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The best made plans...

Vacation fabric shopping

Thanks for all the pajama pant love!  They were such a satisfying and fast project - I am sure there will be more.  Maybe even some for me!

Many of you asked about the fabric I used for Jane's pair.  I picked that up in Sarasota at Sew Worth It (thanks for telling me about that store, Celene!) along with some other goodies.


These are all part of Flutterby by Moda.  The pink and aqua ladybugs were bought for p.j. pants (I told you the idea was floating around in there for awhile!) and the others are half yard cuts I am going to use in various patchwork projects.  And maybe a skirt or two for the girls.


These beauties are part of the Cake Rock Beach collection by Joelle Hoverson, owner of Purl and Purl Patchwork in New York.  I was very excited to see these in person as I am not sure that any of my local fabric stores will carry them!  All of the prints are gorgeous with deep saturated colors - I have a feeling I will be ordering more of the collection from sometime soon.


These last pieces are from different collections - an Amy Butler print, the Joel Dewberry woodgrain I have wanted for awhile and a green polka dot from Moda.

OK, then....not sure if I will be back tomorrow or next week.  My right wrist is sporting a new accessory and it is really limiting my motions.  I'll just have to see if there is anything crafty I can do.  I'm thinking embroidery.  If not, then I guess it is time to get caught up in a good book.  Take care friends!



Wonderful fabrics! I hope your wrist feels better soon. :)


Isn't souvenir fabric the best (and so much better than another t-shirt). I'm glad that you pointed out the pink and aqua prints were ladybugs. I thought they looked either like little upside down skulls or some Pacman-like creature.

Sarah Jackson

Those are fabulous! Thanks for the thumbs-up on the Joelle Hoverson prints. I've wanted to order them. Now I'm off to find the ladybugs.


I am egarly awating my ladybugs right now, I can't remember, but I think I ordered them in every color!


Lovely fabrics! The ladybugs looked like cute little devils until I clicked and saw the bigger photo.
Sucky accessory. I hope your arm feels better soon.


what gorgeous fabrics, erin! I always love to see your choices.

hope your wrist feels better soon. I have arm problems, too, so I really feel your pain.


Avoid the embroidery! I overdid it this weekend and finally gave in and spent last night sleeping in wrist braces. Talk about the best way to feel old!


I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to say - hope your wrist feels better! You don't realize how much you use both hands for until you lose access to one!


Love all your fabric finds! I received my order yesterday of Cake Rock Beach - it is lovely and I have it ear marked for some home furnishing projects!


love the fabric choices. yep. and i hope your wrist heals. quickly. for your sake.


all that fabric makes me want to get sewing erin! Time to get some new fabric...I totally want the cake rock collection!

Account Deleted

Yum. Yum. Love those fabrics, especially the ladybugs. I need to get some of those myself..thanks for the eye candy!

Meg Evans

I love those fabrics, and I think I love the idea of "souvenir shopping" at local fabric stores even more!

Have fun creating, and I hope your wrist improves soon. I'll be popping some Motrin as soon as I come in from pulling weeds in the garden.


Ooh, those are all really groovy.


those fabrics are fabulous!! :) I love your projects too :)

I've been working on a few things myself lately. Just got a tute up on the blog about how to make bloomers. :) Stop on by if you get a chance!


Oh, no! I hope it's temporary (the tendinitis treatment).

That fabric is beautiful. You know, I blame you for my lusting for fabric online - I can't even sew well, but I'm always going to the Reprodepot website.


i heart your posts!

the fabric looks very very yummy!

Mellissa - wondermommy

Those are such pretty fabrics. I really love the Flutterby ones.

Chara Michele

I hope your wrist gets better soon!

Love those fabrics! It makes me want to go fabric shopping :)


You have wonderful taste!


oh gosh, i am so sorry about the wrist brace...
but the fabric is really stunning! i am looking forward to seeing what it all becomes!


OMG! I live in Sarasota about 20 minutes from Sew Worth It. Just discovered your blog!


OMG! I live in Sarasota about 20 minutes from Sew Worth It. Just discovered your blog!

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