Four more feet
Dreams do come true


Is it Thursday already?  How did that happen?

Despite a general busy-ness around here, I did manage to make this fingerless glove.


Too bad it's not 1982 cause one is all I've got.

I used Fetching from Knitty.  I like the pattern, but there is no way I am going to get a pair out of one skein.  And I am being frugal with the yarn - no gauge swatch for me.  I am wondering if anyone has knit these out of one skein of  something other than the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  If so, please tell.  Also, I am not digging the picot edge bind off.  I am going to take it out and just bind off in the rib pattern.  Anybody agree?  Disagree?

Other news...Scout is settling in well.  We are getting along famously.  You see, she likes yarn just as much as I do.



the glove is great. so is the colour. and so are your nails. yes, i'm a biter. and admire everyone else's long nails.


LOVE the glove...and that fresh green suits you so well :o) You're right about that picot bind off...skip that next time. Rib would be much nicers. I've done a little cabling before, this glove looks pretty easy. Happy Knitting ((HUGS))

Sarah Jackson

I have knit them out of Karabella Aurora 8 but I think it was just over 1 skein - I used 2 skeins and had leftovers from each because I didn't want to deal with extra ends on one of the gloves. I also just bound off in the rib pattern - I like the cleaner look.

It looks lovely!


to bad it's not 1982... you crack me up, hehe.


What a pretty little mitt!

I'm hosting a fingerless mitt knitalong that we'd love to have you join-
that have lots of good info on fetchings.


Love the green, I have made a pair out of a ball of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran - there is loads over - but you have to mess around with needle size and they come out rather thick. I did not master the picot edging and much prefer plain bind off.

PS I have the same shoes as your header picture and took a very similar shot of my feet in them back in the summer! They are so comfy :)


Yep, I'm of the age to get the joke. Micheal Jackson that one gloved wonder :) It's pretty!


What a lovely shade of green! That's gotta be my favorite color. I agree on the rib edge bindoff.

jennifer at pink ric rac

Very Michael Jackson-y, E! :) I love that color!!


I skipped the picot edging on my Fetching gloves as well.. I noticed that its one thing about the pattern that most folks didn't like because it left the edges looking sort of sloppy after those beautiful cable twists.
That lovely grass green will be a welcome reminder of spring in the cold winter months!

liz elayne

love the glove and the color is scrumptious!

i wear these all winter at home as i work from home on my laptop all day and my hands get them!


I had similar issues with the bindoff. Love the color though!


I made those and I too, don't care for the picot edge. I actually made two pair. I got hooked on the cables :)

I was able to get one pair from a ball of yarn. I used Cashmerino for one pair and something from my stash for the other.


I didn't dig the picot bind off either. I also use 2 balls, mostly because I added length. They're a bit too short for my taste. I've made a few pairs, and Cashmerino was my favorite yarn. I used Alpaca with a Twist, and they're a little floppy but super-soft. I also doubled sock yarn and that worked out great, too.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TYC! It's so exciting to have it done. I have a few helpful hints for you when you're ready to start. :)


pretty colour :)
curious, what will you use the glove for? (other than look pretty?)


yeah, not enough yardage on one of those beauties....try, cascade superwash......machine washable and TONS of yardage.....
i always just bind off in a tighter fit...

do love that green though....


I knit Fetching (in the very same color cashmerino, by the way) last winter as a holiday gift for my sister-in-law. I wound up using one skein and a smidge of another. Totally irritating.

I didn't love the picot bind off either. I mean, I liked the *idea* of it but not the reality. That bad boy curled like nobody's business. Drove me batty. So much so I gave them to a knitting friend (who'd heard me rant about them but loved the green) and knit a pair of socks for my sister-in-law instead.


oh, darling, it looks so...fetching! :0) Love how it turned out. I do think picot bind-off makes it look a bot ruffley. I think the ribbed bind-off would look fine.


