I'm such a tease
My brother's wedding is tomorrow....



That's wonderful that Jane has taken to knitting. I'm waiting for the day my little one is interested. And I so know about those yarn thieves. They can really reek havoc on a project.


so fun that she's joining you on your knitting adventures! and such a family color, too.

Lisa Clarke

She's got great taste in colors!


Go Jane!


how great to have a new knitting partner. and i love that yarn, it is what i used too (in a different shade) for my first knitting project. such a pretty green she chose.


yay! tell her my first knitting project was with that same skein of lamb's pride!


My dog is a knitting theif too! I learned that one the hard way... And Lamb's Pride is some of the best yarn to start on. She looks like she's doing great!


yeah for Jane...maybe she can teach me.


you know i'm lovin that!


i love when kids get motivated to do stuff like this - my daughter's tried embroidery and quilting so far - i am no yarn person, so no knitting - at least not yet!


I love jane's knitting + bag!!!


that jane is a taking right after her mum! What a talent.


I can just picture you two all snuggled up on a cold day, knitting away and sharing each other's stories. Too sweet.


i see it runs in the family. knitting. and the love of the colour green.


Jane got it so quickly, she must have learned by osmosis (no wonder she chose the green yarn, probably thought it couldn't be done any other way). And Kate is doing a fine job fake knitting, too. After a few years of practicing in Imaginary Land, I'm sure she'll be a great knitter in this world, too.

Sarah Jackson

Hooray for Jane!


lovely bag :)

p.s :

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Wow, this girl takes after her mother. And she sure is getting an early start on her design career.


very nice I can't wait for the day. Great color. I love the knitting bug that has been caught around this place. I keep meaning to blog about it but maybe some time soon...Alena also loves to 'knit' if one could call it that.


I love it when kids show an interest in crafts. Keep it going!


First the Girls Rock shirt, and now knitting. I love that your little Jane is following in your footsteps.

Mama Urchin

Hooray Jane! I can't wait to see what she creates.


Jane, you have great taste just like your mama. Oh, and the shirts below are so great! I love a girl with some cockiness!



Mmmmm that yarn is lovely.

jennifer at pink ric rac

that little girl must have gotten the craft bug from her momma!!! i posted about knitting on my blog too. :) I decided to keep at it like you told me!!!!


go jane!!! just like her mama!


This is, to use a word coined by Elle, adorrid!* And what a lucky little girl she is to learn with Lamb's Pride and wooden needles!

*you've heard of horrible and horrid, so it follows that adorable would also have adorrid, right?! So, it means absolutley, perfectly adorable. Of course.


I often think your girls are so lucky to grow up in a home with such a crafty mama!


i think it's a 'green' house effect.


Well I'm glad this knitting thing is catchy :)

erin s

Yay for Jane. I loved her t-shirt too.

Chara Michele

That green is so lovely!
Smart girl keeping it away from the yarn thief:)

Anne K.

Oooh, and it's Lamb's Pride, too! My favorite - probably because it's from my beloved home state. You can even see a little map of Nebraska on the label. Good for Jane! Long may she knit!!!

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