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In which I had my first blog meet up

For me, one of the beauties of blogging is the connections I have made with people I otherwise would not know.  I see it like having a bevy of pen pals.  I correspond with people in my own town, the next state over, on the other side of the country and across the world. The only difference is that with technology the letters arrive electronically and at lightening quick speed.

When Fatty and I planned our trip to New York this past summer, I was looking forward to meeting Susan and Julie.  Now, wouldn't you know, they both up and moved before I got there.   Oh well.  Susan is in now living in one of the Portlands, both of which are on our list of places to go.  And Julie is in Chapel Hill, NC which is somewhere we actually do go.  Hooray!

So, on Saturday morning, accompanied by my sister-in-law Heather and baby Kenan, I met Julie for coffee.  What a treat!  We sat and chatted for over an hour about all kinds of things.


I couldn't show up empty handed so I made Julie her very own coffee, or tea as the case may be, cozy.  The color scheme was inspired by this shirt that she made for herself.  I couldn't find that Amy Butler print in my studio (I own it, but the studio's quite a mess and that really deserves a post of its own), so I used one that has a similar feel.


I embroidered her name on it, too.  I chose a running stitch because it is fast (yes, this falls into the last-minute category).  As I finished, I wished I would have taken the time to back stitch or split stitch it so it would show up better on the corduroy.  It is subtle, though, and I do like that.

I didn't leave with empty hands, either.  Julie gave me some sweet Japanese fabric (a whole generous yard!) and green vintage buttons!


Julie, I am so happy I had the chance to meet you in person!  You are just as friendly, kind and thoughtful as I had imagined.  Thanks for the quilt store tip - it was a good one.  I bought a few yards (imagine that!).  Tell Bobby I look forward to seeing him and his sweater in action!



i love cord. combination is lovely. and so is making new friends.


how funny - we both had our first blog-meetups at the same time! i didn't know you were in NC - we used to live there, too - chapel hill is way fun.

Sarah Jackson

How fun! Meeting blog friends is the best.


How fun to meet in person!!! Love that coffee cozy, the grey and red together are perfect! Do you put batting in between the layers of fabric? Or does the corduroy do the job? Thanks for the idea!

Carrie S.

Oh, how fun! I'm so glad you had a chance to meet someone from blogland! Isn't it amazing? You feel like you've known them for years!


oh, and pretty please come to my portland! we girls will show you a good time, i promise...


such a fabulous saturday monring, i am sure it just felt so you have been friends for a very long time...such lovely and appropriate the attention to detail.


blog meet ups are awesome!! maybe kentucky will have to be on our list places to visit soon!


What fun! I love that Japanese fabric.


Can you provide or can you point me in the direction to get instructions for making a coffee/tea cozy. I really want to make some for Christmas.

TIA, Vickie


Fun to meet blog pals! Love the cozy. Have a pattern for that? Great fabric you received too!! Fun day for you.


How fun to meet up with blog pals :)
The cozy – cute as ever. Love the colours and how subtle the name is. You received a bunch of very cute stuff too.


Oh my goodness you have been busy these last few weeks! I love the baby sweater - I have said it before, but you pick the best patterns. The horse tees are unbelievably cute too. Your blog is always filled with inspiration and fun - thanks.


I'm so glad that you two finally met in person. When I first got together with Julie, I wished you could have been there - it just didn't seem right without you! And now that you have met in person, I guess I better make my way to your neck of the woods some day soon. I can't believe that I moved just weeks before your visit!
By the way, the coffee cozy is so sweet (I like the subtlety of the embroidery). I'm sure Julie loves it.

Heather Wilson

oh how great! SO sweet that you could meet one of your blog pals in person =)

That fabric is so sweet! and those buttons...what treasures!


ohhh I always luv these coffee cosie's .... well done again.
luv Abby

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona)

How wonderful, blogging is quite foreign around my small town but I did manage to meet some people from other towns and hope to find more out there. I'm off to see a Quilting Club on the weekend and see more bloggers.
Don't you love this world.....


its really is so much fun making friends and people you can share interests with.


Chapel Hill is such a fun place, isn't it?! Was the quilt shop Thimble Pleasures by chance?


That's neat! The thing with the internet... you meet people, get to know them, but the real nice thing is to, really meet them; in person.


isn't it great to meet blogger friends, I feel the same way you do. I have a bunch of pen pals & they are all talented, smart & creative to boot! Love the coffee cozy, is there a pattern?


I love your coffee cozies so much I want one for my days of winter when I drink hot chocolate (I don't drink coffee). Can we do a swap or something?


Stopped by to say hi I enjoy your blog, Char


Like your coffee/tea cozy. I made one out of demin and a knit print fabric and am looking to make more.


Gosh - those coffee cozies are so dang cute. I fell in love with them in your first post about them, with them in chocolate brown? They still make me giddy to look at - any chance you'll do a tutorial for those of us who don't sew?


I was your first blog meet-up!?!? I am so incredibly honored. :)

I LOVE my coffee cozy. In fact, it is sitting here at my desk cozy-ing up a big cup of tea. The corduroy is perfect--warm and soft and wonderfully tactile.

Thanks so much for meeting up. It was so great to meet and chat. By far the most wonderful thing I have found through this blog world is the friendship of such amazing, strong, creative women. And wonderful mothers that I learn so much from! :)

Hope we can squeeze in another meet-up when you visit NC again!


I love the corduroy. And I second the request for a coffee/tea cozy tutorial. Or at least point us in the right direction. They are so cute and functional.


I love your coffee cozies and would also love to see a tutorial!! I think they would make great teacher's gifts with a little gift card attached.
Feel Better!

Chara Michele

How fun to meet up with another blogger! :)
That coffee cozy is quite lovely. I like how the embroidery is subtle, but still there to notice:)

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