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No work and no school

Here I am - blogging in the afternoon again.  It's been a wonderfully long weekend.  The girls were out of school at noon on Thursday and they go back tomorrow morning.  Fatty and I took them on an overnight getaway Friday.  We went here.  It was incredibly fun and 24 hours away was just the right length of time.  We had friends for dinner last night and today the girls and I stayed in our p.j.'s until noon.


Jane put together a Playmobil set - all by herself.  Kate made lunch for the two of them (rice cakes with peanut butter, anyone?).  They cleaned the playroom and put their clothes away.  It was a nice change of pace.  They had no school and I pretty much had the day off.  That was a nice treat.

I am headed back to Telluride on Wednesday with some girlfriends for a long weekend.  I'm not sure if I will be around the blog or not.  Stay well friends.


Sarah Jackson

there's nothing like Playmobil for keeping a kid busy! Have a great time in Telluride. I'm heading to Vegas for the weekend - not the same, but still fun!


We love rice cakes with peanut butter for lunch, especially apple cinnamon rice cakes. My daughter's goal was to stay in her PJs all day, but she made it 'til noon. I love days off. Have fun in Telluride.


What a fun weekend for you! And two kids cleaning a playroom- paradise!


With the kind of weather we have been having, who needs Telluride? Oh...wait...snow and skiing...not just bitter cold. Yeah, you need Telluride! Have fun!


an indoor waterpark is genius! we've been visiting the pool a lot ourselves. have a great girls' weekend!


OK, when you mentioned that you lived in Kentucky I considered de-lurking but it took the link to Great Wolf to bring me out. I live in Cincinnati- I bet you drove right by on the way to the second happiest place on earth! We took our girls there last weekend and we all loved it. I have been reading since summer and have made many, many twirly skirts. I love reading your blog. Thanks so much!


Hi Erin, we were at the GWLodge on Saturday night--weren't your kids in heaven...and wasn't the lobby decorated so beautifully?! Just wanted to say--I can't believe the creativity and thought that went into all the Christmas gifts--wow, what great memories for you all. Have fun in Telluride.


nothing beats pj's till noon! how nice. can't wait to hear about your trip(s) ... the family overnight one & your upcoming one to telluride - have fun!


Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend! I wish we had some of those around here, but there's just too much to do!!


from one great weekend to the next. enjoy!


Playmobil,PJ's and peanut butter...perfect!

Mama Urchin

We only have the little playmobil sets but those things can keep them entertained for hours.


I could've used an extra day off yesterday, but I did manage to get a bunch of things accomplished after work, which is pretty impressive.

Have fun in Telluride, with lots of girly time and stuff!


have a great weekend!


How fun!

natasha s

Have fun in Telluride,be sure to take more amazing pictures of the mountains:0)


Everyone needs a weekend like that :)
Enjoy this upcoming one as well.


starting the weekend on wednesday sounds good. :)


josh - did i mention your banner looks fabulous? I love the bag holder!


mmhh, obviously i meant GOSH not JOSH.


Glad to hear your family trip was fun.... we thought about going there with the kids last summer. Congratulations on your apron making the cover of the book!


Sounds like a relaxing day. Have fun on your trip.


What a lovely, lovely day! I am impressed by her lone construction of a playmobil set - we have the zoo and it is such a test of the children's patience (and desire to actually play with the thing) as they have to wait for the hour that it takes me to put the thing together! Enjoy your time away. x


have a safe and fun trip to telluride- i am so jealous! it sounds like you made a lovely weekend for the girls- and yourselves too.


love long weekends that just seem to "click".
so glad you are getting away with your friends!
have a wonderful time!


Oh...the difference between boys and girls. Have fun with your girlfriends!

amy h

We have one of those Great Wolf Lodge places here, and I always thought it would make a fun little in-town get-away for a night when the girls are older.

Have fun with your friends!


Not sure who's toes they are but I love the cute blue colour!

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