One down and 8-ish to go
Here comes the sun

Snow Day + Trees

No school for the girls today.  We got about three inches of snow with freezing rain on top of that.  It doesn't take much to make them close the schools here.  The bummer of the whole deal is that the snow isn't even good enough to play in.  I guess we just have to admire it from inside.


We live in an old neighborhood with lots of mature trees.  It really is beautiful to see them all covered with white.  It won't last long, though.  It has already begun to melt some.


When I took these photos, it reminded me of my newest piece of art.


This is "I like the trees outside my window" by Jennifer Judd-McGee.  This is the original.  Yes, lucky lucky me.  When I saw it on flickr, I had to have it.  We live in a yellow house and have the crazy Japanese maple right outside.  So it was perfect for me.  The drawing is so beautiful, much more so in real life than in photos if that is at all possible.  Right now it is sitting on a chest of drawers in the kitchen and I get to look at it many times each day.  I love it, Jen.  Thanks for helping me get in touch with those fine ladies at Edith and Edna so I could call it my own.

OK - back to making snacks for the girls and more x's.  Ta ta for now.



oooh, i like, i like. the trees outside your window, and the 'i like...'.
enjoy the snacks and lovely scenes of snow!


you lucky duck you! i think that's my favorite so far of all of jennifer's pieces. very special. and how cool that it matches your house in real life! (i love saying "in real life"). even though i'm jealous, i'm glad it's found a good home on hill road.

jen j-m

yay, i am so glad it lives with you! it is one of my favorite things i've ever made. :) thanks for all of your nice words.


We get snow days with just an inch or two of snow too. When we lived in Utah, the snow would have to be mail box height before they would declare a snow day.
I love that artwork. Isn't it great to have an original?


beautiful piece of art. i can see how you would just have to have it.
enjoy your afternoon with the girls.


Oh I'm really jealous now! I've only got the print, but I love it just the same!! ;)

amy h

Ooh, you are so lucky to get an original! I keep checking her etsy for just the right original. :)

Mama Urchin

Love the trees out your window and the ones in the frame. Isn't it so nice when something comes together like that.


i wish you could spend a day w/us portland girls thrifting, having lunch in the old port, popping in to say hi to the girls at edith & edna. you definitely need to come here for a vacation sometime soon...


While reading your blog today I had a weird deja vu...the second picture...the one showing the overhang outside your window? That picture gave me looks so much like the view outside my front window! It creeped me out! My overhang looks very similar and so does the urn on my porch. If it wasn't dark out and snowing like crazy i'd get my camera out of the car and take a picture to show you...I may have to do that in the morning. Weird!

Sarah Jackson

Love the drawing. It's so so beautiful. Jen's work is amazing.

Sorry your snow day isn't all it could be.

Heather W

oh the original! you ARE lucky!

We are expecting 10 inches of snow throughout the night and into tomorrow.


I love your newest piece of art. It is fun that it echoes your own house.


hope you had a fun snow day :)
The painting is terrific. Love when you find a piece of art that just speaks to you. Enjoy!


Oh Erin, that piece of art is beautiful! I've been admiring her work for a while now, waiting for the perfect piece.

amy johnson

The painting is beautiful. We have a snow-covered Japanese Maple right outside our house, and while it blocks the window in the summer a bit, I just cannot bare to part with it.


Where do you live Erin? Someday I need to live in an old town with old houses and lots of old trees. I think im old at heart. HAHA! I have my perfect house in my brain. Now if I just knew where it was. Hope you had a good day even though the snow was crap:-)

Mellissa - wondermommy

Beautiful artwork. We didn't have any snow, but we were iced in this morning. My son had to be at school 2 hours later than usual. I would have much rather had snow. Enjoy the view out your window.


i miss snow!!! no chance here.. today is predicted to get up to almost 80 - i know poor us, huh?


Too bad it's yucky snow that you can't enjoy but for indoors.

Lucky you, that is a beautiful piece, and to have the original is very cool.


Oooh! You are lucky! I've been eyeing her work and I think an orginal would be just perfect.


it looks like you live in a really stately old neighborhood, i love it! these are my kinda houses! i hope the kids had fun on their snow day!


What a wonderful Jennifer Jedd-McGee piece. I adore her work, and am so glad to see that you got a special one of your very own.

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