There goes one and a half things off the list
One down and 8-ish to go

The s word


I printed my goods for the gocco swap today.  It was trial and error to find the right mix of yellow and brown, but in the end, I think it turned out good.  I am a novice at this thing, for sure.  It makes me nervous to be sending my item out knowing it is a bit, er,  rough around the edges.  I'll be interested to see what people think.  Fingers crossed.


I am working on my first quilt square for the BeeJennifer sent the print in the background and the yellow chenille for inspiration.  I just hope it goes together like I have it in my head.   And that it goes with the other 11 blocks, too.  And that she likes it.  Once again, nerves.

Up this weekend....finishing our handmade valentines for Sarah's swap, working on Miniswap and trying to get one very very very overdue package in the mail.  Thank goodness that recipient is patient and kind and sweet.  Oh, I just wrote thank goodness.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Happy Friday.


Sarah Jackson

oh, I'm finishing mine up too. Very nervous. Very.

Lots of swapping going on!

Snippety Gibbet

Swapping?? Oh I missed out on that one.


I love your fabrics. Are you doing a log cabin blog by chance? I'm still paging through books looking for inspiration.
Congrats on having your pillow zipper tutorial up at My Half of the Brain - one of my favorite tutorial blogs.


can't wait to see what you came up with for your gocco print :) I am sure it's terrific.


I thought "rough around the edges" was part of the charm. Lovely fabrics! Looking forward to all the bee results.


i got my first swap item in the mail today. so fun. and a bit guilt-inducing since mine aren't out yet. can't wait to find yours in my mailbox!


I've got to finish up (or actually start for that matter) my Valentine swap. Oh boy!

Mellissa - wondermommy

That reminds me that I really need to make an item for a swap that I'm in. It is my first, I'm really excited about it. I think it could be addictive, though.


I love your fabric pile for the bee. it's gonna be fun to see what everyone else comes up with. and you are not the only nervous one. :)


The combination of fabrics look great. Very vibrant!


i need to get creating my gocco swap goods, too. and miss erin, i am looking forward to my package. so much.


I'd call it the "s" word too if I had that many swaps going on at once. Avery and I walked to the post office this morning to send our one and only swap (I can only handle one at a time, and few and far between), so check your box in a few days. Also, I posted a few days ago about a project you inspired me to do - the wool blanket with patchwork binding. Thank you for the inspiration and the link to the tutorial at Purl Bee. I'm currently quite toasty beneath my blanket.

Mama Urchin

I love that pile of fabric. I love seeing where everyone is going.


all that swappy goodness!!!
too fun.


...Hello, I just love visiting your blog! It's so pretty and fresh here. I just finished viewing photos of your sewing room and it is to die for! The color of the walls reminds me of Robin's eggs and your organizational skills rock! lol... ;o)

...Great stuff - I'll be back often!

...Blessings... :o)


Nominated you for the You Make my Day award...more on my blog if you have not heard..but I am sure you have. :)


What a wonderful combination of colors and prints for the quilt. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

the ballistic knitter

Hey - thanks for the sweater idea. So far, independently, Kristen, Cindy, and the Shizknit have all made the same suggestion - the cobblestone (the Shizknit actually said - "do the one Erin did for her husband.")


I'm quite sure that it will be wonderful.

That print in the background is heavenly.


Beautiful fabric colors! I've seen that colorful fabric on the bottom at IKEA. Isn't it great that they have fabric there! I bought four yards of stylish fabric there last week for 99 cents!


I'm nervous, too. I am afraid to cut into the fabric that Jennifer sent in case I ruin it!

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