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The zipper tutorial is finished.  Hooray!


It took me FOREVER to decide on what kind of pillow to make....I thought about patchwork and actually made most of a log cabin piece before abandoning it.  I thought about embroidery also, but settled on good old applique.


Let me know if you follow the tutorial and have any problems.  I have read it over once, but I am always afraid I might have missed some crucial step.  Happy Sewing!



I've yet to try it (that would be quick work!), but I've read all the way through and the tutorial looks excellent and completely different from the way I've put in a zip previously (which is good, because there was definitely room for improvement!)...I will let you know how it goes when I next have something that needs a zip, but in the meantime - thank you!


thanks for what looks like yet another fantastic tutorial! you really are so wonderful to take the time to do this!

Pink Ric Rac

Very cool, Erin!!! I'm still way too scared of zippers! :( Maybe this may make it a bit easier!

Andrea Heinz

Thanks so much. I have been eagerly waiting

Andrea Heinz

I'm scared, I hope I can do it.


YAY!!!! I'm all set to try a zipper pouch pencil bag tonight for my guys (they start their one day a week school tomorrow!), so maybe I'll be brave enough to try this yet. Zippers and I have yet to get along :-)


LOVE the house, Erin!


I have never tried to sew a zipper... I'm just getting use to sewing in a straight line! This will be helpful I am sure. Thanks Erin!


yeah! checking it out right now erin!


your pillow is super cute. thanks for sharing your hard work!

Sarah Jackson

That's so cute! Looking forward to the tutorial. I have very successfully avoided zippers for a long long time. Now I just need my sewing machine back from the shop and I'm all over it.


Erin, you are quickly becoming the most awesome Queen of Tutorials. So creative!!!

Lisa R=P

Erin - thank you so much for another great tutorial. I have purchased a couple of zippers to try to make some pouches. I have just been too scared to try. Zippers have always been intimidating.

Right now I am mastering embroidery too! This is really going to be a year of learning and hopefully my skills and abilities will sky rocket. Again, thank you for your help along the way.


your tutorials are incredible erin, and so easy to follow....i am sure this one will be perfect also! thank you!


Thank you so much Erin. I will try this very soon. :-)


OH Erin...how beautiful and what a helpful bit of info. xoxo

isabel f.

hi Erin. I love your pillow, beautiful.
thank you for the tutorial, i must try to do something with a zipper - i´m scared of zippers too!!! kiss. I will try!


Oh yay! I was just about to make a pillow case and you just saved my day :D


Thanks for posting this. I will definitely give it a try. Also, love the applique.


Oh, such a cute applique!


Erin you rock! I need to make some of these!


wow- I'm just thinking about actually using my zipper foot, but I am so intimidated! Maybe it's bad memories from high school sewing classes...you may have just pushed me to DO IT!


This is so cute!... thanks for the tutorial!


what an excellent tutorial! thanks for sharing. I know what you mean by needing the pillow to be slightly larger that the pillow cover. It makes a huge difference.


i'm very hands-on, so I know I'm going to have to work through your tutorial in order to fully understand all the steps. I'm really excited to try this. Pillows, pouches, here I come!
thanks for taking the time to do this, erin. I know tutes take a loooong time to put together.


sweet pillow. and you are the queen of tutorials, erin!


Love the house! Thanks for putting so much time into this. It's very much appreciated by those of us with lesser skilz!

amy h

I'll have to check it out! I always just stick the zipper in the bottom seam, so it will be good to have an alternative method.

erin s

Very Cute pillow Erin. I am amazed that you took the time to do a zipper tutorial. I must confess sewing zippers scare me!


Perfect timing...I am sewing a duvet cover for Norah's "big girl room" today, and it requires a zipper on the back!


Thanks for your hard work...Love the fun pillow! Happy Weekend to you & yours :o)


Thanks Erin.


Thanks for the great tutorial. I don't hate doing zippers, but they aren't my fav either.


Hi! I have been walking in circles around the fabric I purchased this summer to make covers for the sofa pillows. I have never sewn in a zipper in my life! Thanks so much for solving the mystery so EASILY! I just completed my first, using your tutorial, and though it isn't perfect (I got some weird pintucking effect around the zipper...luckily it's in the back...), it's closer than I could have gotten on my own. The tutorial is easy to follow and clear. You really should write a book. If you haven't already. Thanks soooo much. Tomorrow I will conquer the second pillow cover and I know where I made mistakes, so hopefully I'll get better with each attempt!
Bravo and Three Cheers to you and your Zipper Tutorial!!!


Congrats! Lots of people are going to be really grateful for this, I know.


just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial! just sewn my first two covers, your instructions made it really easy :)

Erin | house on hill road

I am so happy you found it helpful, Han!

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