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Color Week :: Yellow


Mellissa - wondermommy

Beautiful shots.


my favorite color. I love a good color week. Enjoy!


have a great week, erin - great shots.

Mary Beth

Those are beautiful shots, Erin. I'm sending healing thoughts your way for your wrist.


Uh oh...the last time you had a green week I ended up obsessed with your green butter pot. So obsessed that after weeks of looking at them online and checking out local stores, mine arrived in the mail this past week! This could be dangerous.

miss chris

I like the sweet reflections of flowers (?) on your mug. :) Have a great week!

jennifer at pink ric rac

ooh, fun. I'm joining in. :) Have a green monday, e!

Lisa Clarke

Love the mug. I probably don't need to add one more thing to my plate this week, but color week is tempting... I may just have to give in!


These are both such beautiful photos!

Looking out my window today, you'd never guess it was spring. It's cloudy and there isn't much green growth yet. Just a few more weeks. I have to keep reminding myself, because it can get kind of grim sometimes!

Anyway, lovely photos, and congratulations again on the books. I LOVE pretty little patchwork.


this will be a fantastic week for you. with all that green! :)


green, green, your favorite. :) I love that light too.


beautiful... the mug is lovely - love the reflections...x

Claire - Matching Pegs

Commiserations on your wrist. I too am a crafty type who has a wrist holding her back. I have not been able to do much for a month, and my sanity is starting to slip!

Jen b

that is some good green. i heart color week.


hurray for color week! nice photos, erin.


I am fairly new to your blog and loving it. Oh your sewing space is just divine. I am a super beginner with sewing but my Virgo self just adores your thread rack, your tidy shelves, etc. And now you tell me about a color week! Thank you so much! I am so excited to participate.


Lovely cup!

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