Green, part 4
Making X's



Great fabrics and trim! It makes me want to sew something green. :)


oohh.. i envy your green fabric stash!


Beautiful images...I really must get my sewing machine - that I bought a year ago - out of the box and actually try using it. Your pictures are pushing me to do that. All that seriously gorgeous fabric!!

Sarah Jackson

That is a lot of yummy yummy green. Loving the ribbon! Where did you get it?


Green is my favorite! Looks like you have a great stash. I hope to have piles high of fabric someday.

Mellissa - wondermommy

Lovely green fabrics, that ribbon is really pretty.


Oh, this is a great one! So inspiring to see another peek into your workspace!


i just LOVE your photos! you've got a great eye for color & my day isn't complete without checking in to see what you're working on! thanks so much for the inspiration! much love...


Now THIS inspires me to go turn on my machine today! Thanks!

Julie @ Letter9

You're so not kidding about loving green, eh? That's a lot of green thread and fabric, miss.

Dig the pin cushion. So very cool.


Your green week photos are some of my favorites. Well done!


lovely as always!

miss chris

Gorgeous greens and inspiration... thanks for the kick in the pants I needed to turn my machine on today! xo


Happy weekend and thanks for another collection of inspiring greens!


ahhhhh. look at all that great green happening over there!
LOVE the green E!


Great photos, I love that green ribbon :-)


having major "E" envy. do you have any tips for finding them? i need to start looking...


I LOVE your green! I backed off from the color for a while after making the poor choice of painting our living room the color of a Granny Smith Apple. I have since repainted and am slowly coming back around. Your bits of green inspire me! :)


Do you know the song "Green, Green"?
The chorus goes like this:
"Green, green, it's green they say
On the far side of the hill
Green, green, I'm going away
To where the grass is greener still".
That's what popped into my head when I saw this post


I like that "E". But then, I have "things" with type. Lovely greens!


I have loved your week of green Erin. Wonderful photos.


oh i am so envious of your green stash of fabric

Account Deleted

Love all your green photos. You are the queen of "green".


beautiful, erin! i am loving all your greens so much!


your greens are lovely. it's fun to get a peek at your fabric stash. :)


What lovely bits of green!


Green rules!

Carrie S.

Oooh, great greens!

Marta Mourão

Happy weekend! Spring will arrive, don´t worry :)

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