Let's talk about gauge....

7 x 2 = 14

Thanks for all the great knitting advice yesterday.  I appreciate it so much.  I do knit pretty big gauge swatches and normally measure over 4 inches.   I took Sarah's advice and measured what I had already knit over 6 inches and came up with 4.67 stitches per inch.  (Thank you, Sarah!)  We (that is Sarah and me) think I can continue on and get to 4.5 with some blocking.  Phew.


Last night was my local craft swap.  This time there were 8 of us so we each made 7 things.  I have spent the last month or so of carpool/soccer/volleyball practice knitting fingerless mitts.  I did one pair of Fetching (remember this?).  I used that pattern as a template of sorts and came up with some other rib, cable and lace versions.  They were a hit with the crafty ladies and I had fun making them.


Time for a new carpool project.   What crafts are you doing on the go?



so great! love the mitts. love the photos. love the new banner.

(what yarn did you use?)


I just adore those pictures and how each fingerless glove set is unique, did you design all the variations yourself?


you. are. a. superstar. :)

they look fantastic all together like that!!! i feel like its been a million years since i've completed one project, let alone seven. these are all incredible. i love hearing about your swap nights.


Wow--you've been busy, Erin! I've not been here for some days, so it was great to see all you've been up to. LOVE all the knitting, these gloves are super! And they make a pretty banner too. Happy Days ((HUGS))


i totally heart my fingerless mitts. thank you.


That's awesome, each one is so lovely.


Erin, these photos are magazine-worthy. They're truly gorgeous. And the knit gifts are great - I'm sure the ladies loved them.


these colors are simply exquisite. i just adore them! oh, fingerless mitts, how i love thee.


gah! these are so cute!
I just love them as your new heading photo. What a team :)


I love th picture of all the knits on a line! And your studio, that must be some lovely house!


Super cool mitts...I want the pattern for them please?

I too miss the pictures of the lovely items the other ladies make that you receive...this is typically my favorite post in your blog each month.

I'm on the go with knit hats that I'm making for my churches missionary group. We need over 80 per year for older kids not the little babies so mine are pretty popular for size needed.


Oh my gosh, now I see you actually knitted all those beautiful mittens! (I missed this post before)... I absolutely love that pattern but I didn't even think about changing it up a bit. Now I will. Thanks for the inspiration!


Lovely banner, lovely mitts!!
I want to make mitts too, now...

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