You'd think I'd learn

I'd like to introduce the giraffe

I finished the giraffe quilt on Friday night.  Yes, a giraffe.  I think she is pretty cute.


Taking photos of quilts is kind of hard.  Maybe even worse than taking photos of windows.  I am just saying.


I made the applique the same way I did on the elephant - lots of Wonder Under.  On this quilt, I embroidered the mouth, though.  It is kind of hard to see in the photos though.  Trust me when I say that it adds to the charm.


The backing was made with a patchwork strip on purpose this time.  The orange gingham is 60 inches wide so I didn't need to add it.  But I really had to have it.  It is my favorite part.  I dig the back side so much that I think I may make a similar one with the strip on the front.  I also love how the stripes of free motion quilting make the fabric look kind of like seersucker after I washed it.  Another happy accident in my mind.


I know many of you told me not to use different thread colors for the quilting.  I didn't listen.  There is a bit of orange thread pulling through to the back, but I am OK with it.  Because the gingham is orange, it is not so noticeable.  I think the key is having the top thread match the backing fabric here....if I couldn't do that, I think I would have just used the same thread on top and bottom.


I added a little house on hill road tag to the back corner of the binding.  Tomorrow I am going to fold this up nicely, wrap it lovingly and send it off to a new baby.  Then I am going to start planning my next quilt(s) and think about actually quilting the string x one.  Against my better judgement, I think I am going to tackle that one myself.


Sarah Jackson

This is so precious, E. You're really making me want to finish G's quilt binding so I can move on to another one. I adore this one - especially that sweet little smile on the giraffe and that perfect patchwork strip.


I love the smile. I love the patchwork strip on the back. I love the free motion in rows. It's just perfect!!! I can't wait to see your string X finished. I think quilting fever is going around : )


(rats, you mean you're not sending this one to ME?;)

quilt photography is so HARD! you did great, though.


Are those running shoes I see peaking out in that picture?


Oh you and your are a constant inspiration...oh I will give it a go very soon


Another fabulous animal quilt!


Wow - both quilts are so cute. There are some lucky baby recipients out there! Congratulations on such successful & cute projects!


Wow! This is amazing, I'm making my first quilt at the moment so this is very inspiring to see. Just beautiful Erin!


That is SO cute. And I am LOVING the strip on the back!


She is glorious!


Another gorgeous quilt! I love the quilting and the colours and of course, the lovely smiling giraffe. I had a customer make a huge quilt similar to that back. It was in chocolate brown with a panel of very groovy green strips and it looked amazing.


Great quilt! I love the colors, strip in the back, and the giraffe. I guess I love the whole darn thing.


I love the giraffe! So sweet, and the fabrics are perfect.


Woah, that giraffe is impeccably cute! Well done!


Is that a button for the eye? I love this! what animal is up next?
I have a thing for hippos, in case you're taking suggestions.


It is wonderful - so gorgeous!


I think this may be the cutest thing EVER! I love all the fabrics :)


These quilts of yours are so fantastic! I can't choose which I love more...


Clever girl! I love the patch strip down the back. And the colours are great.


I love the giraffe and the quilting looks so awesome. Great work. The giraffe's smile is too cute.


fans of houseonhillroad: i have seen this in person. it is spectacular.


So adorable. You're really on to something with these animal quilts!


it's adorable! I was thinking that the tiny loops in rows look sort of lacy, but you're right, seersuckery is a better way to describe it. also, I love your label placement -- I've been fussing about label/tag ideas for mine, & yours looks great!

yay! free motion!


LOVE the Giraffe!
Super Job.


This is lovely! I am in love with the giraffe especially they are my very favorite zoo animal!

And I'm glad you didn't listen to all of us quilt police :) It's good that you did what you wanted!

Account Deleted

Perfect for the little one. Who wouldn't love a giraffe quilt like that?


so cute!
Great job Erin :)


these are just too good. (and i am crazy about the patchwork strip on the back. on both.)


how i love happy accidents! it is a fantastic quilt,you have inspired me to get quilting again...thanks!


Too cute! I love the free form quilting with looks really great.


Love that there's something to look at on both sides. Great job! What a lucky little baby!


Oh my! This one is even more delightful than the elephant. Actually, that is not possible since they are both so utterly and equally delightful in their own ways. What a blessed baby recipient! Just perfect!


I love this quilt. The appliquing is a great idea.

Mama Urchin

So are you folding under the edges and appliquéing by hand? And how is it to quilt over the wonder-under?


Do you get tired of hearing how great you are? Ha. You really are an inspiration with all your projects. I'm ready to see the X
quilt. Nerm


Fabulous design and I'm just really taken with the quilting design. Love, love, love it.


I loooove it!


It's so cute! You are a great quilter. Go for it with the string x.


Your quilts make me think that I might actually try quilting, since you don't have any corners to match up. But my real reason for commenting is to BEG you to tell us what these fabrics are! I am soooo in love with the fabrics that you use in all of your projects and there's no way I'll be able to find them unless you tell me what they are or where you got them. Seriously, PLEASE cough up the details, lady ;)


Wonderful quilt! The quilting turned out so nice. I love patchy backs on quilts - it adds so much personality.


wow, erin. it's so good. your happy accidents keep getting happier!


Love, love, love the back! I hope to see an entire quilt in that fashion some day.


I love your 2 animal quilts. They are lovely. Very inspired! Yet again!


I think you should start naming your quilts too - they are too good not to be named like art. I love the spiral crazy quilting stitches too - really charming and naive. Good job Erin - gorgeous.


Oh Erin, it's absolutely fabulous!

Heather W

Wow that is gorgeous! Love it. I have some special orders to sew today then I am going to start cutting the fabric for my oldest son's quilt (it has been sitting in my craft room washed & ready to go since January, ack!)
Thanks for the inspiration today =)

apple cyder

Love that fabric strip on the back. And I know what you mean about the gingham ending up feeling like seersucker after washing and drying. So pretty--lucky baby....


Your quilt is so sweet. I love your quilting on it!


Oh, it's beautiful... I also love that patchwork stripe!


erin, you make one mighty fine quilter.

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