Let's talk about gauge....

7 x 2 = 14

Thanks for all the great knitting advice yesterday.  I appreciate it so much.  I do knit pretty big gauge swatches and normally measure over 4 inches.   I took Sarah's advice and measured what I had already knit over 6 inches and came up with 4.67 stitches per inch.  (Thank you, Sarah!)  We (that is Sarah and me) think I can continue on and get to 4.5 with some blocking.  Phew.


Last night was my local craft swap.  This time there were 8 of us so we each made 7 things.  I have spent the last month or so of carpool/soccer/volleyball practice knitting fingerless mitts.  I did one pair of Fetching (remember this?).  I used that pattern as a template of sorts and came up with some other rib, cable and lace versions.  They were a hit with the crafty ladies and I had fun making them.


Time for a new carpool project.   What crafts are you doing on the go?



Beautiful! I had someone make a pair of these for me and I love them!


They look fantastic, all pegged up! What lucky ladies!!


The fingerless mitts look fantastic all in a row! What a wonderful gift.

Kelly H

those are awesome. I love them all pinned to the line. You didn't show what you GOT from the other crafters!

Embroidery is my personal favorite take-along craft.

Carrie S.

Erin, GUESS WHAT? I learned how to KNIT today!!!!! But this...oh this. This is what I aspire to.

erin s

I have been out of the blogging loop for a while so it's great to finally catch up. I am so glad you got your knitting questions all figured out. They look lovely and vibrant.

As for my take along craft...other then knitting, I would have to say photography. I guess it's not really a craft, more a hobby. that being said...it is a bit tricky trying to take photos while driving...I speak from experience :o)


The wrist warmers are great!! I love all the colours!


Oh boy, these are brilliant!
Love the colors you have selected.
What lucky ladies to receive such a fantastic swap.
Crafts on the go- drawing and scarf crocheting.


Wow, what lucky craft girls you have in your group -- you're very thoughtful indeed and they're beautiful! Crafts on the go for me are socks, socks, socks! ;-)


LOVE all those mitts!!! So cute! Question, I just finished Fetching and I'd read somewhere that the ribbing was a design feature to keep them snug. Do you think the others you designed functioned just as well? Am I making sense?! :) THANKS!

Sarah Jackson

They all look gorgeous. I'm in the middle of handwarmers and hats for on the go knitting. Yours make me want to pull them back out and get to work.


They're are seven ladies in KY with warm hands (and hearts too, I'm sure) tonight. Lucky devils. ;)

I especially like the brown pair. The orange too but my tastes are swinging more toward brown of late.

As for on-the-go crafts, lately it's all scarf knitting (holiday teacher gifts). After than it'll be sock knitting (more holiay gifts). That's all I got.

Mama Urchin

Wow, I can't believe you made that many pairs. Way to go!


Those mitts all look fantastic! And I like the labels. I always take along whatever "easy" knit I have going, even if it's a scarf.


They look great! I love them pinned up! My on the go activity is Reading... seems to be the only time I have to fit it in.


OOOOOH! Oh to be in that craft circle! They are super fabulous, Erin!


the. best. header. EVER!


Love the new banner! The mitts all look great!


I love them! your craft swap group sounds like a lot of fun.


All of them pictured together--wow! And they make a wonderful banner, too! Love it, love it!

How did you make those great tags?

My take-along project these days? I'm working on a half-dozen knitted dishcloths. Pretty boring, huh?!



You must not sleep! You must stay up all night long and sew and knit and craft!

I don't know how in the world you do all of this; I am truly impressed! I look at all you and others get done and think to myself, "What do I do all day and why can't I do all that they do?" More coffee, that's what I think:)

And I love the gloves; thanks for the pattern link.



Did I miss the pattern link? I'd love to see it. I'm thinking of making a pair of these for my hubbie, maybe my son. I currently knit kitchen towels in the car while waiting at lights during my commute. Next will be fingerless gloves and then a baby sweater for a friend.


adorable! no crafting on the go for me...would love to hear some good ideas though! -kb


Those are completely adorable - do we get to see the loot you got?? I'm sewing aprons, about to knit a christmas tree dishcloth and want to crochet a couple of cotton flower scarves for christmas presents, oh and quilting a baby quilt - not much really!!


cute banner, erin! now that is a project that makes me want to learn to knit!


the gloves. the photos. the labels. perfection.

you blow me away, woman.


Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I cant decide which color I like best. They are all beautiful.

I love the idea of your craft exchange group. I would love to have something similar in my life. Nothing is better than coffee, girls and crafting. :)


they turned out beautifully! and so vibrant. I don't sit in the car in one place for long enough, but I've got a hat on the go for R and one I'm scheming in my head for S. I also think embroidery would be good.


I haven't been to your blog in awhile and I forgot how AMAZing and talented you are, thanks for all the inspiration!!


Those look great! I need to make some for myself.

I always have some knitting on the go.. typically mindless like a scarf (I'm making a scarf out of sock yarn at the moment that is taking forever) or a baby sweater or socks or.. it varies depending what stage something is in :) I never take things on the road that need finishing because I might finish it then not have anything to work on!

jennifer at pink ric rac

girl!!!!!! wow! those are awesome! and the new blgo header is perfection! love it!! i'd love to see more fall pictures around your town. down here in texas, its still not good fall weather. you alwasy take the best pics!


Gorgeous. I love these, colors too!


I love the colors and wish I could knit. I will have to give it a try again soon, both my Grandma's and my mom knit.


I want to come to your craft swap! Have you thought about crocheting some Christmas star decorations? You use white cotton and starch them when you are done so they hang nicely. Small and portable and possibly perfect for your next car pool project.


love the mitts.
and the colours.
and the pictures.
good job.
on all three.


So cute... and I love them as your new banner too!


Oh my, I think it would take me a year to knit that many fingerless gloves!

karen a toronto

love those mittens and especially your new banner Erin.

of course the best knitting on the go is the sock...but in fact I love knitting on circular needles (ahhh magic loop...) so I would say ANY project on circular needles is handy and esay to put in a bag...


More jumping up and down, giggling and squealing. Man, if I keep this up I might need a fainting couch soon. I used to be a tom boy. I don't care. They are so pretty!!


oh, wow, I adore that banner! Beautiful!


I love these! How perfect for a banner.
On the go: a scarf, a hat, and socks, of course.


I'm glad the eyelet cable pattern worked out well. And I agree -- this picture makes a great banner!!


I love those swap gifts!! I'm some what of a new knitter. Can you direct me as to where to find the pattern for those.

Great blog!!


Love these mitts! And I love the vibrant colors you used. Great labels too - how did you print them? I'm trying to come up with my own label design, but am clueless as to whether I can actually do it myself on a printer, or if I would need to have it done professionally?

Chara Michele

I love these!


fantastic mitts... I used the fetching pattern as a template for our fingerless mitts last winter ... doesn't it work a treat!!
luv Abby


still working on the dad gum scarf i started weeks ago. constantly. getting the ryhthm though!


amazing. and such cute pictures!!

Tiffany Williams

Okay... I love your local craft swap idea! I'm living on an overseas Air Force base and would love to meet all the different people between the walls of the base. I'm thinking having a craft swap would be a great idea. Can you give me the details about your craft swap group so I can see how I can start my own? Thanks and I LOVE your blog!


Oh my!! I simply love that last photo with all the mitts hanging in a row! So colorful and fun!! :)

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