Our Handmade Christmas - For the mom
Our Handmade Christmas - For Our Daughters

Our Handmade Christmas - From Sister to Sister

Jane and Kate jumped aboard my handmade plan from the start.  We had a lot of fun discussing what they would make each other.  Jane knew right away that she wanted to make Kate some jewelry.  She had received a huge bead kit for her birthday (thank you Auntie Heather and Uncle Tiger!) and some extremely coveted shrinky dinks from one of her friends.  The Saturday before Christmas, Fatty and I split up.  He took Jane to my brother Ryan's house where she crafted while the men bottled their home brewed beer.  I sent her with a bag of supplies, some loose direction (i.e., make sure you punch the holes right so the charm will fit!) and she came home with her gift to Kate held in her balled up hand.  She insisted on making a fabric bag to hold her creation.


And inside was this:


A very pink bracelet with two heart charms and one that says princess.  Kate was over the moon!

Kate's gift for Jane was guided a bit by me.  She had all kinds of grandiose ideas that were not feasible, especially a jewelry box that she wanted to make, not just decorate.  I told her that we would take a trip to the craft store together and that I thought a picture frame might be nice for Jane.  The great thing about Kate is that she is flexible so she was fine with my suggestion right away.

One trip to Michael's later we came home with a $1 frame, paint, glue and that irresistible Martha Stewart glitter (it's so sparkly!).  Kate also picked out a small cutout to put on the frame because she knows Jane has a thing for monkeys.  Thank goodness I had some extra photos on hand from our Christmas cards.  Not only did it fit the frame, but it actually matches!


Jane loves it - it is her favorite color with her favorite animal with lots of sparkle allure.  She has it sitting next to her bed so she can see it first thing in the morning.  And Kate wants to make more - I think that may have something to do with the glitter.

As for me, I think they outdid themselves again.  They both made something that their sister would like, not necessarily something that they would want.  They worked hard to get them finished on time and then wrapped them up, too.  And they were gracious recipients.  I am proud of them.  I know in my heart that they not only appreciate handmade, but they might actually enjoy giving and receiving it too.


Sarah Jackson

Those both turned out beautifully! Nice job spreading the handmade love, mama.


kudos to your gals. for thinking of others. and delighting in it. an invaluable thing to learn. at such a young age.


How lovely. I am doing this with my eldest daughter (she's 5) too and looking forward to when the younder one can join in more. They love to make things for other people.

I also wanted to say how much I loved the glass blowing results you posted previously - they are beautiful - to be treasured.

am very glad I found your blog - this stuff really resonates with the things I'm trying to do personally and with my kids

will come back with interest!


My 6yo LOVES to bead, and we just found some Shrinky dink paper at the craft store. Never really thought of beading with it, I just wanted it cause it reminded me of my childhood. I love that they made each other there gifts, I think we might use this next year and for birthdays. They did great!!!!

Mama Urchin

Well who doesn't love sparkley stuff? What a wonderful tradition to start.


oh, i just noticed you are in for the mid-winter gocco swap. yippee. me, too. me, too.

Mary Beth

I am truly inspired by these posts about your handmade Christmas. What a beautiful tradition you have started and what a great lesson for your girls.


So nice to see kids who still love to make! Really terrific tradition Erin, one I may have to adopt as well.

Mary Ann/ca

The girls did a masterful job all around with their gifts! And your husband...wow, a prince among men in this category for sure!


How sweet! You're instilling some good values, momma ;-)

debra cooper

The girls' creations are wonderful! What a fun--and important--lesson. Great job, Mom! ;-)


too sweet.

(that princess bracelet rocks!)


sweet. sweet. sweet!


I am proud of them too. What sweet gals you have.


great job girls!


these are great! (and i've been looking for something to do with that amazing glitter.)


This is all so sweet! And sisters... oh sisters!


Such creative girls... I would be proud too!


all of the gifts your family made are so fantastic! what a great idea!


Both look great and are so meaningful! They will remember those things much longer than something that was bought.

Natasha S

I loved shrinky dinks.we also use to put chip bags in the oven and they would shrink down to miniture size.we would stick a pin on the back and voila and new brooch.
My babes will be guided towards making gifts this year,once I get the hang of crafting myself!!!
see my new blog to see my first attempt .No laughing now. I am hoping,NO, PRAYING that it's gets easier,
take care Erin,


what wonderful gifts your girlies gave to each other.

Stacy T

So sweet of them to think of each other. And it is great when kids find inspiration and joy in giving things they have created from their own hands!


I love how you said "they made something they would like, not what they want"- that's the key to gift giving!


after reading your post I have warm fuzzies all over. you have every right to be a proud mama.


Erin, I've just caught up on all of the previous handmade posts that you wrote while I was out of town. I am BLOWN AWAY by the thoughtfulness and talent that you, your girls, and Fatty put into the gift-giving this year. I'm really touched by it. It made me feel okay that I've agreed to do handmade again next year, even though it was tough for me this time. Thanks for all of the inspiration.

Jen b

i agree wholeheartedly with beki. you've inspired me, i may try this handmade thing with my kids next year.


Oh my gosh, so sweet. I love those sibling gifts more than anything in the world. So precious.


your girls will really treasure these items forever...and someday i can picture them showing their own daughters gifts made by the hand and from the heart by their sister...

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