You'd think I'd learn

I'd like to introduce the giraffe

I finished the giraffe quilt on Friday night.  Yes, a giraffe.  I think she is pretty cute.


Taking photos of quilts is kind of hard.  Maybe even worse than taking photos of windows.  I am just saying.


I made the applique the same way I did on the elephant - lots of Wonder Under.  On this quilt, I embroidered the mouth, though.  It is kind of hard to see in the photos though.  Trust me when I say that it adds to the charm.


The backing was made with a patchwork strip on purpose this time.  The orange gingham is 60 inches wide so I didn't need to add it.  But I really had to have it.  It is my favorite part.  I dig the back side so much that I think I may make a similar one with the strip on the front.  I also love how the stripes of free motion quilting make the fabric look kind of like seersucker after I washed it.  Another happy accident in my mind.


I know many of you told me not to use different thread colors for the quilting.  I didn't listen.  There is a bit of orange thread pulling through to the back, but I am OK with it.  Because the gingham is orange, it is not so noticeable.  I think the key is having the top thread match the backing fabric here....if I couldn't do that, I think I would have just used the same thread on top and bottom.


I added a little house on hill road tag to the back corner of the binding.  Tomorrow I am going to fold this up nicely, wrap it lovingly and send it off to a new baby.  Then I am going to start planning my next quilt(s) and think about actually quilting the string x one.  Against my better judgement, I think I am going to tackle that one myself.



It looks amazing! Wow. I gotta have me another baby so I can get me one of these. Ha ha!!


i love this quilt!!! soo awesome! i am inspired and can't wait to try my first quilt : )


I am speechless,this quilt is so wonderful!


I love quilts that have a back as lovely as the front. I think it is a very clever technique. I like that stripe much better than having a plain seaam up the middle. I am going to do something like this when I get to the back of my current project. I certainly have enough left-over squares!


You're an applique/quilting goddess! The animals are too cute.

I've actually been thinking about incorporating some applique into my knitwear -- so I guess that makes you an inspiration, too!


so beautiful.
so when is your book coming out? :)

Erika @ peace of my mind

i just love this...colors, simplicity of the look, quilting.
thanks for the inspiration!
ps hope its ok, but i've added you to my blogroll.

Chara Michele

Love this quilt! It is so cute and lovely!


So, so cute! Love it!!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Really cute, what a lucky baby!!!


So much personality! Love the smile on the giraffe. Very nice design - good composition.


I love all your blanket creations, they are brillant. I wish I'm that lucky child on the receiving end.


that's a happy giraffe! I'm sure the baby likes it :)


Oh, it's awesmome! I clicked over to that circle quilt and my oh my do I ever want one of those.

Lisa Clarke

Oh, I just love that! What a sweet giraffe. Nicely done!

Julie @ Letter9

Well aren't you just going quilt crazy! I really love the quilting on this one. Can't wait for my sewing machine to come back from the shop so I can get moving on the quilt I'm working on -- yours is making me antsy!


I love it, congratulations on finishing it! The giraffe is so cute, I made a hooded towel/blanket with an appliqued giraffe recently and loved how it turned out. The recipient of your quilt is one lucky baby!


i love this giraffe


i love this giraffe


It's marvelous, honestly and truly.


Ah, the Erin touch! Love the srip on the back... I love the giraffe, the colors! Amazing!


I love it (and adore the patchwork strip on the back)!


that giraffe is just so damn cute.
love the thread choices and that patchwork strip down the back. so so cute!

erin s

Wow - BEAUTIFUL work Erin!

debra cooper

Wow! It turned out just perfect!

mrs. french

i stumbled into your site and was immediately transfixed on this number. so sweet. perfect!


Love the patchwork strip on the back! Great work!


i'm so glad you're thinking about the denyse schmidt quilt! i have the pattern but haven't heard any feedback and haven't done much work with curves, so i'll be happy to hear what you think about it.


What a sweet quilt. I love the giraffe!


What a sweet quilt. I love the giraffe!

shelley caskey

wow, this quilt is BEAUTIFUL!


I LOVE this quilt! The giraffe, the colors, the patchwork stripe. You're inspiring me to act on my desire to learn to quilt.

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