Virtual Quilting Bee :: May



Good Lord! I cannot believe how fast you've done that. Didn't you just start it Sunday?!? It's going to be BEAUTIFUL! What a lucky little boy!

apple cyder

Wasn't it just about a month ago that you said you were not a quilter? Wow. These look great.


So pretty! I love your fabrics.


I like chain piecing too. I try to use that technique wherever I can. Your quilt is going to be fabulous!!


Pretty fabulous! You inspired me to finally make something with my charm packs! ... one day!

Sarah Jackson

Wow! Can you please send some of your motivation? Pretty please? Clearly you have plenty to spare.


Just look at your perfect points! Quilt magic.


ooh! nice!


it looks so great, erin! I love it.


Damn. I did NOT need another must-do project. But I must do this. I love how it's an old pattern without being cluttered.


Cute fabric!! I love it.


As my five year old would say, that's 'strawdinry'. I LOVE IT.


It's a great combination of loves Lol


man that always sounds like sooooo much when you add it all up! can't wait to see it!

Meg Evans

I can't wait to see this all put together! And I can't wait until you show us how to do it--I've got some fabric waiting for a quilt for my son...

Looks like it's going to be wonderful (as usual!).


oh my. see, this all boggles my mind.
that is a lot of triangles. and a lot of sewing.
look forward to seeing it!!
i love the white.


that would look so great with all my minny muu fabric - i've been waiting for just the right quilt pattern before using it - still haven't decided, but white will be involved! ;)


I love that fabric with the flowers in the middle bottom of your pic. I bought about 5 yards of that in the orange background color.

Anne K.

Nothing charms like an hourglass quilt - yours is going to be great! What cheer!

Make and Takes

I have yet to venture to triangles. I was drooling over that quilt too. I guess I need to step up and start a new quilt. The hardest part for me is what colors to use. Quilting has soooo many possibilities.


oh yes. This one is going to be beautiful. Very very beautiful.


Love these fabrics. Just gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product...

Julie @ Letter9

Damn. I was totally ogling her hourglass quilt, too, after you pointed it out and I was wanting to make it and now I want to SO BAD. Grr. Thanks for adding to my list. : )


The quilt looks lovely. Do you mind telling me how big your squares are? I've been thinking about a project like this one.


I love this fabric and plan to make the same one. Please post the completed quilt too.

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