Another quilted surprise

Virtual Quilting Bee::March

Before we get too far into April, here is my Virtual Quilting Bee block for March.


Kathy asked for log cabin blocks and she pointed us to Gee's Bend and Nancy Crow for inspiration.  She sent the gray and blue polka dot fabric as well as the aqua, blue and brown diamond print.  I am happy to say that all of the other fabrics came from my stash.  I wish I had more gray, but I used my only scrap from the elephant quilt and it was from squaring up the edges!  Funny enough, I didn't piece the block with this orientation in mind.  If you rotate it 90 degrees to the left, you'll see how I pieced it.  When I was finished though, I liked this orientation better.  Quilting just seems to be full of happy accidents for me.

To get an idea of how this quilt is coming together and see more of last month's blocks, check out the flickr group.  I think both quilts are going to look great!



I love the solids everyone's using. I've been having lots of happy quilting accidents lately too.

Sarah Jackson

This one is so very peaceful. I love seeing how each quilt expresses both the personality of the recipient through color and of the block creator through fabric choice and design.


Wow, your quilts are so pretty!!!

I do not know how to quilt, but I sew..and my Etsy shop is having a great spring sell, I hope you can hop on over and check it out....


love the colours. yes, i do. how many projects do you have on the go, miss busy lady?


Your block looks great, well done!!!

erin s

brown and blue are my one of my favourite colour combo's. looks great erin!


Thank you Erin, I absolutely adore it. I can't wait to get my hands on these!


Nice interpretation! I love the colours and thw wonky bits :)

Mellissa - wondermommy

Those are pretty colors. I love the way you pieced this block.


the quilts are going to be great, aren't they? it's so much fun to see the blocks come together.


you have totally inspired me to start quilting!
I can't wait.

when in doubt...quilt it out! : )


that block is just lovely, I love blue and brown together. Will she be having another Virtual Quilting Bee open up anytime soon? I'd love to join.


I just love the unevenness of the interior pieces. Makes it groovy.


I love the colors you used!


Those colours are eye-poppingly fantastic! I'm feeling inspired to do something aqua and brown.


Those colours are eye-poppingly fantastic! I'm feeling inspired to do something aqua and brown.

Robin Rivers

These are just fantastic together.

I can't believe I skipped all of those sewing lessons with my mother.

You make such beautiful things.

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