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Two Hats

Jane requested a hat with ear flaps this year.  Her flapper hat disappeared some time over the summer.  I really wonder where it could have gone.  And as I am typing this, I think I should probably check the camping bag we took to Telluride last July.  That may be the only place I haven't looked.

Back to the hat....Leslie pointed me towards Through the Loops and the Thorpe hat.  Perfect.  I bought the yarn right before Christmas, thinking that I might actually have time to knit it up before gift giving started.  I did finish it with time to spare, but since it fit me, I frogged it.  I threw the yarn and needles in my suitcase for some vacation knitting.


PatternThorpe by Kirsten Kapur
Yarnggh Savanna, 1 ball in turquoie, 1 ball in green (I don't have the numbers - sorry)
Needles:  size 8 double points
Modifications:  I added pom poms to the braids and the top of the hat.  You know we are all about the pom poms here.
Notes:  Fast and easy - just the way I like hats to knit up.  The hardest part for me was casting on the four stitches and joining them without my addis flying to the floor.  I think it took about five tries to get it right - both times.  Also, like Leslie, I learned how to half double crochet.  Cool.  Thank you You Tube.


Here's Kate's version - sorry for the bad photo.  For hers, I switched to pink yarn for the garter stitch portion.  Mostly because I wanted to see if I could get by with the remaining green from Jane's hat.  I wasn't so lucky.  Oh well.  Also, Kate did not want the braids.  Despite my best efforts, I could not get her to change her mind.  Fatty thought the pom poms would look like giant earrings hanging off her hat.  In reality, it is super cute on her.  And she loves it - that is what matters, right?

And they are finished right in time.  It's snowing!


naatasha s

oh how I wish I could knit.well,I can sort of but it takes me SO long that I give up.
They are great hats,I love the color combos.
Have a great day Erin,

Heather W

oh someday I WILL learn how to knit. My grandmother is an accomplished knitter and even spins all of her own yarn. once my boys are out of the crazy toddler stages I may ask her to teach me.

I love the hats, they are very sweet =)

Sarah Jackson

perfect! Those are adorable. Leslie always finds the best patterns. I'm sure the girls both love them. Enjoy the snow!


These are so cute! I knitted Josh one of these from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" last year and he loves it.

Mama Urchin

Love that hat pattern. I need to go find it in ravelry so I don't forget it.


Lovely hats and I love how you make things unique for each of your girls. I just finished the Sweetie-Pie hat from Purl Bee http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2007/12/9/colorful-crafting-with-jen-the-sweetie-pie-hat.html and can't get it off my gals head. I'll have to earmark this pattern for next year though especially with the cozy earflaps (to make mom happy) and the pom poms (to make my preschooler happy).


So, so cute! One of these days I've got to get around to making a hat...maybe by next winter.


So cute. Someday I will relearn how to knit and make muself a hat.


nice! i saw this hat over at leslie's and added it to the list -- seeing it here, i'm moving it up toward the top. the whole crochet thing scares me a bit though...

i like those poms -- especially the pink and green ones.


so so so cute. and those pom poms! love!
i made the boys each one this weekend, and i have to say the crochet part is my favorite! maybe i should join you in your granny blanket! :)


love the hats. and I am not one bit surprised that they are blue and green. ;)


I LOVE these hats and just wish it got cold enough to wear them here! I like the way you used the pom poms on the second one - really cute. I have finally dragged out the crochet hook and some cotton and am loving it.


they are each lovely in their own way...same as the girls who will wear them! i like both versions!


Ooo, yummy! They're both delightful :)

liz elayne

fantastic! the pom poms just make me smile...

Jen b

i think it is so cool that your girls know what they like and feel comfortable doing there own thing. go kate without the braids, my kinda girl.


What cute little hats! My kids are both walking around in their hats right now. Keegan's actually wearing a Santa hat!


I saw the Thorpe over at Leslie's, too, and I must say that I've been thinking about casting it on a lot lately. I haven't decided who to make it for, though. But It's getting cooooold here again, so some cozy knitting (while waiting for the yarn for my tilted duster to come in) might really be in order. I love both of your versions!

erin s

Beautiful hats Erin. I love the pink and green together too!


Beautiful hats!!! Those ear flaps are great!


erin, those turned out awesome. i esp. love the pink and green.


Those hats are adorable!


Super yummy hats as my daughter would say.

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