I knew it would come to me

I am having so much fun

I am back in the groove.  The craft gods are smiling and I have the itch.  Ideas are floating around and inspiration is at my fingertips.  To knit or to sew?   What a quandary.  I couldn't choose one over the other...so I chose both.


I cast on a 4 to 8 hour project from this book.  At the rate I am going, I think it will be closer to 8 hours which is just fine.


And I made this cute patchwork pin cushion from the other book.  It was in the 2 to 4 hour section....it took me less than 2 hours, though.  Well, that is if you don't count the time I spent waffling over what color thread to use.

Both books are lovely.  Gorgeous and full of wonderful projects, actually.  Last-Minute Knitted Gifts has been around for awhile, I just never had purchased it.  I like the concept that these gifts can be whipped up in a (relatively) short amount of time.  My kind of crafting.

Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts is right down my alley.  I knew I was going to like it, though.  Joelle let me have a sneak peek at an advance copy when I was at Purl Patchwork in August.  Lucky me.  One flip through this book had me sold.  I had dreams about it.  Seriously.  That is how wonderful it is.  You can see more photos at the Purl Bee.  There are so many projects I want to make, but beyond that is the incredible inspiration this book provides.  Wowzers!  It's eye candy in the form of fabric and color.  I want to sew all day long.   Forget cooking and cleaning and (gasp!) blog reading, I just want to sew.  And knit and then sew some more.  It's that good.

Back tomorrow with more good stuff.



me too! sew, knit, sew, knit...

right now i'm on a deadline, though, so of course i'm doing blog reading. lol.


Last Minute Fabric Gifts is Fabulous too. Have you read it. There is a review on my blog under "inspiration."


ooh looks like you are making the baby sweater... make sure to check the errata on her website, just incase because there were a few mistakes.

I have been oogling over the sewing book- looks like a beauty you made there.

Sarah Jackson

It all looks great! I've found that typically the knits in the book take about 50% longer than the book says until you've made them a few times.


love the color of the baby sweater erin!
and of course the pin cushion is beautiful.
i agree with sarah....the knitted gifts do take longer.
yes, and just think how much more we could accomplish with out all of the reading! ? :)


Wow!!! I think you've hit your groove. Same for me, lately. It must be fall... oh, and kids back to school. Can you tell me what you used as a stabilizer in your belt and where you got your buckles? The pin cushion and the belt are super duper cute... you have great taste, Erin.


i love that pincushion!


love the finished pincushion -- i was one of the ones hoping for brown!! i've been eyeing that new book -- i have one project on the needles from the other. you're so right about the inspiration oozing from those pages!


Well I was pulling for yellow, but I must admit that it's perfect the way you've finished it. So glad that you got your groove back!


I'm right there with ya, sista! I could get lost in my studio right now, oh what fun that would be ;-)


the pincushion is perfect for fall...those brown and orange colors...love it.

these days I mostly knit (it's getting colder...so baby mittens, legwarmers etc...)

did you finish your Elisa's Tote ;o) ?


oh nice. pretty pin cushion.


I love the pincushion. What another perfect way to use those scraps that are too pretty to throw away!


I so agree about the Last-Minute Patchwork book - I can't decide which pattern to make first. It is just beautiful - sadly I can't knit but would love to learn.


I love your title for this post. with those 2 new books, how could you not be ahving fun? I love it when inspiration overload strikes.


Ooh! I really hope I get the patchwork one for my birthday. Crossing my fingers...


I got my quilt book last week and can't wait to get started!

Tanya Whelan

That pin cushion is great!!! Love the fabrics you chose and the thread color.


I've been thinking about buying this book for a bit, you pushed me over the edge, order today, hopefully on it's way soon! -kb


My rubber arm is twisted- have another window open ordering the book! THanks for sharing


My wish list at Amazon is getting seriously long. Thanks for the pretty photos.


lovely! I made one too the other day - my first ever project on a sewing machine. i was kinda nervous, and you can tell because I didn't smoothly turn the fabric so it looks kinda... boxy, with sharper edges. but there is yet hope! I am sure I will improve!


Let's declare a national 'Craft Out!' - I want to knit and sew all day too - heck, all weekend! :)

Love that pin cushion! Is it hard? I think I need to get that book.

Happy Friday!

Louise Papas

I'm also doing heaps of knitting and sewing and knitting and a bit of sewing. I love that book!


you sound inspired my dear!


Last Minute Knitted Gifts has a lot of corrections (unless they've been corrected in newer editions?) so by sure to check the website for them.



Thanks for pointing out those books! I love the pincushion!


Oh my goodness you're right about the candy part. Those colours are amazing. I had a go at making something similar a few weeks ago, but yours is stunning!

Chara Michele

I should have read this entry before leaving my last comment:) I like how you started projects in both! :)


OMG!!! I got that book last week as a belated b'day pressy and I just love it (the last minute patchwork and quilted gifts book). I love it that much that I want the last minute knitted gift book too. Your pin cushion looks just like the one in the book, don't you just love that.... When pattern's work out how they're supposed too!!


so cool to read about your rekindled crafting groove. can't wait to see what your knitting up from the book. i hope to tackle those fuzzy leg warmers next (fingers crossed). and that patchwork book... sigh. :)

Heather Wilson

it is so pretty! i love it!

can you tell me how to get involved in "craft swaps"? I read about them all the time but I have no idea where to sign up.


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