A Winner and A hat
I love when I love the things I make


I finished all the gifts for the nephews and mailed them off yesterday.  Phew!  The only trouble I encountered was how to wrap some odd-sized, soft items without having to buy overly huge boxes.  This is what I came up with.


Muslin bags!  I cut large rectangles and sewed up two sides - actually, I used the serger so it didn't matter if everything wasn't lined up exactly so.  I popped the items in and closed them with a bow.  Had I thought of this sooner, I would have freezer paper stenciled or appliqued right onto those, you know, to dress them up a bit.  Oh well.  Maybe the kids can do that with their moms....just a thought.  Of course, you can use any fabric, but I had this on hand and it is inexpensive, so it fit the bill.  Also, it cost a lot less than a big gift bag and tissue would have.  Finally, they were easy to throw in a box and send just like that.

I know I promised a finished project - that'll be tomorrow.  Back to my Christmas cards.  Yes, that's me, always at the last minute.



How clever! Maybe this could be a tutorial sometime?


brilliant, erin!

erin s

great idea erin. as for the christmas cards...you are way ahead of me. i think mine will be new years cards! good luck.

Amy Hodge

Great idea!


and those bags are reusable, too. woo-hoo!

a few years ago my sister starting wrapping gifts in simple drawstring bags that she sewed up. we add a few more to the mix each year. they are good as long as people aren't prone to peeking.

Sarah Jackson

perfect idea! I have tons of muslin around here. You're always such an inspiration!


of course. of course you made gift bags out of muslin. love it. ever the clever girl.


be good to yourself, last minute is far better than not at all!


I had that idea on a smaller scale. You see, I tried to find plain jewelry gift boxes. None to be found. So brilliant me decides to make them myself. How hard can they be I say to myself. Not hard just time consuming. I decided to just make small bags our of fabric scraps. It works like a charm. I never thought about the huge present issue. That is a big help. Thanks for the great idea.


perfect bags! eco friendly too! way to go on the cards...I gave up the idea of getting my out before Christmas- or maybe even at all!

Mama Urchin

We just finished up our cards today too. I prefer to think of it as the recipient getting them right on time.

Stacy T

Some of my best ideas come from last minute projects ;)


Excellent bags :)


Great idea. Don't you love using tulle as the bow. So cute and very festive.


I really enjoy reading your blog.
I too made gift bags for my new grandson's gifts. I knitted a wardrobe of sweaters and hats for him and then had to ship them to CO. Since his room is done in the cowboy theme, I made the bags out of red handkerchief patterned material that I had and tied them up with plain old twine. I made small bags for each sweater and hat and then a big bag to put them all in. They came out so cute.


I love this idea, but don't the gifts show through the bags? It seems like the fabric would be thin enough to see right through...

Chara Michele

Oh what a great idea!

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