I am having so much fun



Very cute! I love the fabric combo. Well done!

Sarah Jackson

I love that! makes me wish I were a belt kind of a girl.

I have LMKG and I love it - I have knit several of the patterns. I haven't gotten my hands on the new one yet so I'm looking forward to your review.


um, is that for sale? cuz i LOVE it. ;)


love the belt, and that cute tortoise buckle!
start with patchwork and quilted gifts...i want to know what you think.


I love all your belts. And those books are on my birthday wish list.


I too have been eying the patchwork book. Tell us what you think!! Cute belt, I love tortise shell.


The belt is cute!!! I have been through LMKG via the library and Patchwork is on hold waiting for me to come pick it up. Can't wait to hear your thoughts.


PLEASE give instructions for the belt.. I love this!


I love the belt! What did you use in between the fabric layers to give the belt substance?


Your belt is fantastic - you are so clever.

Jessica Hood



Love that belt and the buckle. And what a conundrum - knitting or sewing.


oh for that kind of distraction!! how cool!


Sweet belts!!!


Very nice (to is all!)


I am sensing a belt tutorial!


I was just stopping by to BEG for a belt tutorial! Your tutorials are fantastic, and I would love to make a belt. I've never really worn belts much before, but all of a sudden, I need one!!!

Teresa Alber

Love it. All the fabric combinations are fantastic.


Oh! That belt makes me giddy!! I always have to wear a belt, as I crouch and kneel and sit in tiny little chairs as a Montessori teacher ... and nowadays it's impossible to find a pair of jeans that are NOT low-cut! But, unfortunately, I only own one belt. I hope to change that ... if only I could get my hands on a cute belt buckle down here in Mexico!


That belt is great! Also, I recently requested "Last minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts" so I hope it is as good as it looks!


oh, boy, those books are so wonderful I wouldn't know which one to pick first either! enjoy.

your belt looks fabulous!


i love your belts, and those books! I am jealous. I think i need to pick up some copies. Don't you just love the inspiration?


wow, adorable belt! -kb

jennifer at pink ric rac

Those are very cool, E! Where do you find those cute belt rings? All I've ever seen are the boring metal d-rings. :( Maybe I should learn how to do patchwork first huh?! ;) Do you fusing any fusible fabric inside the belts to make them stiffer?


I'm always a sucker for your belts - you put together such great color and pattern combinations. And I like this buckle a lot.
My vote on the books is the Patchwork and Quilted Gifts one... I love what you do with a sewing needle!

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona)

These books are so popular. I just got mine too and so many people have commented that they have them too. Can't wait to use mine.


Oh please, please show us some pictures...


Oh, I love belt... the colors are great!


I love the belt the colors are very fall like and by the way where is the picture of the finished sweater I have been dying to see it


I love it, Erin!
I'm about to make a book purchase myself - I'm so weak. Never mind that I've already made 2 fabric purchases today.


so pretty! the buckle makes it perfect.

erin s

Your belts are always so bright and cheery! The buckle definitely adds the finishing touch!


oh my goodness, erin, that belt is gorgeous! are you still thinking about selling them? please do!

i haven't been up on my blog reading lately because i've been busy, and i've missed your blog so much. you've been doing so many cute projects!

that's neat you got to see the book before it came out when you went to purl patchwork. when i went there in july, i really wanted to talk to joelle. i was way too shy though! :)

Chara Michele

Oh that belt looks wonderful! I think you should read the patchwork/quilted gifts one and give us a little review:) (It's on my wishlist...)


the colors your chose for your belt appeal to me on so many levels! great choices.

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