Not too much
Flipping out

It didn't happen

The sewing room is still a mess.  I never got to it yesterday.  I had a repairman here and it didn't feel right to leave him traipsing through my house while I was upstairs in the walk-in closet that is my little space.  So I hung out in the kitchen, cooked some and took pictures of vegetables. Yeah, the repair man thought I was weird.

I thought this might brighten up your day.


I bought these on Saturday and they are still going strong on the kitchen table.  I love having fresh flowers in the house.  They do wonders for my spirits.

Lots of things are making me twitchy to sew:
this quilt daria made
the thought of vintage linens
all the yellow in this one
the best button haul ever
and this bag.  I love this bag.

Enough of my random thoughts.  I really do have to clean that room.  Enjoy your Thursday.



here's wishing you time to sew today, erin!


love your links...vintage linens, aaah yes!

Sarah Jackson

go get cleaned up! It's hard to create in a messy space. Don't ask me how I know that.


Fresh flowers always make me feel better too. Man, that wedding quilt is fabulous! Good luck with the cleaning!

Mama Urchin

We had a repairman yesterday too. I think a lot of them are a little weird so I wouldn't worry about it.


oh, I need to buy some flowers! So cheerful in that yellow.

liz elayne

love those tulips! they bring a wide smile to my face...

hope you are able to spend some time in your sewing room...


I too love the bag. Ack - now you are distracting me. Hope you have a fun day!


Oh, that really cracked me up thinking about the repairman wondering what the heck are you doing with the camera lens a few centimenters away from your vegetables.

Elizabeth Joy

Those flowers are cheerful. Do you like wildflowers too? I'm trying to cheer up winter by having a theme on my blog of Wildflowers in Winter. There will be something different to do each week until Spring. One week features wildflowers with fabric, yarn, etc. made by you or someone else. Come on by for more details. Each entry gets their name entered in a drawing!


Ah! Mystery solved - my flickr went a bit mad!!!

I love those hats you made a few posts back. Ha! And I reckon I might have been shy about photographing vegetables in front of the repairman. Who was it the other day out in their pyjamas photographing frozen puddles!! Alicia wasn't it?

I love the bag too - I think it's my favourite thing ever made. Oh well, it'll probably end up in the shop!



did you see daria's new quilt in progress? oh, my. i've been drooling over it.

your flowers are beautiful!


those flowers are perfect for january! so cheery! i really like the squared glass vase as well...

erin s

Why do today what you can do tomorrow? Besides it's more fun taking pictures of veggies and flowers then cleaning!

natasha s

Yellow tulips are my favorite:0)

Jen b

sorry you didn't get to sew yesterday. thanks for the great links.


Fantastic links!

And tulips are my favorite flower! I should get me some this weekend!


I just love having fresh flowers in the house. That's a good idea in fact for a job to do today.

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