

Pretty, pretty. Nice and quiet.


what lovely moments erin. your handwriting is just beautiful :)

ooh I can't wait for berry season - hee hee! we're planting a mulberry tree for my mum this weekend. I've already planted astrid's apple tree and more to come. Roll on summer!1


I am green with envy over your green bowl.

erin s

Mmm...those raspberries look yummy


love the pics this week erin!


I have a serious case of food magazine envy! Love your little square radio.


Hi! Oh, it looks so clean and quiet and tidy and organized at your house! Lovely.


So cool, calm and serene...wishing there was more of that around here.


play ground duty??? one of my least favorite things..... :)
ms food and rasberries....two of my favorite foods....


when I saw the second photo I remembered my kitchen... look here:
I just love the radio and the food magazine!

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