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I have been tidying the studio, starting new projects, knitting at break-neck speed and taking some outdoor coffee breaks.  I love this feeling of accomplishment - I just hope I can keep it up with the busy times ahead.  We have three birthdays coming up in this house and the holidays to boot.  Things may be quiet here on the blog.  Photo posts, probably.  Maybe some words.  We'll see what develops.

Happy Thursday!



Very, very impressive! I admire your momentum.


yay for progress it looks great as does the coffee. I love the new banner. thanks for the info on the labels!


Oh my! If I had such a beautiful and inspiring room, I don't think I'd ever leave it!

Mama Urchin

I love your fabrics stacked up on the shelves.


oh, i have studio envy. i sew from the dining room table...maybe i will have to take over the basement!


looks lovely! I'll be over for coffee in a few...


Wowee Erin, you've been busy! Everything is looking great. Even though I make a huge mess in my studio, when it's cleaned up I get so inspired, then they cycle continues.


the space looks amazing. tidy, inspiring. and are those the original black danskos today?


you are on a roll! It's a great space to work in I am sure. I love hanging outside with a warm cup of coffee this time of year. Feels so refreshing and clean huh?


A beautiful studio Erin and what a fabric stash! Always nice to see the before shot though, makes me feel better about my sewing mess!


You are one busy lady. Too bad I can't take that coffee break with you!


oh! look at that fabric all neatly organized by color. I love doing that with my fabric (and I must admit my clothes too) it is so pleasing.
I think I need an inspiration wire- i love the way it looks and that it can change easily.


lots of progress! it's looking great!

Sarah Jackson

Great work Erin! With all that organization, you can't help but get it all done.

Stephanie D

look like some serious fun! I think I'm going to be VERY busy after taking the handmade pledge for this holiday too!


I see fabric! Looks like you're ready to get some sewing done.


you really have been making progress!
you will have that cobblestone finished in no time!!

erin s

Looks great Erin, hope you keep your energy up. BTW...I always love your feet shot photos. They always make me smile.


Your studio looks like so much fun! How nice to have a space to store everyting and to spread out when you need to. Good job tidying up.


Lucky you having such a lovely work space. I wish I had the energy to get moving on all my chores!


that neatly lined up fabric makes me happy. i love organizing (though i'm not that good at staying organized) your studio looks awesome!


nice tidying. Love the color of the studio.


I am impressed. Seriously impressed. I can't believe how you whipped your place into shape! Enjoy it!


It looks great, especially the fabric shelves - I'd love to see a wide angle of the room.


Your creative space looks so very lovely!


such a strange mix isn't it, this time of year? ...Wonderful and exciting, and yet exhausting and trying? Hope that the days to come are as welcoming, organized and comforting as your sewing room looks to be!


What a wonderful place to create! I love the colors, looks so cozy, you have given me some inspiration to make my space a little more inviting!


Oh! Thank you for the peek. It makes me want to come and play.


Is that orange polka dot the arm of Wee Wonderful's robot?
I am inspired to really tidy my craft area. I love the peg-board for scissors.


i remember the pink hat! the one with the looong brim...which prompted me to leave my first comment here. wasn't that during may?


Your studio looks great! and I LOVE your new header!!!


I LOVE your studio. I need some ideas of how to better organize mine. I have a whole room to myself for my junk.HAHA!


What a great studio!! I am in love with your wall of stacked fabric! Enjoy it...
Nothing like a good cup of coffee when it is cool outside... Must be fall, look at all of the leaves! :)


I love all these photos. You are so lucky. xoxo


I love your studio! It's so amazing. So many goodies to play with and make into amazing items. :)


Erin I see the Lotta hat in your studio, I also heard from Leslie that you enlarged your hat, any tips? I've just made one, but it's pretty small...-kb

suzie sews

Oh how I love your sewing room...


I love your sewing room!
What a lucky woman you are!


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