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I took wool left over from the scarf making marathon of last winter and cut it into squares.


I sewed it up with a pale pink cotton lining and some flannel as an interlining.


Added some handles and...ta da!  My new bag.


The other side is different, but uses some of the same fabrics.  Greens, black, browns, pinks and some gray - I think it'll go with just about anything.  It looks great with my Juliet.


My favorite part is the inside pocket.  I adore that ribbon.


Mary Beth

I love the pocket too! Great bag.


love it! and so perfect for fall.


i adore the whole thing.
everytime you look inside ... you will smile.
that's fun.


I am a sucker for pale pink and this is a real beauty!! Nice work.


ooooh, that's really cute!


It's gorgeous!!


yay! way cute, erin!


just beautiful, erin!


Very Nice. Very fallish!

karen (toronto)

wow !!!
i love it !
the colors and the texture of the wool...great job.


that is just beautiful, I love those woolens!


Lovely bag! I am just loving wool right now, and the teexture of tweed.

Chara Michele

Wow it looks absolutely lovely!


how great is that? lovely, just lovely!


What a great bag for Fall! So nice that you find the time to make things just for you! I need to find such time! Your Juliet is just beautiful too! I agree completely...that bag will go with it and most likely with just about anything you pair it up to! I love that little ribbon detail too...I always forget to add those tiny little touches at times.


A fall bag! Wonderful! And, yes it will go perfectly with Juliet.

Sarah Jackson

It's a beautiful bag, Erin. I love how your repurposed all of those scraps. You have now given me justification for never getting rid of them.


gorgeous!!! xoxo


Too cute! I love it!


Oh my! That's lovely, Erin. Collecting random bits of wool just moved to the top of my to-do list.


OK, can i tell you how much i LOVE it??? i bought a TON of wool at our church sale....i want to make this! i am kicking myself for the wools i left behind!
Such a great bag!!


What a GREAT bag!


What a beautiful bag! The color scheme really reminds me of a Coach bag that I saw last year. Except this one was probably cheaper to make and way cooler because you made it. :)


I ADORE this! Wow! It's not complicated, but it's perfect. I LOVE it.

liz elayne

beautiful!! i love that ribbon!

(and it is so good that you are making things for you...)


oooh! i recognize some of that fabric! now that it's getting chilly, i get to dig it out of storage & start to wear your creation of last years scarf making marathon!

jennifer at pink ric rac

seriously girl! you are amazing!!!!!!


Oh how I luv this. Sooo cute. Thanks for sharing. Luv the ribbon too.

erin s

Erin it is a perfect fall bag. It's beautiful.


Hey Erin! J'adore le sac! C'est très joli!

Seriously, am inspired to dig up my thrifted wool coats from last year and make one! Enjoy it!


i too am filled with adoration for this bag!! i love the woolen patchwork - perfect, perfect for the coming season!


It's beautiful!! The colours are just great and I love the lining!! Most delicious!!


so cute! I adore that ribbon too!


Oh, I love the wools and the colors you chose. So nice.


Great re-use of fabrics + i love the little trim on the inside. :)

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona)

What a lovely bag and better still you are keeping it for yourself.


You are just something else, Erin. Sorceress Seamstress with her enchanted machine :-)


Great Bag! Perfect for fall- my favorite time of year!
Kim :)


very nice, erin. it looks great! I like the touches of pink in the mix.


i love the bag and selfish sewing is ever so rewarding!


I cut out a bag for me ages ago and haven't been back to sew it up. You've inspired me to pull it out and get on with it! Lovely bag and cute ribbon!

Mary Jane

Oh, how pretty! I love the pink/rose wools you used! I hope you don't mind but I think I'm going to start collecting some wools to make a bag like yours. I think I know some college age girls in my family who would love to have a bag like this, and me too! Thrift store here I come! :)


I LOVE it!!!

suzie sews

Suzie Sews


What a great bag for fall!

stephanie Dosreis

WOW! It looks sooo good!!


I love it what a great idea Perfect for this time of year


So beautiful.


i love that bag, very fall like. how neat to walk around town wrapped up in handmade items! I love it!
p.s. I am doing my first give away on my blog if you are interested in some jewelry! Too much fun!

Heather Wilson

it is so pretty! perfect for fall and winter =)

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