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I'm a bit under the weather today so just some quick photos as promised on Friday.


I found the perfect basket - it once held fruit and more recently, a bunch of squash.  I got my copy of Bend the Rules Sewing out and started working.


I traced the bottom and added a couple inches all the way around as a pattern.  I made a pillow insert out of flannel and poly fill.  Then I took the found fabric and made a cover.  The back side opens - I used hook and loop tape for my closure.  It fit the basket well and looked comfy, but it still wasn't quite right.


A couple of coats of black spray paint later, I had a cat bed.


Much better.  It looks great in the kitchen - the green matches the walls perfectly.  Now if Scout would just use it...


Sarah Jackson

That is so cute! Scout is one lucky kitty.


I love it Erin! Hope Scout is feeling better after her surgery. The bed looks like a perfect place for her to rest during her recovery!

Libby is very very cute- but you know those darn cats, you can't make them do anything. I hope she takes to it for the sake of all your hard work! If not, I'd be glad to curl up there.


Ack! You make me want to get a cat!


that is one stylin' cat bed!

hope you feel better - we're all recovering here, too.


now to get a picture of the wild one in the bed. A. is also under the weather! Hope you feel better.


erin, that is fantastic! it's a bed fit for a royal cat, for sure. hope you're feeling better soon...

jennifer at pink ric rac

very cute, e! i love it!! that fabric is gorgeous! i'd make an apron out of it. i've been wanting a green one like the one you made last year. its my fav!


Wonderful new cat bed. I hope your kitty likes it, but they can be so pig-headed. When I want my cat to lie down in a new cat bed he doesn’t like, I buy some Cat-Nip to put on the new cat bed. He likes that very much and many kitties do, so...

april m

Love it! The black paint was just the right touch to finish it off.


scout will love it. soon enough. i am sure. who doesn't love your creations?


I love how it turned out and that fabric! Our cats hardly ever used the two cat beds we got them, either, much preferring the cat perch we got instead to prevent them from climbing on the countertops. :0)


Sometimes animals prefer sleeping everywhere ELSE except for the pretty beds you make them. At least that's been my experience!
This is the second basket project I've seen today!!


it's purr-fect...sorry, couldn't refuse. the fabric looks great with the black basket...well done!


love it! maybe sprinkle a little catnip to interest scout?

hope you get some rest today!


my pets are so deprived.


Hmm. I wouldn't mind curling up in that!


Wow. This turned out so great. Scout is one lucky cat! Maybe once the smell of the paint dies down a little it will get more use - or you can always do a little cat nip coaxing!

Teresa Alber

I love it. The black paint was the perfect touch.


I've yet to have a cat that would sleep in a cat basket:) Now, sleep on my clothes, my good quilts/afghans, the pillows...definitely!

But it surely does look nice just sitting there...maybe a stuffed animal or two would be good, that's what our cat bed is used for now!



that's great Erin! It's a perfect application for that fabric. I hope you are feeling better soon.


It's gorgeous! But it's a known fact that cats prefer human beds to cat beds. I often think I'd be rolled out of bed by my two if I didn't have a wall to keep me in bed.


What an amazing cat bed! I just made a bed for my dog... and she still seems to prefer the laundry basket...




erin, I hope you feel better! I love that fabric. i didn't realize how beautiful it was. I am loving anything with birds on it lately!




It's really cute, but Scout will probably still use the chair or sofa you don't want used. :)
Hope you're feeling better.

Lisa Clarke

What a great makeover! I love it when the before and after shots are so dramatic.


that is super awesome erin!! love the black. good luck with scout!


this is really adorable, I do love that fabric. Let me know if your can trick Scout into using it, we never could get Gracie to use the tuffet I made her.

leslie is perfect! beautiful in the kitchen i am sure.
(now where did i put my black spray paint :) )

hope you are feeling better!


Love the cat bed! My cat loves sleeping inside of things; he'd be jealous of Scout's new bed.
Thanks for commenting on my Koolhaas. I had to have matching mitts, and I'm working out the kinks in my patten now. Hope you're feeling better! Might see ya at tkn thurs or fri.


That looks so cool! Unappreciative cats, mumble, mumble...


So adorable, great idea, not sure that my cat would use it, but I could try.

Heather Wilson

its so pretty! I'm glad I saw that you sprayed a basket black! I just bought some spray paint to spray some baskets, and my husband thought I was a little cray ;)

now I can show him how great yours looks!

erin s

Brilliant Erin. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do too spruce something up. Scout is one lucky cat.


Love it - especially the spray paint idea. My kitties like to sit on crunchy things. You could try putting a plastic bag inside the cover with a little catnip...

Chara Michele

Such a cute cat bed! I love that fabric, it is so pretty! Has Scout been using it at all? We have a cat bed for our 2 kitties, and I found that moving it around the house a little bit got them interested in it... I just put it places that they liked laying and eventually they got the hint:)


This is looks so good Erin! I've been wanting to make one for our kitty--I'm wondering after all that work, will he use it?! Has Scout used his yet?


nix that "is" up much for proof reading!

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