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My little girl turns eight today.  Eight.  I know I said this last year, but time goes so fast.  Already?  Wow.  It went by in a flash.  But then again, the last eight years have been packed full of so much goodness that I can't imagine life without her.  She is large-hearted, kind, compassionate and friendly.  She is sweet to her sister and polite to adults.  Well, most of the time.  She is a picky eater and definitely opinionated about her clothes.  She's extremely creative and, at times, a little too hard on herself.  That's okay.  I am proud of her and the person she is becoming.  Seven was good.  But eight...I think eight is great.

Happy Birthday Jane.




Eight is great. Happy Birthday. I hope you do something special together today. The years fly by so quickly. Enjoy each day.


Oh my gosh, 8! What a big girl! Happy birthday to Jane! (And those gingerbread houses are great too!)

connie l

Happy Birthday sweet Jane!

Sarah Jackson

Happy birthday lovely girl!

Beth Novak

*sigh* They grow too quickly. Enjoy eight!


Happy Birthday Jane!!


Happy Birthday Jane!

(She looks like she's enjoying 8 pretty well already!)


Oh, 8th Happy Birthday, Jane!
What a GORGEOUS child!
You must be SO proud!


Hapde Burfday Jane!


Happy Birthday Jane!


Happy Birthday, Jane!!


And not to mention beautiful! I love that dark hair and blue eyes combination.
(Of course all the things you mentioned far outweigh aesthetics, but you know, being gorgeous to boot doesn't hurt now, does it)


"Eight is great." I like that, my lil darlin' isn't even 8 months yet but i can hardly believe i`ve been a mother for 4!

Anyway, it sounds like your daughter is growin to be quite the young lady in addition to having such a sweet lil face! :]

Hope we can be blog friends, I like reading about other ppls adventures with motherhood and I certianly admire your craftiness!



beautiful girl. eight is a big year. i'm sure it'll be great.


You forgot BEAUTIFUL! Wow... those eyes. Happy Birthday, Jane!


my jane sends your jane happy birthday wishes.


what a gorgeous girl! many happy birthday wishes to her!


yep...if we could only slow down time.
happy birthday jane!

Mama Urchin

Wow, eight! Happy Birthday!


happy birthday, Jane. what a sweet photo of your girl.


Happy Birthday gorgeous Jane - 8 was my Mother's very favourite age! My biggest girl is also nearly 8 and as she was born on the 29 Feb she actually gets a Birthday next year!

erin s

I hope 8 is a wonderful year for you Jane. Happy birthday!!


happy birthday jane!!!!
those gingerbread houses sure do look like fun!


Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!


Eight looks like a pretty great companion age. Happy Birthday Jane!


Happy Birthday Jane. When Josh turned eight he received a birthday card that said, "Seven is Heaven, but Eight is Great!". So true, and Nine will be Fine...


Happy Birthday Jane (belated a little). Emma became so much more grown up at 8 than a 7. Isn't there a child theory that developmentally things happen big in 7 year increments? I don't know, but 8 was a fantastic age for Emma and me. Its gonna be good.


a big belated happy birthday to miss jane.


Happy (belated) Birthday to Jane! She sounds very much like my own daughter who is 9.

amy h

Oh my, am I ever behind on my blog-reading! I missed Jane's birthday. Well, it looks like it was a good one for a sweet girl.

And I love the new banner!


I haven't been by in so long, Erin! I'm so sorry I missed this! (We've been sick, sick, sick over here).

Anyway, Happy belated Birthday to adorable Jane. Eight sounds extremely great!

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