Green, part 3
Green, part 5



oh pretty! our snow drops are just peeking out as well.

Sarah Jackson

it's coming! Living in the desert, I miss the snowdrops and daffodils and crocuses. We do have long swaths of California poppy though.


I love moss. I really do. And I love how green green is when it is surrounded by gray or brown.


I am loving the themed pictures. Kudos.

TD wool design

worth searching for :)


Green moss,leaves and grass. What a concept. In Brooklyn the only green I am seeing is the ST Patricks Day window displays. Somehow, that's just not as appealing to me.


I wish I had moss everywhere instead of just on one tree in our yard. I have been looking pretty hard for green outside too, with little success.


jealous of your green outside!


Love the glimpses of spring. Green is the best color.

miss chris

Lovely... these are wonderful signs!


Hello indeed! Such lovely photos :-)


So pretty! I love how spring seems to happen over night. Everyday I'm seeing more and more green pop up around me.


Just an hour ago I saw our snow drops for the first time this Spring. It's so exciting!

amy h

Ack, I love snowdrops! I don't have any though. They are the cutest little things.


are those snowdrops in the bottom picture? I don't know if I've ever seen them before!


oh, will have to see if we have snowdrops.
true. it is out there if we look hard enough!

Julie @ Letter9

The green is nice but I'm most jealous of how sunny it appears to be there. We're still in the gray here in Ohio.


those are great shots! thanks for the link love!

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