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There goes one and a half things off the list

While I was without internet, but with electricity, I tackled some bigger sewing projects.  By big, I mean size-wise, not necessarily level of difficulty.  Both were made out of squares and rectangles - really simple once I got the measurements right.


We have lived in our house for a little over two and a half years.  When we moved in, Fatty and I upgraded to a king size bed from a queen.  Making that jump required all new linens.  Sheets were an obvious necessity that I took care of right away.  And we were lucky enough to have a wonderful king size down comforter that my parents gave us when we got engaged.  At the time I really didn't understand why they got us a king when we had a queen, but now I understand my mother's good reasoning.  It just took us longer to get that king than she thought it would.  Anyhow, I am happy to say the comforter now has its very own duvet cover and the bed finally has a skirt.


Can I just say bed skirts are hard to photograph?  They are.  I made this skirt in five pieces:  one for each of the three sides of the bed and two for the corners.  I did this just in case the math didn't work out - I figured that it would be easier to fix my mistake(s).  Thankfully, though, my math was good and it all lines up well.  There is a box pleat in the middle of each side to hide the seam where I sewed two widths of fabric together.  I also sewed each piece to a four inch band that I attached to the box spring with twist pins.  I have done it both ways and I find this much, much easier than making a big sheet to cover the box spring.  I used the blind hem on my machine for the bottoms and sides of each piece and serged the raw edges to cut down on the bulk.  Make sense?

The duvet was easy, peasy.  My mother-in-law helped me cut it out back in August so I really just needed to sew it up.  It closes with buttons, but you can't see them.  Along with their corresponding button holes, they are sewn on a flap of fabric that folds to the inside of the opening.  I know this might not make sense.  But trust me, it's cool.


I know someone is going to ask me where I got the fabric.  The chocolate brown solid came from Calico Corners, I think.  The floral for the duvet is from Les Tissus Colbert, which is outside of Chicago.  I bought it over two years ago and it's 110" wide.  It is perfect for a king sized bed - there were no patterns to match - just one cut for the top and one for the bottom.

I promise a full shot of the bed once the pillow shams are finished.  Right now, though, I am just happy that my list is getting shorter.


natasha s

I am so glad that you are back on line:0)
I need to make a king bed skirt but I am daunted by the task.Is that linen or cotton?It looks lovely.
Maybe i'll tackle it soon,who knows,maybe this is the hove that I need.
take care,


ooh, this is on my list too. it's so nice to actually be getting things done isn't it?

Sarah Jackson

That's lovely! What a beautiful springy print to make you happy whenever you walk into the room.


just gorgeous, erin!

Jen (sewandsox)

I've been meaning to do this as well...make a list AND a bed skirt. That fabric for the comforter is really nice.


OMGosh.. it's Gorgeous!.. Man, I wish I could sew!

miss chris

pretty pretty pretty! Bedskirts do seem more daunting than they really are -- it's always a relief when the corners and pleats line up, huh?

Loving your shutters too, btw. Nice. :)

Account Deleted

coming out of semi-lurkdom because its so stunning. really lovely.


Oh my that duvet fabric is just gorgeous. Looks lovely. Maybe I could get something done if I switched off my computer for a while...!!!


Now that's a comeback!


Wow! That looks great! Any chance of a tute for the skirt? I need one too, but I'm intimidated.


I love the fabric that you've chosen for the duvet cover! Very bold and very lovely. I love the sound of all your finishing details too.


Who knew you (not you per say, more like me) could do that? Very, very lovely!


Love the floral fabric with the brown skirt. Very grounding. I made a duvet cover not long ago and spent FOREVER matching the fabric for two seams on the front. I would have loved to have found 110" wide fabric!!


I made a bed skirt for my son's single bed once and it was surprisingly tricky. I think it took me a whole day to work out how much fabric I needed if the box pleats were to be so deep, etc. Yours looks perfect. I'm impressed.

Mama Urchin

It looks great. That duvet fabric is just so pretty.


What perfect timing. I have been trying to think how I could make a new bed skirt without the big sheet. I was thinking Velcro or something on that order and you just solved my problem. I had never heard of those pins. Yeah! I am so excited to have a plan so that I can get working on it.


Beeyootiful :)
Loving that gorgeous fabric!


The duvet is gorgeous! That's a great idea to pin the skirt instead of covering the whole box spring. Genius!


love these two fabrics together. it looks great.

Julie @ Letter9

Um, just so we're clear: which one is only half a list item? : )

I have a bedskirt on my long list -- the list of things I'll get to when I get to. We have one of those low-profile boxsprings but I have never been able to find bedskirts for those so our bedskirt is five inches too long on all sides. It looks as good as it sounds. Better, though, than all the crap underneath the bed, I suppose. : )


That duvet cover is gorgeous!


oh, they are both lovely. good job. indeed.
and congrats on crossing things off the list. that always feels good.


Welcome back to the computer world! Love that print...


beautiful job! i love it!


beautiful work!!!! love the duvet!


that is seriously rockin man! those colors are to die for! great choices!


I love, love, love that fabric you used! It's so gorgeous! What a beautiful bed you have now!




That is probably one of the nicest bedskirts I have ever seen. Our bed uses a platform, so no bedskirt needed. I love that dark chocolate color.


That looks lovely. Really really nice.


here's to checking things off your list!
it is really beautiful, erin.

SilverLining Designs

Doesn't it feel so good when you can cross things off your list and you have something to show for it?!
The fabric for your duvet is absolutely gorgeous... I love it!


Oh boy, I have all this to do to my bedroom with fabric purchased well over two years ago. I'm definitely following your example on the bedskirt - I hate making them with one big piece of fabric going over the box springs. I'll get around to it one day...


You have such an amazing sense of style that I admire so much.


It's beautiful... love the floral fabric!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Beautiful! I really need to tackle a project like this for my own bed.


That is a great duvet! It matches the room and wall color so well. I love browns and blues! Awesome job!


The duvet cover fabric is so pretty. And I love it paired with the dark brown skirt.


Oh Erin, that is the bedskirt of my dreams! White bed skirts and a dog that likes to lean into the bed as he walks by or slouches down next to it = not a very pretty picture. So beautiful.


it all turned out beautifully!


I adore that bedskirt!


I second the appeal for a tutorial!.... I have been moving the idea of a bed skirt for our king size bed around the brain for a while but feel like it would be way in over my head if I tried without some kind of directions. Thought about buying one just to get it crossed off the list but the last time I did that it just fell apart.

Stacy T

How awesome!! What a huge project to tackle too!


erin, i think i'm usually at the top of your comment list, not the bottom! well, let me be the 45th person to tell you that you did great - love the bed skirt - i love the kind with pleats instead of gathers.


I love the clean, fitted lines of the bedskirt. And the colors of it and the duvet cover are gorgeous, especially with your blue walls. It's scary how productive we can be when our internet connections fail us!


Oh wow, gorgeous. And luxurious. I love that print. I have had duvet cover making snafus in the past, they seem easier to make than they are. But maybe that was just for my year or two ago self.

Congrats on the big project completed!


that duvet is so special, i am speechless! i love everything about it! and i really like chocolate brown with the blue and pink floral. very nice combo!


great job! I love big projects like duvet covers, its so satisfying to see such a big project take shape. The print is gorgeous! Maybe I need my internet access to go away for a bit (what am I saying, I know I could benefit from that!) xo


That bed is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I LOVE the bed skirt! Chocolate brown might be my new favorite color. And the skirt looks so tailored and neat and pretty! Perfect. And the fabric for the duvet cover is so beautiful, too! It's absolutely brilliant, Erin. Absolutely brilliant.

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