The trade off
Green, part 1

Meet Helen


Helen is a bunny who likes a bit of an adventure.


On Tuesday, she put on her shoes


and her favorite pink sweater and headed out for new lands.  Arizona is far away, but she knows that her new friend, Mary, is waiting for her.


After they play for a long time, Helen thinks she'll be ready for a nap.  It's a good thing she packed her pillow and quilt.


Sweet dreams Helen.  We will miss you.

Helen is from wee wonderfuls put-together book 1.  Her sweater is also a wee wonderfuls pattern.  The doll quilt and pillow were made by me without a pattern.  Making Helen and her things was so much fun for me.  Thanks so much for swapping with us, Jen and Mary.  We love everything you sent!



Click on the photo to see the great things we got!  They also sent us two great books, but Kate has hidden them somewhere.  Most likely, they are in her bed.

Happy leap day everyone!


Sarah Jackson

Hey Helen! I'm sure you'll enjoy Arizona. Don't forget your bathing suit!


I love Helen so much! The spring-y colors she's wearing make me happy. And her sweater is fabulous. I'm sure she'll be much loved in her new home.


wow! awesome swap, erin! i love the sweater and the shoes most!

Make and Takes

What fun. I loving that mini quilt. I would love to do something like that with appliqué and free hand sewing. I am intrigued at what the back looks like, share if you can.


Helen is darling. I especially love her little quilt.


Her little sweater kills me with it's cuteness!


Oh goodness, the bunny + sweater + pillow + quilt are too cute.


Helen & her quilt are fabulous!


ahh. so cute. the butterfly quilt is adorable.


Helen is the best dressed bunny I've ever seen. Love her shoes :)

That quilt is just lovely.


Home run! That is one of the cutest gifts I've ever seen--from those precious Mary Janes, to the adorable pink sweater, to that too-cute-for-words quilt (you are having way too much fun with your new machine!). Totally love it all!


OH HELEN!! Erin, she is so so cute......her sweater just kills me.
also the quilt. wow. any little girl would be thrilled beyond words to receive this!!!
what a fabulous swap.

Mama Urchin

That doll quilt is gorgeous. The ruffle on the pillow is so sweet.


Wow! I didn't realize that it's the last day of February until I read your post.

Helen is so adorable! Lucky swappers!

miss chris

The shoes! Oh my. There's a lot of cuteness there.


That sweater! I love it.


Love the do11 quilt! It looks like your getting the hang of the free motion.


Wow - I love everything in this post - particularly the little green shoes that bunny is wearing!!


WOW! Love the quilt - you're totally inspiring me to break out some springy-er fabrics!


Wow - so, so cute. Seriously cute!


Hello, Helen!


oh, my, helen is CUTE! and so are all her little accessories. you did a fantastic job. you continually amaze me, woman.


so cute! love her green shoes.


Helen is so cute, let's just hope that she didn't inherit your tendinitis! And the sweater without a pattern, now I'm really impressed.

the pesky bombolino

I love the quilt- it has a real quiet beauty about it.


What a sweetie - and that quilt is so simple yet so clever! Well done.


oh my goodness, Erin! You have so much wonderful goodness going on.

Mellissa - wondermommy

Helen is such a cutie! You've made me want to pull out my put-together book. I think a basket of bunnies would be so much fun for Easter.

I love the quilt that you made for her. It is perfect!


Wow! What a terrific package to receive! I was just looking at the rabbit pattern last night- I think I will be making the cat for Penny's April birthday. What did you use for her body? Flannel?


wow, fantastic swap, erin! I love her sweater. And I'll take the shoes in my size, please!


Helen is adorable! Love the quilt too!


delurking to chime in and agree with all the comments above. SUCH darling stuff.

but i HAVE to put in my two cents about the book "these is my words." please please please read it. i was hesitant to read a pioneer type book, but it is such a good book. never found anyone who didn't fall in love with it. it's wonderful.

Julie @ Letter9

I don't know if the sweater or the little shoes is making me cry more. From love, I mean. Love and cuteness. DARLING!


What a gorgeous bunny and your doll quilt is particularly stunning.... Congratulations for coming up with such a pretty pattern.


Hi Erin -
Me again. You inspired me to try this; the pattern is ordered & the yard was purchased this afternoon to start the sweater. This may be beyond my skill level, but I just have to try! Thanks!

pve design

i heart helen bunny and her green shoes.
she has a spirit and makes my heart hop!


Green Mary Janes!!! Perfect!


omg. darling.


Love, love, love the quilt! You're inspiring me to try some applique ... I love all the white. It just makes the butterflies pop!


Hi Erin -
I finished my little sweater in prep. to make a little critter. I have to say - your sweater is so much cuter. I am satisfied with my end product, but I really hope the next one is a little more "finshed" looking once it is complete. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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