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did you print the outside of the cards, too?

either way, good idea to print the inside!

and the hat is already gorgeous.

Sarah Jackson

Okay, I need more details on how you did the inside - I'm still unclear on how you use a printed master instead of something hand drawn. They look gorgeous so far. You are making me very itchy to start that project!


congrats on the printing success. sounds fun. (although it is hard for me to read about because i am really behind on our cards this year. what else is new??) i love the blue/green combo on the hat. your knitting as always looks wonderful.


both are great.
the cards.
and the hat.
i, too, love blue/green.


the hat looks great. i am a little afraid of colorwork of any kind. maybe someday...

you are far beyond me in christmas readiness!


awesome. you're going to need to show us more of your gocco-ing...


congrats on printing your cards via your gocco. It was fun huh? Pretty easy too :)

Your hat looks fabulous.


oh, I so need a gocco. (ahhh. these blogs are so dangerous.)

I am loving the blue and green combo you have going on. it all looks so lovely.


looking good. i love fairisle knitting- there's so much you can do with the colorwork!


the hat looks awesome! and at the risk of sounding out of touch with all the crafters (since I rarely do anything but sewing kinds of crafts), what the heck is this gocco thing you and everyone else talks about all the time?

amy h

I am not a knitter, so you are going to think this is funny, but I always thought fairisle involved some sort of pre-dyed yarn that just created the nice pattern. I see that is not the case. :) It looks way more difficult than I thought.

Blue and green are always on the brain here. So much so that sometimes I think I just need to get off it already!


A few years ago I was listening to this story on NPR about FairIsle and how the population is so low and they needed so many more sheep farmers and people to makes sweaters that if you could get yourself their they would set you up with 2 sheep, 1 house, and knitting lessons. Crazy huh?


oh and have you looked at the website for fairisle...beautiful pictures.


ok, but i need to see more of the gocco-ing. need to. and to know - did that color come in your set? my set has only red, black, and gold. and i'm so paralyzed about trying it that i've added - not having the right ink colors - to the list of reasons that i'm waiting!


great blue-green green-blue combinations, erin! i'm so happy that you're no longer fearing the gocco -- now if only i could get over my fear of knitting with multiple colors...


the hat looks great!
and i am so envious of your gocco-ing. i have been patiently waiting (forever) to get my hands on one...
the blue/green is a perfect combo - i love it!


I need to get a Gocco!

Love these blues and greens. Those envelopes are the perfect color.

Mama Urchin

The fair isle looks so great. The colors are really fun.


you are so talented with those knitted needles and i am so jealous. i keep trying, but i am getting so frustrated. i guess i have to realize i am new and it will take some time. i love looking at your blog, it gives me inspiration to keep trying!


thats it. i need to get in touch with leslie and get myself a gocco!
love fattys hat!


I so want a gocco!
and that hat looks fantastic. I like fairisle as well....


Wow, that gocco thing sounds like something I'd love! The printing looks great.

I like fair-isle, too. Once you get into the rhythm, it's so mesmerizing. I have to watch my tension, tho. Yours looks nice!


liking the green and blue. inspiration for my cards. :)


Everything looks so lovely!

and what exactly is a gocco? Sounds like something I would like!


Isn't gocco the way to go, no muss, no fuss. I also love the colors on that hat!


Love the colors, especially in the hat.


I love the colors you choose for your cards - elegant but a bit funky, too.
Happy belated birthday to your dear daughter.
And don't you dare respond to this comment. Get back to knitting or Goccoing or other holiday preparations!


gocco looks like so much fun! i'd love one, but there's cost- space- and time-issues, and i remember looking into them about a year ago and i tried to find a source for a small gocco machine in ireland - no luck whatsoever!

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