Green, part 2
Green, part 4



yaowza.....that's alot of green, and it's only day 2--can't wait to see the rest


it's everywhere! so great!!

Sarah Jackson

when you can work the green the way you do, you should! It's all gorgeous.


I'm also a redhead and green is my absolute favorite color! I'm coveting your shoes right now.



Teresa Alber

Another redhead here and green is my fav color too. Do I see a trend. Wonder what the genetic combination is between redheads and green?


big smiles.


Another redhead and another green lover. What's that about. I don't think I could ever get sick of the color.


so great! yep. made me smile too. :)

Alicia A.

Hee hee!

I don't own ANY green shoes. I might have to fix that.


green is my new favorite colour. thanks for the inspiration!


Nothing wrong to be Green. My favor color too... even though I don't have much things in green. My last item I bought was a Green coat from Old Navy.
Que Viva el color Verde!

erin vega

delurking to say that i love your shoes and that boden coat!! green is such a happy color, isn't it?


I need some green shoes!


You are officially the queen of green.


Great greens! I have said it before (I think) but I love your style!

Mellissa - wondermommy

I love all of those greens! You have some really great shoes.


I love your greens! you have such a knack for making the ordinary beautiful.

miss chris

Gah! The shoes! I love them. Go Green!


Green is awesome! Love your stuff. :)


Yes -- I'm a redhead (augmented by the use of henna) and when I put on green I just seem to look bright and awake with a bit of color in my (otherwise pale) cheeks.


I knew it! =) You just had to be a redhead. Beautiful shoes...


I love your greens! The jackets hanging so nice and tidy, your shoes, so lovely!


Green goes so well with red hair, though.


fan-freaking-tastic, you awesome redhead, you! Redhead, redhead. It's fun to be a redhead. :)

(Thanks for your kind words of encouragment about birthday season at my house.)


oh my... and i thought i had a lot of green! awesome!


Me love green too! Great photos.

Mama Urchin

See, I love green but I don't think I wear too much of it. You are truly committed to that color.


I love all that green! Green is my favorite color too. I'd love to come raid your shoe closet! ;)


I super jealous of your shoe collection!!!


It is the red hair I always wear green and teal. I am totally coveting your shoes!


Very beautiful - green is my favourite colour (maybe I'm a redhead at heart) and those shoes - sigh!


Funny, my grandmother was a redhead and obsessed with green. We all thought she was a little strange, but maybe it's a genetic thing!


I love all your green shoes, especially the pair second from the left! That inspires me to step outside my 'red shoes are daring enough' box and go green!


I am loving all your delicious green. And yes, I think it may be a redhead thing. I have two redheaded friends both of whom are a little green obsessed. But it suits them and I am sure it suits you to.

Julie @ Letter9

I'm the same way with blue. Except I never even thought about blue shoes. A whole new blueness stands before me...

The second shoes from the left are awesome, by the way.

Julie @ Letter9

You want to know something funny? For some reason I find Typepad's little "prove you're not a robot and type these letters" things harder to read than any of the others and so I often mess them up. The funny thing is this: the images seem to get easier and easier to read the more I mess them up. By the third attempt I can always read them just fine.

I think Typepad wants me to succeed. Isn't that nice?


So funny!! I just bought Wyatt a great green shirt from the Gap - another redhead - and he looks terrific in green too!


What great green goodness! I need some green!


Green is my favourite color, such a calming and happy color too.


Yep, that's a lot of green! But green is a fabulous color...


I L.O.V.E your shoe collection!! Green makes me HAPPY :)


You like green, all right! Absolutely fabulous!
(Don't you just love those new Whole Foods bags?)


That is one crazy collection of green shoes that you should be proud of.


Oh, I love your photos. I'd really like to join the 'green wave', but I seem to have problems keeping up my '30 days of everyday beauty' project! It's a joy to watch your green wave, though :)


Woaw! Green shoes with a luscious red nail polish & there are those gorgeous gumboots again! Now that I've moved to a cold climate I think I finally have an excuse for something like that.
It's looking really lovely here today!


I've been in a green phase for a year or so. I try to buy/make/love things that are a color other than green but it's just so hard! At least the polish on your toes is not green.


i love green part three! you have so many nice things green. in fact i like all your green photos. :)


all those greens must look divine with your red hair! i love it all! i have the same WF bag and love it!

Robin Rivers

So gorgeous and Spring. I just love your photos and colour sense.

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