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I finished my outside inspiration project yesterday.  (You can see a photo that isn't cut off here).  This little quilt is 9" wide by 8"high.  The fabrics were all tea dyed  - I used different teas for different colors.  I used wonder under to applique the tea cup and then stitched it on using free motion quilting.  I also wrote the words free motion style and added some loops for good measure.  The binding is sewn by hand on the back.

It took me a good long while to figure out exactly how to interpret this word.  I thought about tea leaves, all the tea in China, tea houses, tea bags, tea pots, tea cozies, high tea, afternoon tea, Boston Tea Party and more.  Tea, tee and T.  But, really, the quilting thing, especially free motion (which I was so scared of just a few months ago) is just my cup of tea.  Plus, I am a fan of idioms.  And I would be kidding myself if I thought the word I gave Tracy (piece) didn't play into this either.  When I gave it to her, I was thinking of the verb, not the noun.  Quilts on the brain, I guess.  I can't wait to see her interpretation of piece.  There are so many possibilities!

This was fun and a good exercise for me also.  I liked having an assignment.  Tracy and I are planning on doing it again, but the format is going to change some and we have a new partner joining us!  Stay tuned for more Wordplay.



Hi Erin -I love the finished product. I also love that they are so many layers - dying, applique, quilting, sewing. Sounds like you had lots of fun in the process too.


What a very beautiful blog. I have loved looking at your beautifully fresh creations, thankyou for sharing. I also like green but I will look at it more fondly now.


Seriously, one of my favorite things is tea-staining! That's so cool - what different teas did you use (if you don't mind me asking)?


such a great project to dig deep into the creative parts of the brain! i love the outcome.


That is just lovely, Erin. When you said you were going to sew it I couldn't help but wonder if you might make a tea cozy. I can't wait to show you my final tea labels. But my outside inspiration project, first. I finished it yesterday, and need to photograph it today.

Sarah Jackson

It's adorable - so whimsical and sweet. The tea dying added nice depth to your colors. Nice job as usual!

Alicia A.

Wonderful, Erin! This is beautiful.


Love, love, love this!


oh, I really love this! You sure did put a lot into it with various tea dyes and beautiful free-motion sewing.


i don't know what i was expecting you to create. but this exceeds it! oh, i am excited to see tracy's. and the next exchange as well.


that is so adorable! i love it. ok cute appliqued things are getting added to my list of thngs to make. and i must get one of those free motion foots. my machine is so old ( like older than me) i wonder if one would fit.


very cool - it kinda looks like one of syko's mini art quilts.


just my cup - just perfect! love love love the tea dyed fabrics and your fabric illustration erin!


Lovely interpretation. Tea dyed tea.


what a fun challenge!


fantastic results, erin!
i love the collaborative inspiration idea. so, so good. especially to push one to think (and act) outside of one's norm.


fantastic results, erin!
i love the collaborative inspiration idea. so, so good. especially to push one to think (and act) outside of one's norm.


fantastic results, erin!
i love the collaborative inspiration idea. so, so good. especially to push one to think (and act) outside of one's norm.


What a cute piece. Your free motion skill is top notch. :)


That is so cute! Seeing what you're doing with that new machine is making me so envious :) I rode by the Bernina shop this morning, but it was closed...


Such a creative (and cute) interpretation! I am so impressed with your free motion abilities!

miss chris

So creative... and your free motion rocks.


Oh man, you're a genius. I find so much of your work to buzz around as very high on my list of inspiring. Well, that sentence didn't make any sense. But, you know.


really adorable, erin!


That looks great! And I love the fabric you used for the teacup. So delicate and sweet. Perfect for china. :)


That is CUTE!! Great job...


I LOVE it! I'm just now getting inspired to create more quilts in the art-quilt realm and I love this idea of the free form embroidery around the design... Too many ideas, not enough time... sigh.


sweet erin!! loved the last several posts!


look how cute! (also, impressive writing!)


That's lovely. It's great to be challenged like that isn't it. What a fun project!


Your little quilt is a cutie!


Erin, this is just so, so fabulous! I love it! Beautiful work.

Julie @ Letter9

The free-motion quilting looks great. Glad you're finding projects to use it on because I've been eager to see some more of your free-motion work. : )


I absolutely love your teacup - it's gorgeous. I have gone applique crazy recently and it's all I want to do at the moment - it's so much fun making pictures all day, isn't it. I love the idea of the tea dying though..that's completely new to me.

Account Deleted

Oh so L O V E L Y Erin!


oh! it's so great!
can't wait to copy your sewing machine.... one day....

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