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From Sarah

Good surprises are just that:  good.  And getting an unexpected package in the mail is more than a good surprise - it's great.


I could go on and on about Sarah.  I am just going to say she rocks.  She sent the girls and I some lovely handmade items as a thank you.  A thank you for a thank you gift I sent her this summer.  She wasn't supposed to do that.  But she did.  Isn't she nice?



She made me this t-shirt with toadstools.  Eeeeee!  I love it!  It is the PERFECT shade of green and fits me wonderfully.  It will be in heavy rotation.  I know this.  I have already worn it.  Twice.


She made the girls an apron.  I wish it were my size!  It is beautifully made with gorgeous details - the buttoned ties, appliqued AND freezer paper stenciled toadstools (just like on my shirt), lime green stitching.  (More photos here.)  The girls love it and have agreed to share.  Jane wore it on Saturday while we made zucchini bread.  Kate gets her turn later today when we make cookies.  They were entirely reasonable about the sharing part, too.  Another good surprise!  They must be growing up.


Look at how happy my kitchen pegs look now.

Thank you Sarah.  Thank you so much.



Sweet! That's all I can say. Sweet friend, and sweet gifts. I love the toadstools.


It looks like your pegs found perfection in the lovely gift you received.


Gah. I'm blushing.

Also, your thank you gift wasn't a thank you. It was a totally out of the blue gift. Your argument that our poppy pin/headband swap was somehow imbalanced holds no water with me, lady. One good thank you surprise deserves another. ;)


what wonderful surprises!!!
your kitchen pegs do look happy....and beautiful!


Wow, lucky you!!


I love those mushrooms. And I think I need some kitchen pegs.


What a great surprise! And your pegs look so happy and cheerful! I also love the little bag on the left!


great mail as always!

just yesterday i bought buttons that resemble the toadstool's top!


I love that peg shot!


It's nice to have good friends, I love the t-shirt!


Sweet presents!!

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona)

Lucky girls, they look great. I have freezer paper and must try and make something too.

Chara Michele

Such lovely gifts! I love that t-shirt! Very cute:)


happy indeed. you, the girls, and the hooks. the mushrooms are lovely. and so is your friend.


Those are some wonderful presents!


goodness what happy kitchen pegs they are! I LOVE the apron - it's too cute!!


what great gifts! and that your girls are sharing? wonderful news.


Wow - what a thank you! Hand written notes seem a little boring when you get a package as great as this one in the mail!


Gorgeous... Just gorgeous!! What a great thankyou for a thankyou gift.


Nice one. I love checking out what you've made recently, and these are great gifts. Snail mail really is so good.
Just wondering if you could post your zucchini bread recipe. Need to know how to get rid of it in a yummy way! Thanks.


those kitchen pegs are about as happy as kitchen pegs could be!


what a nice gift!

i see the patchwork dispenser bag i made you had another photo debut on your blog. :)

i CAN'T wait until we settle into our new house + out of temporary housing from the move. everything creative is STILL in storage.

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