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Freaking out

I made a list this morning of all the gifts I want to make.  Then I had a little freak out.  I have a lot to do.  Time, where did you go?  Seriously, how can you fly so fast?


I came to my senses and got to work.  I finished a few appliqued items and then cut out ornaments in front of last night's Project Runway on TiVo.

I'm freaking out about the ornaments, too.  They are pretty freaking cute, that's why.



eek! i'm right there with you, man! can't wait to see the ornaments.


I get a lot of work done in front of PR, it really inspires me to create. Cannot wait to see the freaking cute ornaments!

Sarah Jackson

I'm not making a list - it'll paralyze me. I'm just making and then listing them as they're done. :)


i'm with you on the giant list. must remember to breathe. can't wait to see the cute ornaments!


ooo, can't wait to see thme!

I put my list into an excell sheet this morning too. Things I've bought, things I still need and what's left out the handmade items. Also added a column that added up the total $$$ spent so far… I freaked too, double time!

kathie holland

can't wait to see your ornaments!
don't worry you will get it all done...go make yourself a cup of tea and relax for a bit

Mama Urchin

You have been so busy. And really, what is December without a few freakouts?


Yeah, this is definitely Freak Out Time. The disconnect between my To Do List and the calendar is frightening...

I can't wait to see your freaking cute ornaments! :o)


You tease! I'm dying to see the ornaments!


You tease! I'm dying to see the ornaments!

I know what you mean about freaking out. I am trying to make most of my gifts this year, but they all have to be shipped across the country (from CA to KY) so I wanted to have everything done by this weekend. It's hard to get motivated that far in advance--no late night Christmas Eve sewing around here. But I'm almost done, and I'm sure you'll make it too!

jennifer at pink ric rac

I'm with others, just can't make a list. Just can't. I'm trying my darndest to make handmade gifts this year, but as a new crafter, its gonna be so hard. :( So proud of you, E! :) Keep up the good work!


I want to see! share.share.


any wine in your house? always works for me! of course one glass makes me pass out on the couch...


oh yeah. it is freakout time. the thing is all i want to do is make stuff. my poor kids don't have a single thing yet! if it were only so easy just to make something for them.


Think calm thoughts...
(don't you just love Project Runway? I'd morph into Heidi Klum if I could)


me, too.
i want to see these ornaments.

Teresa Alber

Breath deeply. What needs to get done will get done. Can't wait to see the ornaments.


uh, i just had the same panic attack this morning! I love watching PR and crafting at the same time. It's so inspiring!

I can't wait to see the ornaments. That fabric is sooooo cute!


Yesterday I realized my gift to my sister is 2 pairs of 100% brown socks at this point and nothing else. So I got my butt in gear last night and went out after 5 pm once daycare kids left (had no supper) to shop quickly at a nearby mall to finish up the last 3 gifts I needed. Would you believe that stores don't carry moisture wicking socks, lavender (ONLY) scented bath products, and fun stationary? I spent 3 HOURS looking in every store for these items. I think it's time for me to just give up and find other things to give my sister.


You are NOT alone, that's for sure!


Stay calm. You can do it!


Good for you! Keep going...


I know that feeling! I cheesed out on a few, like the waldorf doll, and ordered someone else's lovely handiwork. More time for ornaments!

erin s

Deep breath...I know you will do it. You always pull through.


The "time going too fast thing" happens to me every year.LOL! Hope you get lots more Christmas goodies made. I'm trying to get some more things made too!


You are not alone. I keep reprioritizing too. I vow to be much more organized next year...


Yes, I've been experiencing that same level of freak-out over here, too! The holidays: too much fun for any one person!


alright, you are in the same boat as the rest of us! :)


Ooh yay for the freaking cute ornaments!! As I suspected you and I are leaving it down to the last couple of days to get these done! I swear I'm somehow way more inspired if I leave it to the last minute!


Do I sense a week of photos coming up?


This is hysterical. It seems like every blog I visit tonight, we are all freaking out! And here I am reading other blogs rather than doing any of it!


i had a freak out too. these days are going by too fast. too much to do.

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