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It's been so nice


I'm sitting here thinking I should probably be packing our suitcases, but I don't want to.  We have had such a lovely time....it has been restful and relaxing and to top it off, the girls have been so agreeable.  And pretty nice to each other.  Kind of like a dream.  Additionally, I am not sure how I am going to fit everything in the bags.  You see, I picked up some new flip flops, a couple of skirts and fabric.  Too much fabric - well, kind of.  Can you have too much fabric?  Don't say yes.

While on vacation, I've been snooping around the net, reading your blogs, commenting a tad bit, not really too much, and dreading re-entry into normal life.  School is back in session on Monday and my big race is coming up in about two weeks.  I have a little injury so I am resting, trusting that it will be OK in time.  I have been working on checking number 2 off of my personal goal list since January.  And I will be really sad, probably devastated, if I cannot run.  I have an overnight trip to Chicago smashed in there and a family event the day after the race, too.

So I am predicting more quiet for a couple of weeks - here and elsewhere.  I'm not proclaiming a total break, but maybe a little siesta.  Back soon friends.


Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Such a cute swimsuit...and too much fabric? There's no such thing!


ugh. the pool AND the beach?! so not fair. i don't blame you for dreading re-entry into life. take your time!

Sarah Jackson

Never too much fabric. If you can't squish it in, just mail it home.

I'm so glad you all had such an idyllic vacation. There's nothing better.

Mama Urchin

We're heading that way this weekend. Sand and sun... I cannot wait!


Looks like a wonderful spring break...try to take the re-entry slow. I am running 12 tomorrow...still dealing with that sore calf...probably what you suffered through a few weeks ago. Only a few weeks left!


i am glad you have had a marvelous vacation. i hope you heal well. and quickly. enjoy your siesta!


You can never have too much fabric because fabric is potential clothing, potential quilts, potential toys--and you can never have too much potential.

I just thought that up right now and I rather like it.


Where did you find that gorgeous swimsuit?


Nope, you can never have enough fabric!

I wish you well, and hope you can run the race. I've always admired runners; good luck!


I think right now is just the time for people taking it easy with their blogs. I LOVE that photo of Kate up there. LOVE it.

Ooooh, and I picked up a copy of "Pretty Little Patchwork" at B&N today. I was so excited to see your projects in there! Great job, Erin!


no such thing as too much fabric...

Your holiday looks to have been one of those perfect holidays. I am only slightly envious. No, I am a lot envious, but then it did snow here last week.

fingers crossed for your injury


oh my gosh, do I ever know exactly what you mean by re-entry! It looks like so much fun. And wouldn't it have been fun if we actually *had* crossed paths!!! Enjoy your time, here's hoping for a effortless re-entry. xo


Never too much fabric. When my dh goes back to the States for a couple weeks, he is taking a whole empty suitcase for my sister to fill up with fabric with me. :D

Sorry about your injury; hope it feels better soon! (Psst...there are fabric shops in Chicago, too! :p )


hope you heal up quickly. and can not wait to see what fabric you aquired.

jen b

i am so glad you vacation has been good. i am thinking healing thoughts so you can "run like the wind" and cross that goal off you list.


no such thing as too much fabric- especially since you have an amazing talent for turning a pile of fabric into something amazing!


Packing up would be the last thing on my mind too! That sunshine reflecting on the water is all-too-relaxing!

Can't wait to see the stash when you return!


safe travels erin! your trip sounds like a dream!


I love your blog, I just found it through Anna Maria Horner's links. I was excited to find that you are from Louisville, my hometown!!! Just for some encouragement, I ran the mini-marathon last year and was only sore for a week.. and that is because I didn't train the whole month before. You can do it!!

And a question for you: what kind of adhesive do you use for t-shirt appliques? I'm sure you've posted about it before but I must've skipped past it. Thanks!


Never too much fabric (although I worry about that too). What's your trip to Chicago for? I was just there on Saturday!

apple cyder

I hope you are feeling up to running the half marathon that you have been planning on, but don't hurt yourself doing it. You could always run one when you are completely over your injury--even if you just make up a course in your own "backyard."

Can't wait to see those fabric purchases....


i sure hope your injury is healing erin.

LOVE this photo. So So much!

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