Our Handmade Christmas - From Sister to Sister
Our Handmade Christmas - For the Dad

Our Handmade Christmas - For Our Daughters

Get your cup of coffee and settle in.  This is a long one.

Let's start with Fatty's gifts for the girls.  Remember how I told him that he could burn me a CD and I would be happy?  Well, that is what he did for the girls.  Jane and Kate both have CD players in their rooms and are constantly asking us to make them copies of our CDs.  So Fatty spent the better part of a Sunday creating playlists for each of them on itunes.  He burned the CDs and put them in a CD case of their own.  They loved this.

Jane's disc:
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police
Way Back When - Donna the Buffalo
Shine - Dolly Parton
Lakes of Pontchartain - The Be Good Tanyas
Penny Lane - The Beatles
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - The Jayhawks
My Right Versus Yours - The New Pornographers
Laughing - R.E.M.
Singular Girl - Rhett Miller
Children of December - The Slip
6 String Belief - Son Volt
Mysterious Ways - U2
The Long Cut - Uncle Tupelo
Everything I Do - Whiskeytown

Kate's disc:
Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley
Walking On The Moon - The Police
Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles
Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Waiting for the Sun - The Jayhawks
Blankets - The Gourds
Life Is Just A Tire Swing - Jimmy Buffett
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash
Catapult - R.E.M.
Get Off My Cloud - The Rolling Stones
Windfall - Son Volt
One - U2
We've Been Had - Uncle Tupelo
Either Way - Wilco

And me....well, I knitted ponchos for the girls.  Completely inspired by the one Kristin made for her daughter, I started with Kate's.


This is the back so you can see the hood.  Kristin told me that she wished she could make the hood bigger - I am so glad she did.  Kate has a big noggin, so I made some adjustments to accommodate it.


I also added pom poms to the drawsting for a little whimsy.  I would be lying if I told you that I didn't think they would add to the appeal.  My kids are all about the pom poms.

When it came time to knit Jane's, my plan was to make it the same, but just in a different color.  When it came time to pick up the stitches for the hood, I hesitated.  Given her pickiness in clothing, I wasn't sure if the hood was such a good idea.  I knew she would like the pom poms, but I wasn't convinced that she would want the hood.  I asked Fatty what he thought and he agreed with me.  I decided to leave the hood off and if she really wanted it, I could always add it on later.


Without the hood, it needed something.  I added a sweet flower pin, in her favorite color turquoise.  I actually showed her 5 fabrics and asked if I were to make her something out of one or two of them, which would she want.  She chose two Denyse Schmidt prints and I pulled out my copy of Blair's great pattern and whipped this up in less than fifteen minutes.  I took the Sarah route and cut circles with my pinking sheers instead of the scallops because time was not on my side.


For you knitters out there, here is the scoop:
PatternKnitting Pure and Simple, Children's Ponch (#243)
YarnNashua, Creative Focus Worsted, 3 skeins of hot pink for Kate and brown for Jane (I probably could have done Jane's with two if I had made it about 1/2" shorter)
Needles:  16" and 32" circulars, size 8
Modifications:  I added 1" of length to Kate's hood and made 3 sets of increases along the center back of the hood to allow more room for her big head.  I added pom poms to the i-cord drawstring on Kate's also.  Jane's didn't get a hood.
Notes:  This pattern runs small.  My girls wear about a size 8 - I knit the size 10 to 12.


Kate loves hers - she wore it all Christmas day!  I was standing in my brother's kitchen and saw her running in the back yard, hood on, pom poms flying with a huge smile one her face.  I wish I could have captured it on film.


And Jane....well, at first I think she was disappointed she didn't have pom poms.  But I knew that was a gamble.  In the end, I think it paid off.   She has decided against the hood which is fine by me.  She wears her poncho all the time - sometimes with the pin, sometimes without.  She would sleep in it if she could.  Well, if I would let her.

Little does she know that by loving something I made her, she gave me the best Christmas present of all.


Sarah Jackson

they turned out so cute Erin! The pin and the pom-poms really make them special.


Oh Erin! Here is another of your posts that makes me wish I had girlies to crochet for. What a great idea and so glad that they are loving them as much as Im sure you loved making them. Great, great, great!!!


so beautiful, like everything you do.


the ponchos are great, erin! i love that they're similar yet unique in special ways - kind of like sisters, eh?


The ponchos are gorgeous, Erin, but your sentiments are even more beautiful. Such special gifts for your sweet girls.


Gorgeous! You have all made the most amazing gifts! x


i love that last photo and that last line you wrote so much.


The ponchos turned out wonderfully. I'm really liking the brown and turquoise combo a lot!


ditto what kirsten said.

the ponchos are beautiful. the girls are precious. and your handmade christmas sounds divine.

Teresa Alber

Both are beautiful. Handmade gifts are the best. Great choices.


Those both turned out so well!


