Here comes the sun


Sarah Jackson

Happy day to you and your family!


Fatty is such a sweet hubby. Lucky girl.

Snippety Gibbet

My sweety and I both love rocks. I would have been thrilled with a heart shaped rock. I still would. What a sweet thing for Fatty to do.


That rock is gorgeous...Happy Heart Day. xoxo


i hope your day is special. in some small way.


Happy Valentine's Day! What a lovely heart.


That's so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day.


ah...happy heart day to you too. that is a sweet gift from your sweetie.

Alicia A.

Happy Valentine's Day, Erin!

That's really sweet.


Very special and so touching about the hesitation. Not wanting to send the, uh, wrong message. Happy Valentine's Day!


Love the heart, love your site, love that you call your husband Fatty. I'm kind of new to this posting business but wanted to say thanks!

Mama Urchin

Have a lovely day.


Awwwwwwwww. You guys are so cute.


Hope your Heart Day was wonderful... that rock is beautiful!


Aw, cute! Sounds like something my husband would do, since he likes rocks.

Mellissa - wondermommy

Love the heart! Happy late Valentine's day. The kids and I are celebrating today since it is Friday.


LOVE the rock heart! The first thing my husband gave to me was a fossil, it was our first Valentine's Day. I LOVED it and still love him.


What a precious gift. I love that story!


that really is just the perfect heart.
i am sure it is displayed beautifully all year long.


Happy Valentines day :)

jen b

what a sweet,thoughtful gift.


LOVE your heart rock.
Total keeper :)
I'm sure you guys had a wonderful day!


Wow. That is so sweet.

Lisa Clarke

I think it's beautiful! That kind of "rock" is way more appealing than the expensive kind on a holiday like this. Valentine's Day should be more creative than expensive, IMHO :-)


Love it! I collect naturally heart shaped rocks. When I found my first one, being the hopeless romantic that I am decided, at the tender age of 9, that I would give it to my husband when I got married. We will be married 10 years in June. May your love "Rock on"!

Niki's Ventures

Cute blog u have :)
I'm having an online silent quilt auction on my blog, starting soon if you are intersted in quilts. HUGS.

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