The pity party is over

Go ahead, call me a quilter

It's finished!


I sat in front of the TV last night and hand sewed the binding to the back of the elephant quilt while watching back to back Law and Orders.  For once, the hand sewing felt good - my stitches didn't show so much, my wrist didn't hurt too much.  I guess I was in my groove.


This quilt is for my nephew Ian.  Get this.....Are you ready?

It is his Christmas present.  Not the one that just went by.  No, I actually made something in 9 months in advance.  Go ahead, be amazed.  I am.  One down, about 6 or so to go.


The finished quilt measures 52" wide by 37" high.  The front is quilted with brown thread (which I also used to stitch on the applique.  The back is brown quilted with gray thread.  I added the patchwork strip because I was a bit short on the brown fabric.  Ahem.  A happy accident, if you ask me.  The squares are about 2".

I would love to get into all the particulars of how I made this, but you will have to wait.  See, before this gets put under Ian's tree in December, it is going to Lark Books to be part of a baby quilt book.  The book comes out sometime in the fall and that's where you will find the pattern.  Mean of me to tease you, I know.  But really, could you resist sharing?  I didn't think so.

Happy Easter to those of you celebrating.  I'll be back next week.



The quilt is sweet. I can't wait to see the book this fall...congrats!!


for next chrismtas?! if you weren't so sweet and generous i might hate you a little bit.

p.s. i've got some exciting materials coming my way to make you a little summin summin.


It turned out beautiful! Very good job!


Awesome! Congrats on the adorable contribution to the book. Can't wait.

Niki's Ventures

Cute blog u have :)
I'm having an online silent quilt auction on my blog, starting soon if you are intersted in quilts. HUGS.


When I saw the patchwork strip on the back I thought "what a lovely touch!" A happy accident indeed.


Well I will be buying that book because I love elephants and I have to make one of these or myself!



oh. are you good OR what!!!
erin! that is an awesome quilt! done in an impressively short amount of time for an impressively timely gift!!!! you are on it!
congrats on another one of your wonderful creations making it into yet another book!!!!!!!


You are so prepared!!!

Can't wait for the pattern. I love the front and the back!!


Erin! Congratulations on the pattern and it's being published.

I really love this quilt. Jack's room makeover is going to include similar colors and some of those dwell room sticker things from target, which have elephants in them. Since has moved to a bigger bed, I could totally see one of these in a twin size in there.


Sounds like a great book, congratulations!
Also, congratulations on starting prep for Christmas.
That is something I always think about, but never follow through on.


Is that the back! How cute it that stripe!
I need to come over and get a lesson on that trim. I am making those cool blankets for xmas gifts. I have the wool and cotton...but need a quick lesson! That Gee's bend show was inspiring...


Absolutely amazing! What a great job. Quilting intimidates me, but I really want to try it after seeing this.


That is utterly charming. Congrats on thinking ahead.


i bow before you :)
totally impressive Erin!

Congrats on being included in a book.
This quilt is too cute. I can tell it will be loved very much.


Already for next Christmas?? That is SUCH an unfair advantage on the rest of us! lol

I LOVE the reverse side so much, I have to say!


This quilt is really special. I'm so happy to hear it's going into a book so we can all have a crack at making it. I've seen another submission for this book on flickr, if the others are anything like these two. It sounds like it's going to be a must have! Congratulations!!


Great job! Congrats on being in the book :-)


Yes, you're a quilter! Congrats on getting this published in a book. Wow! It is really, really cute.


I love the simplicity of this quilt. Great Job


I bow down to your greatness! The beauty! The timing! The fact that it's finished!

Cass Ward

Wow I love that elephant


how lovable is that quilt???? you did an amazing job on this. and its going to be in a book? yahoo for you! :) so cool.


fantastic. so fantastic.


Now *that's* how you do it! This quilt is adorable; I especially love the colors and the way you chose to quilt it. AND it's going in a book AND it's a Christmas present ready to go before Easter. Definitely a sewing trifecta. ;) (Oh, and I'm a big fan of adding the patchwork strip to the backing. The perfect extender, in my opinion.)


oh wow! I just saw the back of this on flickr and loved it, but the front is just adorable. I will be keeping my eyes open for news of your book!

And I think the patchwork strip on the back is the perfect touch :)


I love it so much! We named our son Eli, and I've been really into anything elephant--not really sure what the two have to do with each other...but I do think there's a correlation.

And I love the patchwork strip--plain backs are boring.


Go, Erin Quilter!! It's a very cool little quilt. And finishing this early before Christmas? Well, can I just say that it's not a very quilter thing to do ;)
Congratulations on the book! That is fabulous!


congrats. on an amazing quilt.
congrats. on getting it done way in advance.
and congrats. on getting it into a lovely book.


Absolutely Amazing! Both the quilt and the fact that you have finished a Christmas gift in advance. This is one of the cutest quilts I have ever seen!


Dude, that totally rocks! All of it!

Melissa H

Super cute! Should be a great book :)


very cute! L&O is my favorite "sewing" show also. I can get lots done and listen without missing anything!
Well done


i think you just inspired me to start making some x-mas gifts. way to go!

sarah jackson

E, you are a Quilter. Fantastic! Now maybe I'll finish binding my two when I get home. You're an inspiration, my dear!


Okay, QUILTER! I AM amazed. That's what I'm trying to do, too! We're actually going to Telluride this year again for the 4th of July and my girls want knit hats---I'm thinking red white and blue?!


This is sooooo beautiful!!


perfectly awesome quilt and in a book to boot? so proud of you sweet!


It's Gorgeous! Love the color combo, the elephant, the grid quilting, everything!


i'm speechless! that quilt is so amazing i cannot get over it! your nephew (and his mom) will be so pleased with this gift- and you will be pleased come november knowing it is done!


ehhh wow that's a whole lot of months in never did that! that elephant is the cutiest!


Such beautiful neat work, I love it...Happy Easter

tinn tinn

omg.. its so cute!

TD wool design

congrats to you! just adorable. feels good to be a bit ahead on next years holiday giving. i have four done, for a series of one-a-month for my sis. (12 handmades) happy holiday :)


Oh, you quilter, you! I am in awe that you've actually started making your Christmas presents in March (as I promised myself I would do after the last nightmarish handmade holiday). I'm taking a lesson from you. Seriously. I'm off to brainstorm ideas now...


This is gorgeous. Love the combination of fabrics!


Ack! It looks great!


Hand sewing - watching Law and Order. Sounds perfect to me! Love the quilt too...


It's perfect. I can't wait for the book to come out.


so efficient. love the quilt.

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