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I promised photos....here they are.





The weather was finally cool enough for me to wear my Juliet yesterday.  I love it.   I am so glad I made it.  I haven't knit anything bigger than a hat or a scarf for myself in years.  Now I am wondering what I was waiting for.  Well, apparently Juliet.  Yes, I was waiting for this.

I found the pattern super easy to follow.  This was a pretty quick knit, too.  I started on September 12th and finished on October 1st.  Not bad considering I have been working on some other things in the carpool line (my knee socks and something else to be revealed after my November craft swap).  This was my at home, in front of the TV project with a few bouts of knitting at the barber shop (aka, my local yarn store).  I had a bit of trouble getting the lace right at the beginning, but that was entirely my fault.  I have this habit of forgetting yarn overs and so I had to rip it out about three or four times.  Once I got the pattern in my head though, I was off with flying colors.  I did the longer version because I just can't get away with all that cropped cuteness.  I wish I could but it just doesn't do my super long of torso and hefty hips any justice.  I did lengthen the sleeve some, too, and I am glad I did.

So here's the knitty gritty:

PatternJuliet by Zephyr Style
Yarn:  Double strand of Rialto by Debbie Bliss, 14 skeins (with none left over)
Needles:  Size 11
Modifications:  Added length to torso and sleeves.  I also used a double strand to make the crochet button loops because I didn't think the single strand had the right scale for the sweater.
Notes:  The yarn splits easily and is very elastic.  I wasn't convinced I had made the right choice until I was finished.  I do love it.  It is super warm in a double strand (100% merino wool, superwash).


My favorite part:  knitting in my hand knit.  Satisfying to say the least.



Those buttons are beautiful! I love the way your sweater came out. I just bought the pattern after seeing yours. Now to find the perfect yarn.

danni perez

lovin it -big time!!
the buttons are superb.


that sweater and your knitting skills are absolutely fantastic!!! it looks incredibly soft too. way to go!


I missed reading about your Juliet ( been slacking lately!) but I want to congratulate you for a job well done. It's such a pretty and stylish sweater and suits you perfectly! More knitting to come???


Erin, that is GORGEOUS. I'm so envious of your knitting abilities. It looks like an expensive sweater from Anthropologie that I would drool over.

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