What a zoo


I took this photo at the zoo on Friday.  There is just something about giraffes that slays me.  Maybe it's the height or their quiet ways.  Or it could be the eyelashes...wouldn't you love eyelashes like that?

And would you mind if I posted photos again this week?  Things are a bit hectic at the moment....volunteering at school, addressing envelopes, helping get things ready for my brother's wedding and rehearsal dinner (less than three weeks away).  The girls need shoes for their flower girl dresses and well, I just need a dress.  That would be nice.  I have a baby present for my newest nephew, Kenan, to finish.  And I have to get that done before the next little one comes along any day now.  There's yard work to do and some indoor painting, too.  I could go on and on, but I think I will stop.  Just reading this over is giving me a minor panic attack.

Breathe, Erin, breathe.


Sarah Jackson

Love that giraffe - I have a similar photo. Take a break this week!

Lisa Clarke

If all of the photos you post are as enjoyable as that giraffe, then you're forgiven :-)


it's the eyelashes. giraffes always come right up to my princess - even in a crowd. since she was a baby. i'll post a flickr photo for you this week.



Consider the giraffe, honey... just quietly chew away at all those many many leaves (um, projects and obligations :-) You'll get it done, with characteristic, Erin flair, no doubt! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new banner.


I'm with Stefani... it will all get done and it's o.k. not to post for a few days, isn't it? That's one of the reasons I hesitate to start my own blog... But there are no rules, right?


Life before blog. See you when you surface. Enjoy the wedding shopping - have you thought about ballet shoes for the girls?


The photos are great! And I love the banner too! It reminded me to go check out some shoes like that I had seen on Piperlime to see if they were on sale yet. They were on clearance and they only had my size left (a giant 11), it was meant to be! So keep those photos coming! If you just take pictures of all those projects you are going to be finishing you will fill up the whole week! : )


Hoping everything falls into place for you... how exciting to have a family wedding coming up!

Mary Grace Burke

Loved the giraffe. I feel your pain. Seems like we will never be ready for the wedding. Thanks for all your help. Love, Mom

Chara Michele

Love the giraffe! You are busy:) Photos sound wonderful this week! :)


I too love giraffes. Man your post was making me panic. Slow are amazing and will get it all done. xo


love love love the new banner!

and i spent the morning looking for a dress for my sister-in-law's wedding in 4 weeks - still nothing. flower girl shoes are next on my list. i'm empathizing with you. and repeating your words - just breathe!


I love giraffes too. I think it's the eyelashes and their gentle look.
By all means post photos.
I LOVE your new banner!


Oooooooh, giraffes make me squeal, they're so funny. I completely understand the madness - I'm hosting a pre-wedding reception for my sister this weekend and am travelling to the States with a 3 month old for the wedding in a few more weeks... I also have shoes to buy, trip to plan, etc etc. But it will all get done, it will be fine, and I'll have something on my feet. :) Good luck with it all! :)


reading your list makes me tired! hope you can get it all done...good luck.


In through the nose...out through the are perfect...or a blog break entirely is OK too. It will al come together in the last few minutes Im sure.

erin s

By the sounds of it you are more then entitled to post just pictures. Actually a complete blog break would be okay too! Funny I thought life was supposed to slow down for us now that the kids are back at school? Looking forward to your pictures. Good luck with your list!


You are a very busy person. Take a break. Pictures are fine. I have been a reader for some time now and enjoy the pictures as much as the words. So please take a break!!!


Sounds like you need a personal assistant! Wish we were closer and I would gladly volunteer. However, I am not really very organized, and I am terrible at painting. But, I do make good coffee and we could laugh about all that we were not getting done!


Love your picture and yes we will give you time to breathe. Hope you get all your jobs done.
C ya soon.


Love giraffes too, but my daughter was terrified of them. While all of the other kids were feeding them at Marine World when we would visit, she was cowering 30 feet away.


While I'm sorry that it had to be brought on by your insanely long to-do list, I'm psyched for a week of photos. I always love those. Breathe, Erin, breathe is right!


Love that long neck fellow. Lets see more cuties.

Lisa R=P

Hang in there and remember the saying -- This too shall pass! In the end it all gets done, don't let yourself panic.


What an adorable face! That's a really great shot!


I love this pic!!!! My nic-name when I was a little girl was 'jojo giraffe' and ever since I've been in love with the big clumbsy looking creatures.
Good luck with the wedding prep, my sister got married on the weekend, I know what you're going through and I definately don't envy you.


giraffes. are great. we jumped around like them today at kindergarten. well, not jumped. just held our hand tall like their necks.
that list. you can do it. you'll realize this after everything is done. at least that is when i always realize it!


ahhh... now i am only too happy to take my turn & tell you to breathe. it will all work out.

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