Hi there,
I agree... the picot edging made the mitt top roll down a bit I have made about 3 or 4 pairs and can generally do it with 50gms of wool. I haven't used the cashmerino though. I made another pair (without cables) for my stepson and just bound off and they sit beautifully.
hope this helps...
luv Abby


you are funny.

no knitting advice from me.

glad that scout is getting along well in your home.


I got a pair out of one skein of Malabrigo, and a friend got two pair out of a skein. I didn't do the picot edging, either. Frankly, I couldn't, for the life of me, follow the directions for it!


Nice fetching - love that colour. I got a pair out of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed.


oh my it is lovely. Gosh I remember 1982. I had black fishnet fingerless gloves. And nice rings you have there too lady :)


Its about time for that one-glove look to come back into style, isn't it?


I agree. Or do I disagree. It doesn't matter what I think cos I don't think I'll ever get past asking my mother to cast on for me. Shut up Steph.

Great glove though, love the colour.


i made a pair out of a skein of malabrigo. i love knitting with it, and i love wearing them....they are so incredibly soft! and one skein was enough. i also like the ribbed bind off better. the picot edge on my first pair really tended to roll.

Mama Urchin

How fetching, sorry could not resist. I've wanted to make these for a while but never gotten to them. I'm not sure I'd wear them, I'll be interested to hear if you find yourself wearing them a lot or not.


Great glove. Funny thing - my son just asked for some. Any chance this pattern could be made to fit a skinny 7 year old boy - or know of any patterns for same kind of glove for a young child?


Such a multi-talented lady you are! I'm glad that we're getting into fall since it means that your knitting needles come out far more often and I get to see the amazing things you seem to whip up in the carpool line. These are adorable (I mean THIS is adorable... I'm assuming there will be another).


I just finished my first pair and used Mission Falls wool. I think they look great, but they did use a little more than a ball. If it's going to take extra yardage anyway, I think for my next pair I might lengthen the wrist section. And the next pair (Christmas present) I will probably do a regular bind off. I did walk around with the lone mitt for a bit and thought I looked like a hand-knit Michael Jackson.


I made a dozen of these last year for Christmas gifts! Love this pattern! And yes, I didn't do the picot bind off, I just bound off reg.

I was able to get one pair out of the DB Cashmerino Aran. Using every bit of yarn, but I did!

Have fun!

erin s

very nice colour choice Erin! have a great weekend.


I didn't use the picot bind off either. It was too loose.

You know there is a serious '80's come back. You could bring back the one glove thing, no problem. ;)

Chara Michele

Such a pretty color! Laughing about Scout liking yarn as much as you:)


I love fingerless gloves, I will be more than happy to pull my out of storage soon. Yours is looking great (perfect green).

Okay, I'm thinking I need some socks, are you game? We will discuss further. xo


The picot makes it too fluffy - I am loving the cables.


Oh, I love your Fetching! I am so in love with this pattern. I am going to make my son the "male" version---I can't remember the name right now. Great job on your knitting!


i love fingerless gloves ... made myself a pair of fingerless mittens (they just didn't have any seperation for fingers) a couple of years ago ... i adore them & can't wait to wear when it gets chilly. girl - when are you going to knit yourself a skirt, so you can come to coffee in your skirt, your juliet, your fingerless gloves, your socks & hat? that would just be a hoot. there's a picture opportunity there....


I know I'm totally late to the game here, but I just discovered your blog this week! I also made Fetching and did the picot bind-off, but it flared so bad. I took it to my LYS where I took a finishing class, and the teacher suggested decreasing and a purl bind-off. I ripped back, reduced one stitch in the middle of each cable, added an extra inch, and then did a purl bind-off and they turned out great! Next time I'm making ones that are longer in the arm region (closer to elbow-length).

Love the blog - makes me want to be more creative! Conveniently, my brand new sewing machine arrived at my house yesterday! Yay!

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