Virtual Quilting Bee::March

Another quilted surprise

On Sunday, I made a pillow for a long overdue swap.  I pieced strips of linen with strips of a floral and gingham with the intent of making a striped patchwork pillow.  Once everything was pieced, I didn't really like it so I cut the piece into more strips and added the dotted print.  I finished that up, still wasn't crazy about it so I cut it again and added more dots.


Finally happy with the piecing, I quilted the front with back to back loopy lines and threw it in the wash.  After it was dried, I cut it to size and made the back.  I put in a zipper if you were wondering....and, for the record, I had to consult my own tutorial because it has been awhile, ahem, since I have done the zipper thing.

We are getting ready to go south for spring break.  I will probably post some, but not a whole lot while we are gone.  Just wanted you all to know in case it gets really quiet in this space.  See you soon.


Sarah Jackson

Have fun on spring break! I really like how the pillow turned out.


ooh! hope your coming to sarasota, the weather is perfect!! try ceviche, it's a brand new downtown rest. in one of our last historical buildings!!


I love it!
Have a great spring break. Ours is just about over.

Alicia A.

Nice, nice! Pretty happy? It's gorgeous!


OK, in MY reality there are 24 hours in a day. Can I come live in your reality?

Mama Urchin

I love the windowpane effect and how they aren't all lined up. Nice work.


i love it. (i want to swap!)

travel safe. soak up that sunshine. and have fun!


LOL that you had to use your own tutorial! Too funny!


Beautiful cushion! The little glimpses of floral make me feel good.

And so does you having to refer to your own tutorial :D


i love your persistence in getting it exactly like you wanted. it looks fabulous.
safe travels to you and yours!


this is beautiful! happy spring vacation!


i love the pillow. very pretty. have a great spring break!


I love the fabrics in this! Are the gray/taupe bits linen? It is ever-so-sweet coupled with the gingham!


You guys have a late spring break!

Have fun!


i agree. the pillow is lovely. indeed.
enjoy your spring break. immensely.


Fabulous cushion - I just love that you had to refer to your own tutorial!


Love the pillow! Have a great break.


Oh wow - love that pillow! I want to try and make one. Think I can? Yours is beautiful.



Hooray for pillows! Have a great time on your little break!

Teresa Alber

I love it. Enjoy your break.


The pillow looks wonderful and cozy...makes me want to cuddle right up with it!


You continue to amaze me, Erin! Have fun on spring break - we'll be here when you get back :)


The texture on the pillow is great! Have a fun vacation!


Love the pillow. Your swap partner is SO lucky! Have a great spring break!


i've got to consult your tutorial too. last time i forgot where i'd seen it and have lots of ugly zips in cushions!


The pillow is just lovely! The recipient is very lucky to receive such a gift. :)

I have some big news over at my blog as well, so if you have a moment, pop on over and take a peek. HUGS!



Gorgeous pillow!


Have a great Spring Break.


I love the pattern, the texture, the colors. So pretty!


that pillow is exquisite! i love it.

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