In which I had my first blog meet up
My buried treasure


Took Scout to be spayed and declawed.

Thinking she might need a cat bed when she comes home tomorrow.

Got a massage.  Apparently I needed one.  I was very tense.

Worked for a couple hours at the stationery store.

Went fabric shopping.  Bought too much.

Came home for 15 minutes, ate soup and read blogs.

Knitted in the car.


Made snacks and supervised homework.

Found forgotten treasure in mudroom closet (more on that tomorrow).

Contemplating assembly line sewing projects.

Wondering if I could run a half marathon.

Meeting girlfriends for dinner.

A very good Thursday.


Lisa NYC

definitely try assembly line sewing...I've been doing it for a year or so now and it's been a major timesaver.

What I do is iron up all my fabric and fold it selvage to selvage...all on top of each other (up to 5 different fabrics). Then I lay the pattern out and trace it with a sharpie marker (it won't soak through to the bottom layer, so no worry about ruining your cutting surface). Then I use either my manual or electric rotary cutter.

Next I interface anything that needs it.

Next sew all small pieces (such as collars, pockets and straps).

Assembly items/garments.

Presto...multiple items...LOL


With friendship,


I was using that training program last year when I wanted to do a half marathon! It's a good program, but it was impossible to keep up with in school and I was so exhausted I had to give it up. I'm doing a 10K on thanksgiving and still am working up to the half-marathon. A running buddy would sure help, too bad we live so far apart!


I'm quite curious about what you found in your mud room.
And you definitely could run a half marathon. If I were closer, I'd train with you (but since I'm not, I guess I won't train at all. Phew... glad I got myself out of that one.) I think it's a totally manageable and admirable goal.


A very good day indeed, would of love to have one of those. And yes, I am sure if you trained well, you could do a 1/2 marathon.


sounds like a great thursday! do we get to see what you bought at the fabric store?


I just signed up for my first half marathon today!


happy thursday erin! sounds like a great day.

I'd like to see your new fabric as well.


Ooh...I didn't know you work at a stationery store. That is one of my dream jobs. ;) And what, bought too much fabric? I didn't think that was possible.


wow. a busy thursday. but a nice one indeed.
the marathon. you could do it. you are able to do so many things. no problem.


Oh, how I can relate to this post! Multi-tasking ----all in the day's work for a mom!

Yes, assembly line sewing is the only way to go!


great day!
i guess assembly line sewing is the way to go....gotta do that next time. :)
i too would LOVE to do a 1/2 marathon...wish we could train together.
hope your night out was fabulous!


That looks like a new sock, and this does sound like a wonderful Thursday. Um, yeah, I think you could run a half marathon. You run most days, don't you? I think that would be such a neat goal and accomplishment. And you know I'd be rooting you on. :0)


I can't wait to see the mud room treasure.


Sounds like a busy day!! I am sure that you could run a half marathon - I've managed 2 in the past and the sense of accomplishment is just fantastic! The training is worth it just for that! I was supposed to go running yesterday but when I got to the gym and took my running shoes out of my bag I seemed to have 2 left feet!! Oops!


That sounds like a fabulous Thrusday!

I got a massage last week. I usually only do that when it's given to me as a gift but I really needed it too - felt 10xs better since. Hope you are too!


Poor little Scout! Declawed and spayed all at the same time. Sounds like some serious TLC will be needed soon.


i've used hal's programs lots of times and they are perfect. good luck!


Good luck on the marathon! Once this baby is born I need a program like that!


Sounds like a great day to me too! What are you knitting in the car? I just made 12 ornaments for a Christmas exchange with my homeschooling group and did the assembly line as well, it worked great!


That does sound like a great day! Looking forward to your mudroom story. I'm just back from a two week trip...Fun to cruise around blogland and see what everyone's been up to--you have been busy! Happy weekend to you & yours ((HUGS))


a very good thursday indeed. i finally took up knitting erin!! gasp, what do you do with four needles?!


i've run a full marathon and i'm not a particularly athletic person. if i can do it, i feel positive that you can, too.
go for it!


Hmm, something must be going around in the crafter world, I had a massage on Thursday as well and I ate soup too! Good luck on your marathon (if you decide to run) and can't wait to see what you create with that yummy fabric!

miastella time. Time to start thinking about it. Are you really considering it? I know a good coach if you need a training schedule. I have yet to ask for one yet...but I am sure he has one in the works for me! What a busy day...


yes. you can run a half marathon!

Chara Michele

Sounds like a lovely thursday!


I just found your blog and up til this point think it's lovely. I've been backtracking through your old posts and gasped when I read the first line of this one. Surely you mean you took your cat to get spayed and have it's nails trimmed... clipped...? Not actually DE-CLAWED??! As is the removal of the first knuckle including the nail? I really really hope that's not what you meant.

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