How we had a handmade Christmas
Our Handmade Christmas - From Sister to Sister

Our Handmade Christmas - For the mom

I was completely taken aback by the gifts the girls and Fatty made for me.  I really thought I would get some paint-your-own pottery.  The girls love to do that and it would be easy enough for all three of them to accomplish when they went on their secret mission.  I was wrong.  So wrong.

Instead, Fatty took the girls to blow glass!  Blow glass, people.  I have never blown glass and I had no idea that six and eight year olds would be able to blow glass.  Well, they did.  And I was flabbergasted when I opened the package.  Inside were three gorgeous ornaments, each unique and lovely.  If the packages hadn't said who they were from, I think I could have guessed.  All three glass blowers thought of my tastes, but they each put a great deal of their own personality into their creations.


White, blue and green from Jane


White, pink, purple and red from Kate


Green, red and yellow from Fatty

They outdid themselves, didn't they?  I am in awe of this gift.  I think these are too pretty to sit in a box all year long, waiting for December to be hung.  I am going to hang them in front of a window next to our kitchen where I can admire them all year long. 

Lucky, lucky me.



*GASP!* These are amazing! Where did they make these? I NEED to find a place that I can go and do this!!! That green, red & yellow one is too die for! Good job Fatty!


absolutley! hanging all year round is the way to go. they aer incredibly beautiful. how amazing that they found a glass studio? wow.


How Beautiful! I am so jealous! I think they would be a wonderful way to greet the morning, I can just image the beautiful colors that would dance around the kitchen!


Those are just beautiful! How thoughtful of them. I agree, they are too pretty to sit in a box for a year!!


So beautiful What a great gift for you


(jaw dropping)
holy cow.

that was one fab idea. not just for you, but a fun thing for fatty to do with the girls. what a guy!


What a great idea! Something that you would have never expected. I am glad that you were joyfully surprised. We Moms put so much thought into the gifts of others- it is nice when the gesture is returned!


Beautiful. This must have taken a lot of thought. I think hanging in the window is an excellent idea.

Sarah Jackson

Fantastic! You're so right - you want those out all year long.


These are fantastic! We too make glass ornaments every year with our kids. We are fortunate enough to have the Corning Museum of Glass right in our back yard. It is so much fun for the kids!


This was so worth the wait. They are amazing. I am blown away by their creativity. You definitely need to show case them all year around. No hidding them!


These are really gorgeous! I had no idea there were placed one could go to blow glass without any prior experience. They did an awesome job!

Mama Urchin

Oh my goodness - amazing! I can;t believe the girls didn't tell you.

Natasha S

These are lovely,no stunning,no wait,ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
What precious gifts,there is no way that these can be put away,these are year round ornaments for sure.They are all beautiful but the last is my fave.
BTW where DO you go to blow glass??


WOW!!!! What an amazing gift and what a super idea Fatty had. WOW!!! Yes, hang them up all year. xoxo:)

Lisa Clarke

They are gorgeous! And their origins make them all the more wonderful. They definitely deserve to be out all year long.


Lucky, lucky you indeed! Wow!


Most definitely keep those out all year long! Those are gorgeous, really they are.


those are amazing! You should definitely keep them out all year!


WOW, that is such an amazing gift. What a great idear. I can truely understand that you were amazed.


WOW! Consider yourself VERY lucky! I love my hubby but I am pretty sure if he had the same task it would not messure up! Those are beautiful and should be admired year round!!!


wow!!! those will look so pretty in your window, and i'm so impressed that they complied with your request for handmade. next year i'll have to be more stern about it. :)

Carrie Sommer

What a spectacular idea! Go Fatty!


Wow, that's the best present ever!!!!!


ok, worth waiting for! amazing. seriously amazing.


Gorgeous! We went to a glass blowing workshop while on vacation in Bermuda. We didn't try it but we watched the craftspeople. It's just amazing.
What a wonderful, thoughtful, and downright beautiful Christmas gift!!


Goodness! I had no idea that children would be capable of that either! They are absolutely beautiful. What an inspired idea. Lucky you. x


Those are incredible!! Definitely, hang them in a window somewhere to been seen each and every day!


How wonderful!... What a beautiful surprise for you!


Wow!!! What an amazing idea and I'd definitely hang them up all year too. Beautiful.


oh my gosh.

sniffle. couldn't you just eat them up? (your family, not the glass)

:) that was perfect of them.


Wow! That's incredible! They look so professional. I think your daughters have a future in glass blowing.


That is so sweet! I can't believe how lovely the ornaments turned out. Definitely enjoy those all year round :)

Jen beautiful! I would hang them in the kitchen window too. Too pretty to stick in a box for another year!


Wowie! What an incredibly thoughtful gift! You are one lucky lady!


those are amazing! you've got yourself some keepers (the family and the ornaments).


cool - now i wanna see if there's a place around here to do that!


Oh, how beautiful... those gifts definitely deserve being kept out all year!


wow! coolest gift ever. And I agree, these have to be hung up somwhere to be enjoyed all year round!

Mary Beth

Those are just beautiful.


That's awesome! I'm sure they look really beautiful in front of a window with light shining through.

Alicia A.

OK. Totally worth the wait. I want to see them hanging- SO pretty!


Wow, now that is a cool present.


what treasures!

Chara Michele

Oh wow! What an amazing gift!


oh me oh my oh, erin!

there aren't really words to describe these beauties and the fact that your sweets actually made them!

good plan to keep them out for oogling at always.


Man, your husband gets extra kudos for thinking up that one!! What a great experience for your kids - maybe you all have to take a trip back to the glass blowing studio so you can give it a try!


Wow! Those are the coolest things I've ever seen. They are so beautiful. It would be very nice to have a handmade Christmas. I agree!


Erin- I am catching up on blogs & read about your handmade Christams! I love it! It's true, kids should appriciate the handmade. I am going to do this next Christmas.


Woah! Fabulous! What will he come up with next year?!!!

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