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Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes for Jane.  When I got to my inbox yesterday, there were over 100 emails waiting to be answered so I made the executive decision not to reply to the birthday comments.  I really do appreciate you all coming by and wishing my sweet girl a happy day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ok....big exhale.  Three birthdays and Thanksgiving in three weeks time is enough to bog anyone down.  It's been busy here - the crazy, good busy.  I am a bit behind on the Christmas shopping and definitely don't have all my decorating finished.  The advent calender is empty, but I am hoping to rectify that situation today.  Time to get all my ducks in a row so I can get to the fun stuff - sewing and knitting!

Jane had her birthday party at our house on Saturday.  This is the second time we have decorated gingerbread houses for her birthday and I really think that this is my favorite kids' party idea.  It's fun for them, requires little work from me (I use the Wilton kits - bought on sale at Target and put together before the party), and provides a good activity and party favor at the same time.  The kit is great for a family activity, too, or you can do as I did last year and leave it for a babysitter to make with your kids when you are out at all those Christmas parties.



After we finished decorating the houses, we had chocolate cupcakes and peppermint ice cream - yum! - and a little impromptu dance party.  Eight is pretty great.

More good stuff coming later this week including my adventures with the print gocco, some finished knitting and hopefully some sewing, too.  Enjoy your Monday.



Yep, I hear you about the birthdays and holidays in one...it's the same here and of course we have family out of town so we celebrate the birthday on it's day as a family than extended family comes on another day. It gets very overwhelming for me each year. This year I told my folks and sister that we will be doing a joint birthday for dd#2 and ds#3 this year between the two kids birthdays so they only have to make one trip. It worked out well for everyone I think. Tomorrow is son's 4th birthday so I'm in the midst of planning his birthday dinner and cake right now.

I'm excited to see what you have planned to show for the week in crafting.


as much fun it is to plan the parties, the post-"its all over" feeling is pretty good too. the gingerbread party-craft idea is very cool for this time of year. (we don't use a baby-sitter much but i am remembering that idea for the future in case we do - brilliant!!! thanks.)


Happy Birthday, Jane! If I remember correctly, 8 was my favorite age, so I know you have a lot to look forward to!

Sarah Jackson

Looks like so much fun! I'm pulling out my new print gocco this week, so I can't wait to see what you did.


Gingerbread houses! What a great party idea for a December birthday girl. I'm going to remember that for when my girl is a bit older.
Happy belated birthday to your girl. No need to reply :)


erin, you have been one busy woman! i am glad you are taking time to enjoy it! what a fun birthday, and happy day to your sweet daughter.
I know you have not forgotten about our swap...really it is a busy time, lots of fun things to be doing, lot sof fun times to be sharing with friends and family.


I don't know how you do it all!

Jennifer at pink ric rac

Oh E! How do you manage it all?! I hope that when I have a baby I'm able to do all the fun things you do with your kiddos. You're such a good mama! :) here's to you getting all your stuff done! Can't wait to see what's in store!


I think I need to ask Mom if we can do gingerbread houses this year when we're all home for Christmas... Your pictures really made me feel like decorating one!


glad to hear the birthday party was wonderful. the gingerbread houses are fantastic.


yep, pretty great idea for a birthday party in december! and i bet the other moms love having that all ready finished! :)


Wow! You have been a busy lady. Those little houses are so cute, what a great idea.



oh, the ginger bread houses look superb.
peppermint ice creams sounds amazing.
and i am totally looking forward to your print gocco update.


brilliant idea to leave it with the babysitter!


I'm with you on birthdays & holidays; my husband & I are born 11/11 & 11/22....then Thanksgiving, then Christmas.......this baby is due 1/10 & my other kids are born 1/21 & 1/31; it doesn't stop! I applaud you for replying to all the comments you get on a daily basis. I'm not that nice, LOL!


looks fabulous erin! this time of year can get seriously crazy!


that sounds like it was a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday, Jane!

Teresa Alber

What a great idea for a birthday. Serves two purposes party favors and a fantastic decoration idea. Not to mention all of the fun memories being made for years to come.


sounds like you've been busy having lots of fun!!
can't wait to see it all.
and yum - peppermint ice cream. now i need to get some (and a gingerbread house too!)!


i love the idea of decorating gingerbread houses for the party! emma's birthday is the first week in january so I always feel that rush, too--like we're just recovering from christmas and then I need to get into her birthday--without short-changing her.
oh, and we just opened three advent "doors" at once. we're behind, too.

suzanne buchanan

This is my first time visiting your blog and I have to tell you I was stopped in my tracks by your banner! I love it, love it, love it. Takes me back to my childhood and reading about the three little kittens that lost their mittens.

Beautiful work.


For your own sake, I'm glad you made the decision not to reply to everyone! Just be filled with the joy and love that everyone sent your daughter's way...


Executive decisions can be very useful at times. I hope you get caught up on the important things.


I think a gingerbread house is in our advent calendar for next week. Hope you are feeling rested after all of that partying you all have done. Blessings friend!

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