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Local Craft Swap::Recycled

I always look forward to my local craft swap.  We met last night to exchange our crafts.  This time there were 9 of us so each made 8 items.  And we had a theme: recycled.  The majority of our craft had to be recycled (or re-purposed).  Yes, I grumbled.  Then I realized I over-reacted and just started thinking outside my comfort zone of fabric and yarn.

The internet is an amazing thing.  A few weeks after the theme was decided, I saw this post of Ali's.  Oh me, oh my!  I loved this idea.  And I shamelessly copied it.  Kind of.  I couldn't find frames to be reused so I had to come up with a second option.  Lacking the necessary supplies, I bummed some lumber off of a friend whose basement was just finished.  I asked another friend to cut the boards for me.   I went through the paint cans in the basement and found a quart of eggshell white.  Then I hit the recycling bin.


One old issue of Domino, an Anthropologie catalog, a MiniBoden catalog and a PBTeen catalog made these 8 pieces of Recycling Bin Art with the leftovers being tossed right back from where they came.  All I bought was some small foam dots to mount the paper petals and the sawtooth hangers for the backs.  It cost about $5.


I got some great, creative crafts, too.  I am stilling missing two so when I get them, I will take some photos and share.  This is one creative group!  We swap about 4 times a year, the next one being in May.  I already know what I am making.  And I think I can do it with supplies I already have. 



These look so beautiful! I am so impressed and inspired. Wow.

Jen b

Those came out so great. I wish i had something like that here in my town. Sounds like so much fun!


totally love this! what a fun way to re-use all that junk mail.
these turned out lovely.


I love them! Makes me inspired to try something new! Again :)


Oh! I'm looking for something to replace an atrocious (as in "what was I thinking") thing in my entry. This would be perfect!


awe.some! and i even have some foam adhesive dots!!

Mama Urchin

They look so good. Repetition is so interesting.


Oh, these are so good!


oh me, oh my! I so have to do this!!!! you inspire me every day, girl! and it goes hand in hand with my current monochromatic frame of mind!


Really really cool


Those are so cute! I love that they are each a different color scheme. I would totally decorate with that!


You can take the fabric away from the quilter, but...

Beautiful Erin! Very fresh and spring-like.


these are great. (i'm all about the color play that you've got going on there.) so clever, so good.

apple cyder

this is getting me thinking about how to decorate for a st.pat's day party on the cheap. have you ever posted about the origins of your local craft group/swap?

meg evans

Those are amazing! I look forward to shamelessly copying those myself.


Luv the whole thing. Going to make one too. :)


Great idea! Thanks for tipping me off on it!

Sarah Jackson

I love love love that idea. It also looks like a great kid project. And way to go on the reuse of materials - perfect!


okay. you are just the cleverest! and pulling all of your resources! i love it.
they are awesome!


Oh my goodness! They are fantastic!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Very cool!


I love those!! They look great!


love that!


Such a great idea! Ali Edwards is a very inspiring woman!


How beautiful! what an easy way to make a piece of art too. You have lucky co-swappers.

Heather W

I loved Ali's post as well I went out and got the MS butterfly punch =)


i love your colour groupings. beautiful!


Those are very cute....but I am totally being distracted by your shoes! lol


love the pics, and was also getting distracted by the gorgeous shoes(girl can never have to many shoes..)
am going to copy you and make some with my sons..


Hi. These are so cool. They would great for cards too I think. Thanks for sharing. Cherrie


They look gorgeous, very inspiring. I might have a go myself. Thank you for your lovely blog. I enjoy reading it.


oh, erin, that is so cool! so what did you GET? ;)


These are great! I wish I had a local craft swap!! Can't wait to see what you received.


you are a genius with creativity!


those look so great! really love them. i'm going to look at my catalogs with new eyes now before i toss them in the recycle bin.

Joanna Silva

What a great idea. I actually ran across that post, too. You did a great job with it. It seems that would be a great activity to share with the kids!



Julie @ Letter9

Neat idea. I have a friend who is getting married this summer. I can picture a version of this with heart-shaped cut outs for her. Interesting... Thanks for the (second-hand) inspiration. : )


these are so cool! Did you cut out all those little flowers by hand? you must have a trick.


erin- love this. I am going to join in on the copying because this is such a great idea. It will be the perfect thing for my bathroom, and a great idea for gifts. I love how it is recycled,and a handmade gift that looks like it may be a bit quicker than sewing or knitting something.
thanks for the inspiration.....again!


adorable, kid friendly too!


you gave me an idea of collage using the Boden catalogue (great idea, thanks!). I will soon post a photo of it (when light allows) and I'll mention your post.

miss chris

Darling. Cool. Lucky swap partners...!


I love it! I saw that same post, but I haven't tried it yet. Don't you love how the colors look when they are abstracted from their original context? So cool!


What a fabulous idea - thanks for the inspiration - this a great idea for me and my 11 yr old daughter to do over the Easter break! Thanks for sharing.


What a brilliant idea! Nice work!


I always love your craft swaps. Your response to the theme of this one was just awesome - thanks for the link.
And in response to your fifteen minute post that follows this one: I'm headed out now, in the dark, to run to the local track, do some speed work, and run quickly home, in order to get housework done for visitors arriving tomorrow. Whew!

Nancy Cook

oh wow
these are amazing
thanks for the inspiration


Beautiful! Makes me want to try it too:)

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