Your girls received such wonderful presents! The ponchos are beautiful and the playlists sound great. What you said is so true, the present is for them, but you get the warm glow from their appreciation of it.


you are so clever, the girls look fabulous!!!


the ponchos are beautiful. I love the addition of pom poms and flower pins. the colors are gorgeous.


I'm loving your whole handmade holiday retrospective. It is so true that the best gift is the appreciation! How wonderful that your whole family experienced it this year!


amazing. simply amazing. the gifts. the story. it was not long at all. i am happy the gifts were loved.


They are just fantastic! I've loved this little series of yours... A wonderful family effort! I'm so glad the girls were happy with these. They are beautiful.


Funny, I am usually busy making things for other people, but really nobody gets as excited for one of my creations quite like my kids. Maybe that should be a resolution for me this year...make more stuff for my girls.


Those ponchos are great...and those CD mixes...I want 'em!

Lucky girls!


these are amazing! such a great idea, same gift, but tailored for each of these lovely ladies.


These are so great! They really take me back to the ponchos someone (unfortunately, I can't remember who!) made for my twin sister and I when we were in the single digits back in the 70s. :)


Oh how sweet they are. I love ponchos. That brown and blue is such a nice contemporary combination!


First, the ponchos are adorable!!

Second, your girls are SO LUCKY to have parents like you both, that Fatty really considered each girl's taste in making each cd. Same with you and the choices you had to make with each poncho. They will grow up knowing they are each loved and understood for exactly who they are. And THAT is the best gift of all!


Amazing! They look great!


one, great songs :)
two, great ponchos! I myself wear a poncho, (love them) but I bought it last fall from Ann Taylor. I would love to make a handmade one, like Jane's for myself :)


The gifts for your girls from you and Fatty were so perfect. I'm all smiles knowing that your picky little lady adores the poncho you made her. I'm sure you're just thrilled.


OH Erin these are just gorgeous. How lucky they are to have such wonderful parents. xoxo :)


oh, I love this series of posts. My husband and I used to make gifts for one another- maybe you'll inspire us to start back!


those turned out so great erin!


I love these posts. I love ponchos as well and need to learn how to knit!

Mama Urchin

I love how they're just a little bit different. I find hoods are often a little two short in knitting patterns. There must be an inaccurate standard out there or something.


Great ponchos - love the colors and the pom-poms. Looks like the girls really enjoy them too. Happy New Year :)


You all seem to have had a very nice holiday! All those wonderfully handmade gifts! The glass ornaments are just gorgeous, and I love the ponchos.


I loved your last line in the post. So touching. And what FAB ponchos!


Very sweet! I knit my daughter a poncho several years ago and put pompoms on a twisted yarn strand that just goes through little holes at the top of the chest area. A simple way to add the pompoms with no hood.

Jen b

your kids are so lucky to have you as parents!!! Beautiful ponchos and i love that your hubby made them personalized cd's.


your holiday gift idea is inspiring and I will be copying it. Not sure if Michael will get into it...but I will tell him to call Fatty. I have always thought the glassworks ornaments would be fun!!! How great.


I love your ponchos! Excellent job! And the pom poms are perfect.

When you first mentioned them, I looked into the pattern but my daughter wears a 12/14-ish size now and I think it would be too small. I wonder if the pattern is such that I could figure out how to make a next size bigger version?? What do you think? I have three skeins of bright pink Berocco Ultra Alpaca worsted just waiting for something...


oh. you know i adore those ponchos. may have to knit for my own girls. can't wait for coffee tomorrow! hey - i may bring my last sock & knit while we chat & catch up!

Julie @ Letter9

I'm not a poncho girl but I would totally wear the brown one with the blue flower. That's got to be my favorite color combination right now.

erin s

lovely erin. i am loving the brown poncho with the flower. i am curious how long it took you to knit one up?

erin s

oops...forgot to say I can't believe what en eclectic taste in music your girls have. I haven't even heard of half those songs! Guess I'm just getting old!


O.K. melt. Those CDs. I love them, how special are those. And the ponchos are gorgeous. Lovely.


I love everything about this post! Some really great song ideas ... and the ponchos! They are so, so beautiful! They turned out so well. I love the colors, and the pin! Wow. That's some high-quality Christmas craftin'. Awesome.


how wonderful! Your gifts for your children are fabulous. And that wonderful feeling that your child actually likes and wants to live in the fabric you made...ahhh.


Your last line brought on the tears.


erin! they are fabulous!
beautiful job!

and those c.d.'s are too fun!


i'm so happy to see these on the girls! they look amazing - both of them. the pom poms and added flower are perfect solutions for making them individual. yay for ponchos and christmas crafting!!!

Barbara C.

Oh, I'm well into making a pure and simple poncho right now for a graddaughter. I made one already for another graddaughter and I love them. I love all of Diane's patterns! She lives in my "summer cabin" hometown-Truckee!

zarita at craft yard

oooohh, so good to see The Slip on the play list!!! I love them, especially with Nathan Moore as Surprise me Mr. Davis! Andrew Barr is my favorite drummer and I'm very excited that he gave me a set of his drum sticks!!!

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